VIO not permitted to check drivers licence, vehicle particulars—FRSC

frsc_logo__1__672218655The Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi, on Monday, said that the corps would commence a crackdown on drivers who possess fake drivers license.

He also explained that the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) were not permitted by law to inspect vehicle and drivers licences.

Paying  a courtesy visit to the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, Oyeyemi explained that people who work with some elements to procure fake drivers licence would not have a hiding place

He also appealed to the Inspector General for improved collaboration with the corps, especially in the areas of security, sharing intelligence and prosecution of offenders.

He also declared war on some youths who constitute themselves into nuisance on Abuja streets driving vehicles recklessly in the name of “stunting”, adding that they constitute danger not only to themselves, but also on the generality of road users.

Oyeyemi equally lamented the abuse of siren and construction of speed breakers indiscriminately by some persons or communities.

According to him, “The statutory responsibility of the VIO does not include to stop people and ask for drivers licence. There is no statutory powers given them to do so.

“All that we do are contained in the transfer of powers by the IG. If the police stops you to ask for your particulars, they are doing what they are statutorily empowered to do. What we need is collaboration to be able to do our jobs very well.

Speaking on the progress the corps has made, the FRSC boss said that road crashes reduced by 40 per cent last year.


  1. a lot of Nigerians are ignorant of their

    including my good self but until now. I would advise those sgencies involved to please educate nigerians on such rights rather than take advantage of innocent citizens nigerian

    • FRSC Boss didn’t make clear of what he wanted us to knw as Road users.. Pls I will be please if u can tell us d Job function of d VIO. Tanks

    • The work of VIO , is in its name. Vehicle inspecting officer, not particulars inspecting officer.
      They do their job in getting rid of rickety trucks and cars of our roads.

      • Whose responsibility to make our road car worthy? I guess another organ of government, usually ministry of works and transport. I believed this may be one of the reason why vio is under such ministry

  2. I am disappointed at the so call FRSC boss.h should go and read very 1972 vio was calve out from the Nigeria police in 1999 constiitusion vehicle inspection officer are both incharge not only drivers license and Particula 0f vehicles including vehicle itself.

    • Mr odukoya , what have u said now? U just said nothing, cos they are calve out does that empower them..? No!
      Its just a department to inspect vehicles not to arrase and dupp people to collect money and go and do weekly contribution of 50k per week , which vio workers do to enrich themselves.
      Anyway, most of them are eating poisonous money that will yield to cancer of brain, HIV, diebities, untimely death, ……etc incase ur among them , expect one of this soon this year.


    • My kind question, is National Driver’s Licence part of a Vehicle that should be inspected by VIO?I believe we need serious enlightenment on the function of some of this agencies because there has been so much overlap in the discharge of their duties.

  3. It seems the corp Marshall is on expired alabukun. If he does not know what his own job description is why tell someone else what his own is not. Olodo

  4. please,on behalf of all Nigerians,I would like to ask Federal Road safety Commision this questions; 1)are they empowered by law to go into state government streets in any part of the country stopping vehicles for drivers license,c- caution,jerks,extral tyre,e,t,c or they are to be on the federal high ways checking all this documents.which place do law permit you to stand?


    Vehicle Inspection Officers or the Road Traffic Officers as commonly called in the North are appointed to carryout Motor Vehicle Administration activities in the 36 states of the Federation and FCT as follows:

    i)Testing and inspection of Vehicles for Roadworthiness Certification.

    ii) Testing and inspection of Vehicles involved in Road traffic accidents and production of crash inspection reports

    ii) Appearing in court to tender evidence concerning road traffic accident inspection reports.

    iv) Conducting of periodic road check on vehicles to ascertain their extent of road worthiness, the status of the particulars of the vehicles and drivers license and also verify weight.

    V)Traffic management, Monitoring and control

    vi) Testing of Applicants for drivers’ License

    vii) Public enlightenment on road safety

    • Taiwo Kingpin, thanks very much for the in depth information. I believe that settles the matter. But I have a feeling the Vio functions are the same as FRSC. I think one of them should be swept away by this wind of change. If you ask me, I think the road safety commission should be the one to be scrapped. I don’t see how they prevent accidents from happening and their functions overlap with the police and Vio. Abi???

