Surface Phone Official Image Leaked: Everything We Know About Microsoft’s New Flagship

#SurfacePhone #Mobiles – Surface Phone Official Image Leaked: Everything We Know About Microsoft’s New Flagship : There are numerous credible sources which have backed the company to incorporate powerful hardware and top-of-the-line software which would make it a huge threat for the recently announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

While Microsoft has not really made anything official yet regarding the release of its latest generation performance laptop computer, the Microsoft Surface Book 2, reports continue to persist that the device is likely coming out very soon.

Meanwhile, the company’s Windows 10 on its mobile platform has also been the target of criticism lately in terms of its longevity and goal. Microsoft Australia Twitter account has accidentally leaked the Surface phones specs through a tweet.

This coincides with rumors that the Redmond-based company is looking to release at least one Surface gadget from its upcoming roster. In addition, what differentiates Surface phones from its nemesis Android and iOS is the keyboard cover which enables users to type the same with Microsoft Surface Pro. The phone will come with large storage space and RAM.

Although the rumor claiming that Microsoft is replacing its Lumia phones with its alleged Surface Phone has been around for quite a while already, the company has yet to officially confirm the existence of the said device.

According to The Bitbag, the Surface Phone was initially expected to be released in 2017 as Microsoft wanted to include the Intel Kaby Lake processor in the device.

A report published in The Christian Post suggests that the Surface Phone will run on Windows 10 and will offer productivity features like the Continuum. The feature had already been introduced via the Lumia 950 line, unfortunately, with its limited specs, the mode was not utilized to its full potential.

Having a new product line to be released, Microsoft will be halting production of the Lumia lineup at the end of 2016. Since there is a hint about the Surface Phone, they might keep the name as well. As for the Microsoft Surface Phone’s price, the only thing certain is that it would be way more expensive than your regular smartphone.

As for the release date, iTechPost reported that Microsoft might release the mobile phone in October. The device will come with Adreno 430 GPU, Octa core processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC. Source: crcconnection


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