Security Council: Ndigbo diminution by Steve Osuji

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Those who warned during electioneering that PMB was never enamoured of the Igbo nation would be laughing now as the Buhari canvass unfurls. Sixteen appointments so far and not one single Igbo man is good enough. No matter. But in picking the rump of Nigeria’s military and intelligence team for his government last Monday, not one Igbo man was found worthy of any of the positions.

Consider the checklist: Chief of Defence Staff; Chief of Army Staff; Chief of Air Staff; Chief of Naval Staff; Chief of Defence Intelligence; Director of State Security and National Security Adviser. Not one Igbo man made it. If you add to those, Inspector General of Police; head of Customs and head of Immigration, you have an entire National Security Council with the Igbo nation excluded.

This is clearly not an error and it is difficult to believe no Igbo man merits any of these strategic national appointments. In a situation that the Northeast has three of these positions; Northwest two; Northcentral two; Southwest two; Southsouth two and Southeast zero, speaks volumes about the mindset of our President. Where is federal character? Calculated injustice and inequity of this nature can only diminish a country.


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  1. cry nomore my ibo brothers… to whom much is given much is expected. if u dont find me good enough to give me yur vote, pls dont expect me to be good enough to give u my appointment.

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