To justify Alamieyeseigha’s pardon, Jonathan commits factual blunders….PREMIUM TIMES

he Nigerian President repeated pardons for already pardoned people.
In what appears a desperate and hurried move by President Goodluck Jonathan to justify the pardon of his former boss and ex-convict, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, the president introduced names of other Nigerians who had been pardoned by previous governments.
When the Nigeria Council of State met on Tuesday, the president read out a list of some convicted Nigerians whom he would want pardoned.


JD:Never in the history of this country has a government committed so many blunders like this,ironically,one after the other.This present government has reduced governance at the federal level to a level where it probably neeeds to be supervised by a local government chairman.This government could not get a simple issue like giving out national awards right.apart from the fact that multiple awards were given to those who had gotten higher awards,on the day of the ceremony some of the recipients went home without plaques,an action that would never be commited even at primary school level.where lies the problem?Should we look at the old adage that says if fish wants to go bad it starts from the head?Maybe,but we have a phd holder as the man on whose table the buck stops.So as far as educational qualification is concerned we couldnt have gone any higher.What then?Does shoeless mean clueless?
“The answer my friend,is blowing in the wind”…….THE WIND OF CHANGE!

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