Sanusi advocates drug test for political office seekers…..Punch

he Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, on Saturday said all those seeking elective political office should be subjected to drug tests to ascertain that they are not drug addicts.

Sanusi made the call in Kano at a three-day workshop on anti-substance abuse awareness campaign and train the trainers,News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The programme was organised by an NGO, “I CARE Women and Youth Initiative,” a pet project of the wife of the Vice-President, Amina Sambo.

“Anyone who wants to contest for political office or seeking political appointment should be asked to go for drug test.

“If you are in drug, you will not have the opportunity to be appointed in any position of authority in this country,” he said.

Sanusi, who blamed the elite for the prevailing moral decadence in the society, said there was an urgent need to examine the entire value system in the society.

“Today we have created class even among our children and we give our children more money than they need and buy them expensive cars.

“We see young boys and girls moving from one office to another looking for contracts and when they get the money, they organise parties and spend the money any how,’’ he added.

The CBN governor said  governments should continue to create employment opportunities to check drug abuse and other social vices.

The vice-president’s wife called on parents to monitor the activities of their children and the kind of company they kept.

“It is only by so doing that we can nip in the bud the early warning signs of drug abuse among our children.

Jd:Sanusi is right.i totally agree with him.some of the actions of those that govern us sometimes defys logic and makes one ask if all is well upstairs.Perhaps he too should have been given that test before he donated a whooping 100 million of our money to his home state.We are in a much bigger mess than we imagine.If sanusi at his level advocates this,then he must know much more than he is willing to the meantime he should keep saying this to himself in front of a mirror


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