    • God bless you for stating the functions of the VIO. My driving test was conducted for me by them at the Testing Ground, Eleyele, Ibadan in the late ’80s. The test (both Theory and Practical) was very thorough Where was the useless FRSC then? What has been the serious or significant improvement in the processing of Drivers’ Licences since its take-over by the FRSC? That FRSC man just like to run his mouth anyhow anywhere with a view to justifying why his Commission should still be existing without knowing that it has lost the confidence and the goodwill of most Nigerians! #Yeyenatu!

    • Pls state which law and section of the law that gives them this power or functions and talk like an educated person.

  6. That is d frsc 4 u.where were they when in 1962 d police transferred d VIO division 2 d public works Dept. The man must have bin drinking or sometin.Thank God d IG n indeed all Nigs knows DAT d vio’s have bin there b4 d frsc came on board in 1988.They re bunch of confussionist always misinforming Nigs 2 gain public sympathy.Who knows may be he is digging his own n indeed d frsc’s grave. Time will tell

  7. Ehen!!! Interesting topic, even the FRSC Boss does not know his statutory function neither nor his job, instead he is complicating issue the more, abeg we need Change in FRSC also, but a knowledgable personel there, instead of a politician

    • frsc boss plz go back to school to ur job?b4 ur father was bond vio is working.go to school time wll tell

  8. The FRSC as well as every other law enforcement dept. in Nigeria is corrupt.
    Just today, I was explaining my plight to a young frsc officer who came to the school where I teach. He came to seek permission to enlighten our pupils on road conducts…
    I told him my licence’ since expired 2yrs now. At Ojodu office here in Lagos, you’ll need to grease their hands with fifteen thousand naira to get it done.
    The young officer told me the official fee is six thousand but I’ll still need to pay the extra.
    Why is this boss of a guy blind to such habit from his workers or he’s feigning ignorance.
    The incoming government should please look into such excesses from the FRSC including the plate number brouhaha. Their extortion is way too much.

  9. Please permit me to add more on the functions of the V.I.0 Basically, V.I .O is a state agency, it is the sole authorising agency responsible to issuance of drivers licence. That is to say, the authorising signatory on the drivers licence is that of Chief V.I.O of every state and F.C.T. Again, vehicle particulars is also property of every state and F.C.T. In some states, especially Abuja, Niger state and Lagos state V.I.O is responsible of vehicles registration. To say that V.I.O have no right to check drivers licence and vehicle particulars is a strange and an over night traffic laws and regulations of northern,western and eastern regions or some body is ignorant of his functions very well. Mr.Boboye,this time is not for campaigning and propaganda please!!!

    • The VIO is not in charge of vehicle licence. The FRSC issues vehicle licence and plate numbers. The VIO is in charge of road worthiness of a car. They have no right to ask for drivers licence. You can read their respective enabling laws

  10. The so called VIO are bunch of criminals who extort people indiscriminately….. God will punish most of them that indulge in criminal activities in disguise of carrying out their duties….
    They extorted me unjustly…

  11. sir,the issue of driver’s license has to be critically addressed. where one has to pay N14,000 b4 it could be processed. Also on plate number, it is barbaric to condemn the one in use and pay for another one. Let the statuesque remain except for new vehicles.

  12. I think at this stage, both agenciem should publicise their various roles and safe us from all these confusion.

  13. Frsc boss should go n sleep.what are they preventing? The only thing they check is seat belt, they should tell d public what they are supposed 2 do. U tell ur pple 2 warn an offender n at d same time ask dem 2 bring money. If they warn every offender on d road how wil they bring money. FRSC PLS WE WANT CHANGE. My prayers is that u pple are completely removed from our roads. Oga road safty go find another work.

