My name is JIMI DISU,an alumnus of the University of Lagos.I started my journalism career in the DAILY TIMES in 1975,just before I got admission into the university.My career experience spans over  media work as assistant editor of the PUNCH, Business Editor of the VANGUARD NEWSPAPERS, Senior Manager and Head Corporate Affairs of Lever Brothers in the 80s,and media consultant to blue chip companies like TOTAL NIGERIA PLC,CRUSADER INSURANCE,HUNTLEIGH HEALTHCARE,LTD,PHILLIPS PROJECT CENTRE,COCA COLA,WORLD TRADE CENTRE,WAMCO,INDUSTRIAL GASES etc. I was also recently the Marketing Director of the COMPASS NEWSPAPERS and later 234NEXT.I have also been a judge for over ten years in the famed DIAMOND AWARD FOR MEDIA EXCELLENCE (DAME), which is the foremost annual award organ for media practitioners

I have a wealth of experience in conducting interviews which was manifest in my “60 minutes column”  published both in THIS DAY and the VANGUARD newspapers. I have also done media reviews on both CHANNELS TV (a regular guest on SUNRISE) and TV Continental every Saturday morning.Currently I am a resident analyst on FRONT PAGE NEWS on Classic FM,broadcast weekdays at 7am.I also anchor a discussion program every Sunday on Classic FM at 2pm

I believe I am a clear headed,well rounded journalist who wants to contribute to making our society a better place to live in.I have been in this struggle for long and I know that even if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime,Nigeria will be a great country again.




    • I am a regular listener of front page news on classic fm. You are doing great. I hope you won’t get intimidate by Govt. Kudos. Nice weekend.

    • Welldone Mr Jimi Disu for all your contributions and scientific approach to national issues as they occur.

      I must confess your daily analysis of issues and events on FPN(Front Page News) Analysis a Classic FM newspaer review programme gives me joy and strengthens me for the days task. As a matter of fact any day you are not on air, my day especially is not complete!!!.

      I strongly believe that if our nation can be blessed with more people like you especially at the helms of affairs, then i have no fear in subscribing to your view and submission that “Nigeria will be a great Country Once again”

      Ride on Oga Jimmy,for every progressively minded Nigerian is solidly behind you as you continue to raise our hope and aspirations of a better Nigera!

      I love you dearly Sir and may God continue to be with and increase you from strength to strength. Do have a fun filled weekend Sir.

    • I am really enjoying your daily news analysis on classic FM -Front page News- I rarely miss it except on Mondays when you are using your constitutional rights to refuse to show up!More grease to your elbow.May good Lord always be with you.GREAT AKOKITE! GREATeeeeeee!!

    • DEAR JIMI,

    • Morning Mr Disu. Great show this morning. I’d like to know about your other shows on the sister station. What radio station is that?

    • Good day sir. I’m an ardent follower of your programs and I must confess you are truly an inspiration to the young generation.
      I would like to know the contact of a certain person you interviewed sometimes ago about a rehabilitation centres.
      A neighbour of mine has a 20yrs old son who is a drug addict and as a result, has been expelled from the university twice. His parents are searching for a good rehab and I thought I should be if help.
      Thank you so much. God bless.

  1. I am a regular listener of front page news and analysis on classic FM, Jimi you are doing good. We need people like at this time in Nigeria, keep up the good works and we are praying for you. Nigeria will be Great again.

  2. BRAVO big broz,
    I listen to you virtually everyday and I always apreciate perfect work of God in you bit by bit. GBG !
    Pls keep it up sir, your tarlent will keep functioning for betterment of all nations IJN.

  3. I am regular listener to your Front Page News analysis on classic FM. Your comments are always factual and not sentimental. Your criticisms are balanced. You do not get personal. When you take on a person or issue or event or decision taken, you give credit where necessary and give knocks where necessary. You do not totally condemn. You also take out time to fun… you make me laugh and happy event in the face of anger.. I have learnt so much from you these past fews months. You have become my mentor.

  4. You, Bukky and Sly accompany me to work every morning, my day isnt complete without listening to FPN.

    Keep up the good work, do not relent in your efforts to bring salient issues affecting our dear country to the fore.


