THAT U MAY LIVE:The shame of a nation!

S’West military pensioners protest over arrears

This is a photograph as recorded by THE GUARDIAN yesterday of military pensioners in the South West protesting about non payment of their pensions.As far as the eyes can see,these are probably the ratings below sergeant level who had put their lives on the line so that you and i can live,yet we cant pay them their entitlements and show our gratitude to them for saving this nation.The military big boys are missing in action here.They have probably taken care of themselves.Right from the “farmer”to “who build this guarder”,they have been settled and have left the lesser minions to cater for themselves.A BIG SHAME INDEED!


  1. For God’s sake when will all the (major) problems of this nation come to an end? Problem of electricity,health,doctors/lecturers on strike,non payment of nipost arrears and now the ex-soldiers! God! And every minute we read and hear of millions if not billions of naira being stolen or mismanaged. Who will salvage this country Lord?

  2. Uncle JD can some one pin point the Maina of these old soldiers.Then press can take it up.

  3. This is more than a shame of a nation, i have never heard of even the smallest country in Africa treating their veterans this way. How will those still in the service be patriotic to Nigeria? The funny aspect of it is that president Jonathan promised to pay this money in jan 2013, the minister of state for defence Erelu Obada also said the arrears will be paid once the budget is sign. This was said on camera. The issue now is, why is the goverment (political rulers) deceiving the pensioners? It is neusating and wicked for the govt to lie to pensioners, while they are busy looting the treasury, i hope something positive will be done quickly to avert another crisis

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