  14. The FRSC are thieves. Can u imagine that my plate lost and the FRSC arrested me and they asked me to go and get an affidavit from the court for lost of plate no which I did. Thereafter I was asked to go and get a police report, which I did. And the same FRSC introduced me to someone that cut another plate no to replace the lost one. Can u imagine that FRSC later arrested me again and they charged me for violation of plate no, as I was trying to explain myself they would not listen, all they did was print out a slip then asked me to go and pay #5000. I think it important to give listening hear to anyone to at least explain him/her self before they fine somebody. After they had fined me and printed out the receipt I then showed them the affidavit from court and the report from police. All they could say was that; they had already booked me that I shld go and pay the money. Is this not stealing? FRSC are criminals. They can even charge u for not using seatbelt and seatbelt that I know is a warning offence.

  15. It is high time that many of this agencies should be scrapped or matched together. FRSC, VIO, Traffic warden, NPF on a good day in a journey of 2 to 3 Km all of them might park you and be asking for the same thing. God bless Nigeria.

  16. The frsc, vio, npf are all thesame, they value the illegal money they got from the road user than their monthly salary that is why it wil be difficult for them to withdraw frm such act. God bless nigeria

  17. Both of them are nothing but criminals in uniform,they both extort the public instead of warning them,and oug gov should come to differentiate btw this two rubbers, if possible they should be match together as motorist are paying much for what they should be given orientation for, look at lastma for instance, when they were not allowed to collect money from motorist as b4 they were not doing their work well, most of the people joining vehicle enforcement agent are not doing it because they love nigeria or they want our road to be free of accident but bcos of the daily contribution,govrn should come to the pple aide, is time they introduce only one agency to check vehicle particulars and when an offender is arrested the fine should be to renew the document that has expired or to get the one u don’t have before u get your vehicle and the system should be in place to make it a day job for the authority and once the person has done that no fine basic.