  5. indeed wit or witout your resume ur analysis remain immpecably outstandin. U are a true reflection of d voices of the downtroded nigerians wit dis pace ur energetic and precision together wit ur crew nigeria is on d verge of a great change.

  6. At last i got to your blog, im a huge fan of yours and make it a ritual to follow you daily on weekdays and on sundays for the discourse. Be sure you have a good listener and contributor. Thanks big bros for your realistitic thoughts and insight.

  7. I just recommended your blog to my friends on fb.
    We need to bridge the knowledge gap in order to rescue Nigeria from the hands of the wicked ‘Oga at the Top”.
    Keep it up.

    • Always with you every monday to friday 7:00am on front page news and in some of the time on sunday by 2:00pm. You are doing a great job, keep it up

  8. I can’t agree less with all the comments above; you are indeed a thorough breed; an embodiment of patriotism; i see zeal and passions each time i listen to you and people like you make me believe that this country will be great again; we just have to keep making our voices heared.
    Uncle J D I pray that you will live to witness the true transformation of this country, which is your dream

    • Honestly, I am believing God that the transformation of this great country of ours will take place in our life-time. JD, u are the reason I listen to FPN every morning. Keep up the good job.

  9. I listen regularly to you on FPN and your comments are usually blunt, fair and informative. Please keep the struggle on. One day, succor will come to this nation.

  10. One of the regular listeners of Front Page News on Classic FM. Love your incisive detailed and unbiased analysis of news items. You don’t come on air again on television (Channels & TVC) Wondering why. Kindly keep it up. You are one of my role models

    • No longer do TV appearances because i must pace myself and concentrate on this blog and my programs for now,thanks

  11. Oga Jimi, Thank you for always saying the right things all the time. God bless you real good. I listen to you every morning, i must confess you are doing a great work. I feel you this morning when you said that Gov Akpabio gave 1m to the pdp chairmen to buy mr Biggs. I cant beleive this is happening. Thank you for bringing the news to us.

  12. Uncle Jimi, i must confess that you are the voice of the voiceless. You are doing a great job. I listen to you on Classic FM every morning from Tuesday to Friday. Keep up the good work. May the good lord continue to strenghten you.

  13. Jimi, don’t worry at all. We are all in the struggle together. If you sink, we will sink with u (God Forbid). You are doing a great job. Of course I listen to everything Jimi Disu (Tuesday – Friday) and of course your Sunday 2pm intertview on same Classic Radio. God bless you brother.

  14. Oga Jimi weldone sir,

    there’s none of your programs I do not listen to on classic FM. After Almighty God, you and your crew(Bukky and Sly) make my day…….. double thumbs up to you sir.

    Please sir, I’ll need your advice on this issue because if I was in Europe,I’ll know what to do however I’m in 9ja and the issue is this: Please if I have a Boko sympathiser a neighborwhat should I do.

    I’m axiously awaiting your response sir.


  15. At last i checked out your much anticipated blog.I must commend you for the great work you,bukky and sly do every morning on FPN and also your programme,’the discuss’.I was surprised when i realized you are an Alumni of UNILAG.Hope to be like you someday because that is the same school i registered for JAMB.Lastly,you are my mentor as i’m looking up to you and following your every foot step.Please don’t relent and never compromise.

  16. Uncle Jimi, your resume is not a surprise because you carry the incredible. I and my colleagues are regular listener of Front page news and the discourse on Sunday. Your analysis is spot on and the passion unequal. We will keep talking until the change come to Nigeria. We love you and your crew.
    God bless Nigeria

  17. Should I attempt to shower you with encomiums here, some people may likely misconstrue the gesture yet I must let you know that Jimi Disu is a household name in my home. When you mention “JD” in my house to mean someone like Jermaine Dupri, the rapper/producer, all you’d hear my family chant or chorus is Jimi Disu !!! My Monday mornings are usually “drab” for obvious reasons. You are a blessing to us all.

