OLALEKAN OGUNLEYE sent in this report!thanks lekan
I took this on my way to work..at CMS under bridge, where a Policeman that I presume is drunk/ or fatigued is trying to jump the barrier created to prevent people crossing the road! What caught my attention is that the Policeman is breaking the law and he is being assisted by another Policeman while the KAI lady walks away, your guess is as good as mine .If it were you, me or somebody else. Double standard! I will send you another one closer to the scene. Nigeria will flourish again. amen
Jesus is Lord!
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  1. Typical example of fallen heroes.Anyway,as a cop,when I preach about water,I mean eh eh watered wine,allow me to take stiff wine.After all,MY OGA AT TOP understands me as YOUR OGA AT THE TOP.

  2. I beg Esther stop this Oga at the top minini. It is a disgrace to the entire nation called Nigeria. This has openly exposed us to the whole world as a Nation with rudderless people at the top. What a shame! Do not be surprised that the commandant will one day become the Commandant General of NSCDC.

  3. @ Mobolaji, there’s nothing to cover up, we need to expose how shallow some officials are.

    Even Festus Keyamo used the ‘Oga @ d top’ phrase today sef! Lol

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