  18. Federal Road Safety
    Federal Road Safety Corps is the government
    agency with statutory responsibilities for road
    safety administration in Nigeria. Founded in
    1988, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)
    operates in all Nigerian states as well as the
    Federal Capital Territory.
    The FRSC is currently headed by Boboye O
    Oyeyemi, MFR, mni whose title is the Corps
    Marshal and Chief Executive (COMACE) the
    highest rank in the Corps ranking system.
    The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC)
    Nigeria. Established in 1988, the FRSC is the
    lead agency in Nigeria on road safety
    administration and management . The
    statutory functions include: Making the
    highways safe for motorists and other road
    users as well as checking road worthiness of
    vehicles, recommending works and
    infrastructures to eliminate or minimize
    accidents on the highways and educating
    motorists and members of the public on the
    importance of road discipline on the
    Historic perspective
    Prior to the establishment of Federal Road
    Safety Commission in 1988, there was no
    concrete and sustained policy action to
    address the carnage on Nigerian roads. Earlier
    attempts in this direction were limited to
    discrete and isolated attempts by some states
    of the federation and individuals.
    Notable among the efforts to institute a
    formidable road safety program was the effort
    of Shell Petroleum Development Company of
    Nigeria (SPDC) between 1960 and 1965. The
    effort of the Nigerian Army in the training of
    its officers and men on road safety in the
    early 1970s also contributed to road safety
    ideas and consciousness in Nigeria: The
    Nigerian Army started the First Public Road
    Safety Campaign in 1972 when it initiated an
    annual Road Safety Week.
    The first deliberate policy on road safety was
    the creation in 1974 of the National Road
    Safety Commission (NRSC) by the then
    military government. The impact of the
    Commission was however, not sustained. In
    1977, the Military Administration in Oyo State,
    Nigeria established the Oyo State Road Safety
    Corps which made some local significant
    improvements in road safety and road
    discipline in the state. That lasted till 1983,
    when it was disbanded by the federal
    With the continued dangerous trend of road
    traffic accidents in Nigeria then, which placed
    it as one of the most road traffic accident
    (RTA) prone countries worldwide (second to
    Ethiopia), the Nigerian government saw the
    need to establish the present Federal Road
    Safety Corps in 1988 to address the carnage
    on the highways.
    Establishment Act
    The unpleasant trend in the nation’s road
    traffic system which resulted in upsurge in
    road traffic accidents made the Federal
    Government initiate a search for a credible
    and effective response to the challenge.
    In February 1988, the Federal Government
    established the Federal Road Safety
    Commission through Decree No. 45 of the
    1988 as amended by Decree 35 of 1992
    referred to in the statute books as the FRSC
    Act cap 141 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria
    (LFN). Passed by the National Assembly as
    Federal Road Safety Corps (establishment)
    Act 200
    Statutory functions
    The functions of the Commission generally
    relates to:
    1. Making the highway safe for motorists
    and other road users.
    2. Recommending works and devices
    designed to eliminate or minimize accidents
    on the highways and advising the Federal and
    State Governments including the Federal
    Capital Territory Administration and relevant
    governmental agencies on the localities where
    such works and devices are required, and
    3. Educating motorists and members of the
    public on the importance of discipline on the
    In particular, the Commission is charged with
    responsibilities as follows:
    1. Preventing or minimizing accidents on
    the highway.
    2. Clearing obstructions on any part of the
    3. Educating drivers, motorists and other
    members of the public generally on the proper
    use of the highways.
    4. Designing and producing the driver’s
    license to be used by various categories of
    vehicle operators.
    5. Determining, from time to time, the
    requirements to be satisfied by an applicant
    for a driver’s licence.
    6. Designing and producing vehicle number
    7. The standardization of highway traffic
    8. Preventing or minimizing accidents on
    the highways.
    9. Clearing obstructions on any part of the
    10. Educating drivers, motorists and other
    members of the public generally on the proper
    use of the highways.
    11. Giving prompt attention and care to
    victims of accidents.
    12. Conducting researches into causes of
    motor accidents and methods of preventing
    them and putting into use the result of such
    13. Determining and enforcing speed limits
    for all categories of roads and vehicles and
    controlling the use of speed limiting devices.
    14. Cooperating with bodies or agencies or
    groups in road safety activities or in
    prevention of accidents on the highways.
    15. Making regulations in pursuance of any
    of the functions assigned to the Corps by or
    under this Act.
    16. Regulating the use of sirens, flashers
    and beacon lights on vehicles other than
    ambulances and vehicles belonging to the
    Armed Forces, Nigeria Police, Fire Service and
    other Para-military agencies;
    17. Providing roadside and mobile clinics
    for the treatment of accident victims free of
    18. Regulating the use of mobile phones by
    19. Regulating the use of seat belts and
    other safety devices.
    20. Regulating the use of motorcycles on
    the highways.
    21. Maintaining the validity period for
    drivers’ licences which shall be three years
    subject to renewal at the expiration of the
    validity period.
    In exercising these functions, members of the
    Commission shall have power to arrest and
    prosecute persons reasonably suspected of
    having committed any traffic offence.

    • Very wonderful submission here Soam. The functions as outlined summarizes in effect what the road safety is all about.
      Don’t forget also that the emphasis of their job description is mostly on the highways, they have veered out of statutory provisions by usurping other organizations schedules because of the listening ears they have of powerful authorities.
      Their duties am aware in the case of drivers license is to design and determine duration of life, it does not include testing prospective drivers or receiving monies for that purpose which is the sole responsibity of state board of Internal revenues and vio in the case of the fct.
      For number plates, their job is limited to design for the 36 states of the federation including Abuja and not physical allocation to individual motorists including organizations requiring its use and not collection monies to process which is the sole responsibility of the aforementioned.
      I want to believe the lukewarm attitude of authorized agency responsible for handling some of this salient issues is what is making the Road Safety assume and usurp all functions not within their mandate thereby making them veer off course.
      On the whole, I believe all relevant agencies as far as road usage is concerned should synergize in order to bring about a saner road and traffic management devoid of frictions for the general good of all. The amount of politicking as a result of friction is not to the advantage of the common man in any way.
      Constant public enlightenment should be carried out to awaken the consciousness of the road users. Fighting over function for reasons of pecuniary benefit is a disservice by every means and very much beneath the integrity expected of men and women who have been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties.
      Statues and laws establishing organizations should not just be made and left to run on its own. There should be a mechanism for constant evaluation and monitoring to ascertain conformity with the provisions.
      There should be exchange programme between relevant organizations to keep abreast of expectations and area of collaboration where the need arises.
      Constant training and retraining of officers and men should be embarked upon to enhance performance from every quarters.
      Just my one penny contribution.
      Nigeria shall be great again!

      • If human being is in quest for knowledge you are the fountain of it.
        You have helped by tutoring the public of what we seems pay little or no cognisance of.
        Your writevup is well enumerated and clear deviod of any ambiguity.
        In the write up, we could understand the function of the FRSC to design and advice all other institutions of their innovations.
        I cannot read where the idsuauce if the driver license appeared in their functions.
        It is the responsibility of the VIO to test and to issue the driver license after having throughly subject the applicant to all the necessary road test and examinations.
        In England, your drivers license is just as valuable as your certificate. You have to read and do series if test before you coukd be issued with one. It is now a duty upon you to protect the licences by complying with the traffic laws, failure that could led to losing the licence.
        I will think that the issues here are simply only that FRSC are wedging more power to themselves, though one should nit blame them much because the VIO are lacking in their responsibilities. I’m not hearing it fir the first time that their personnel made weekly N50k contributions through public extortion.

        Could there be a forum where the public outcry could be channeled to the government, this particular issue need to be discussed, strong awareness to be created for the common populace to know who is responsible for what.

    • It is very wonderful submissions throughout, we appreciate you all. It was observed after subjection to various accessments, FRSC came out of vio, FRSC still give application of driver’s licence to vio for a test of efficiency of applicants before issuances of drivers licences. On this note, I will advice the government to merge the two establishment to avoid clash of interests in the court of law in the nearest future. Dear contributors, I appreciate you all.

  19. Its funny all this accussations and counter accussations but the truth is don’t fall victim of either of them. Frsc said expired tires after checking all over and finding nothing brought tire issue,Vio said fake drivers license which I paid 15000 for,they have someone that can do the original. They extorted me. Neither of them are saints,they need both need a total work over. God bless Nigeria.

  20. @Soam,thanks for the enlightenment and explanations, though we can’t compare FRSC,VIO’S and NPF there are not thesame but i will advice our government to rearrange those agencies in other to avoid duplication of duty, some duties are residual,checking of vehicles particulars/reckty vehicles are duty of VIO’S, while FRSC was saddle with safety on highways and policeto secure life and properties(policing) and not checking particulars onour highways.

  21. Thanks for the enlightenment and explanations, though we can’t compare FRSC,VIO’S and NPF there are not thesame but i will advice our government to rearrange those agencies in other to avoid duplication of duty, some duties are residual,checking of vehicles particulars/reckty vehicles are duty of VIO’S, while FRSC was saddle with safety on highways and policeto secure life and properties(policing) and not checking particulars onour highways.

  22. I believe d duty of each agency is clear, VIO issues roadworthiness, test drivers for their drivers licence and d aurhorised Sign on all licence is dat of chief VIO of every state and not dat of mr boboye of frsc. D frsc sud pls stop confusing Nigerians of all ds false info cos dat ow one of dem issued a fake drivers licence to my bro b4 he was caught by VIO where d truth was review.

  23. My advice for the present government is to merge the two of them e.i VIO and FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY CORPS together under the supervision of inspector general of police.

  24. Renewal of drivers license is really causing chaos I my state. Akwa-ibom. They insist we should pay 10,500k before processing begins. Pls FRsc, are we to pay 6500 or 10,500k.

  25. Oga boss,someone rightly said u have given police food again, if police are alloud to ask for those things then what will stop the vehicle inspection officer? The police is protecting the law, so wat business have they with licence , I can remember police stoped us and ask for paper which was givin to him, he flip through not knwing what he was checking return the paper an said is not complete, we were taken to police station and dey demanded pay. Mr FRSC you are expanding curruption o, police shuld stay out of that. They way they FRSC and VIO’s stop road user is unhealthy, they might cause accidents themselves pls check those things

  26. The men of the VIO are the worst criminals on our roads today. They wrote 60,000 for me for expired licence, road worthiness, and insurance. when they drove my car to igando local council development area, one man who must be one of their cronies accosted me and asked me to pay half of the money written on the receipt . That he will help me talk to them. When it became clear that the VIO men are heartless, I paid the man 30,000. In a jiffy my car was released. It still baffles me how can this group of men colle
    ct a whopping 30,000 from a fellow citizen without receipt. I know that their judgment is underway.

  27. I do not support wickedness in anyway however don’t you think if you have your complete up-to-date papers and licenses, this ppl wouldn’t find you guilty and wouldn’t take advantage of you? Driving responsibly and obeying all traffic rules inclusive. If you think indepthly, your intuition would battle with common sense reason being that a Vehicle Inspection officer shouldn’t allow someone without the required licenses to drive a car in good condition. What is most appropriate is to refer such offence to the agency that has the right to prosecute same offence. Let’s do things the way they should be done.

  28. Their work is interrelated, ie producing an efficient and effective traffic management system with a view to minimizing crashes on our roads which is characterized with loss of lives coupled with economic losses. Instead of calling themselves with all sorts of names, they should collaborate and worked out modalities on how they will work harmoniously together putting safety of the Nigerian road users into cognizance as their primary responsibity

  29. The FRSC is an agency of well trained gentlemen who are sensible and know their ilimits. The VIO agency is a bunch of unruly, uneducated, dirty, smelly bunch of government empowered touts who are no better in their conducts than motorpark touts otherwise known as agberos. The VIO agency should be scrapped. They don’t belong in a civilised society. The two agencies have overlapping responsibilities, therefore the quacky VIO should be SCRAPPED!!!!

  30. I don’t think the FRSC boss made that statement. He is not a man that can be so ignorant to engage in such statement that may drag the Federal and State governments in another legal battle on road traffic and motor vehicle administration regulation. Nigerians know the truth over this issue but may simply be waiting to be provoked into action. Motor vehicle administration is a state affair and the FRSC cannot be working for State government as the agency
    enforcing Stae laws on motor vehicle administration. I believe
    the FRSC are too responsible to know where and how laws of
    Federal and States are enforced. Vehicle particulars are
    sources of internal revenue of States and FCT and it will be
    laughable that the FRSC want to enforce laws of
    States and FCTwhich may also include local government laws.
    I believe the man was quoted out of context.

  31. Great discussion but yet to agree on disthe distinct functions of these arms of the government looking at the roads, vehicles and safety. Great good will come out of this healthy conversation if anyone can volunteer separate functions of the road safety corps, the police and the vehicle inspection officers statutorily in Nigeria.

    • Please obtain the road traffic act to know the road traffic act under Cap 548 of the1999 constitution. Further the issue of motor vehicle administration is a residual matter for state to regulate. Therefore the VIOs ate the enforcer of all residual matters of motor vehicle administration. A federal agency cannot enforce a state law under our present democratic dispensation.

  32. It’s high time for this government to merge federal road safety with Nigeria police, because they care less about the road users but how to generate money for the government. The commission didn’t compelled government on repairs of roads, to avert accident but looking for ways to impoverished the law abiding citizens of this country. They will surely reap what they sow.

    • Please be on track. You can’t merge a Federal agency with a State agency under our present dispensation. The VIOs are of State and FCT while the FRSC is of the Federal. That makes impossible for a merger.

  33. dis dirty FRSC boss don’t know xctly what he is doin . V I O were a head of u oll ,pls can u tells us how did u get ur drivers license and who sign u b/ 4 u get it

  34. Please what is d usage of LASDRI as requested by VIO to that of Driver’s License. Because , if you dont have dis LASDRI as a driver an u are caught by VIO. I bet u will pay nothing less than 20k.

  35. Dear Corps Marsahal, Kindly explain how you intend to crack down on the fake DL, the last I checked your patrol vans are not equiped with DL card readers. I have asked one of your officers who pulled me over how he was abke to detect thay my DL is not fake and he merely responded by saying “oga no worry we know”. If your men are able to detect fake DL just by physical inspection then why subject drivers to through the rigour of capturing biometrics. Just my thinking though.

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