  18. i have lost all hope in dis country….but with people like you,there may b light at the end of the tunnel….i am regular listener of your front page news on classic fm….please dont b intimidated…what ever your are fighting for now will speak for you in years to come..well done sir

  19. Since I started listening to your programmes, I did not only get inspired by what i could termed my daily morning coffee, but also resolved that, even at gun point i should always say the truth & stand by it, after all death is inevitable. Uncle Jimi some of us hold u in high esteem, Please, hold on with the tourch on ur hand & keep inspiring us. God bless u He will alway stand by u.

  20. I have always been impressed with your incisive,direct and truthful analysis on front page news,if only other journalists could be as bold,confident and desirous of a change like you this country would have been better already,well done and may God bless you sir,we desperately need more of your types pls dont change…

  21. Mr. JD sincerely if we have just 10 patriotic Nigerians like-minds of your kind in this country of ours, d mess we are in Nigeria today would have reduced drastically. My mentors b4 now used to be Fela Anikulapo and late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, but now you are one of my mentor, I love your unbiased analysis, I love your discourse program, you are a rare leader pls ride on as many Nigerians believe in you. May God help you.

  22. Uncle Jimi if you get this message, pls mention it tomorrow. You are damn correct on your comments on some national issues. I listen to your analysis every morning but PHCN has never allow me to be with you on Sundays.
    Initially I thought I should keep quiet but I change my mind to say something may be it might have an impact.
    I do not believe we all should fold our hands and say God will fight for us in Nigeria. Nigeria is not the only country in the world that God is taken care of. Moses did not take the Isrealites away from Egypt on a platter of gold neither was it a round table discussion with Pharaoh. I am not preaching war. But i think we should take the bull by the horns and face our leaders squarely to either sit up or chill out.The religion leaders have even help matters. We are using soft hands to address serious national issues that will burst one day less today.
    I do not mean to be disrespectful but I strongly believe that our President has not done enough to be in office by this time tomorrow. He has disappoint the youths of this nation and brought the academinc community to disrepute.
    Power has been a mirage in this country and a source of wealth to some selected few. Even the international community are laughing at us. Or what do you think the CNN lady, Amapour, will be saying to us.
    Corruption is now part of our life. It is now normal for public officer to be a former EFCC visitor. Remember Maina. Even EFCC itself is a toothless bulldog.

    Thank you have a nice day

  23. Mr. Jimi, you are doing a great job…Classic fm worth listening.My day isnt complete without listening to Front Page News. God bless u and empower u.

  24. I am impressed! No wonder you have the guts. I must say you have seen it all. You have seen 99,why should you be afraid of 100. I enjoy your analysis on classic fm,howvever, i notiiced that you bend more to political solutions,where radicalism would have been a better solution. Is this because you still believe in this country?

  25. Hello Jimi Disu, I’m a regular listener of the fpn. Most times you speak the mind of the average Nigerian. Thumbs up to you and may God shield you From all harm

  26. Sir, I need to commend the good work you are doing. Any time I listen to you on radio I always have a re-think about this country, most of us have lost faith in this country/leaders, I want to share in your believe that Nigeria is going to be great again, it may not be in our generation. May God help us. Kudos sir

  27. The Federal Govt should understand the importance of electricity to the common man & solve this problem once & for all. This is not time to apportion blames. If the basic necessity like light cannot be provided, GEJ should step aside honourably. One sure way of tackling the problem of poverty in Nigeria is ‘constant power supply’ as many depend on electricity for their daily bread, and how can they make it when the little they get is used in fueling generators? We are tired of hearing stories, we want to see action!

  28. Wiiiiinccchhhh! Well done! Keep up the great work! Should see you soon to share a glass of wine…or two. Cheers

  29. I can discern in your short bio, the motto of our great school MBHS Lagos which says “Non Sibi Sed Aliis” meaning “not for us but for others”. The little I’ve known about you through your works in the media epitomises this philosophy of selflessness and sacrifice. I feel the burning desire and your passion for positive change in our dear country and I pray we shall reach the promised land right our lifetimes.

    Once again, thanks for being a great ambassador of our great school. Non sibi…

  30. Baba Agba but everly young at heart!,we salute your courage in the face of this Government intimidation and the ‘attack Dog'(he says he’s a Lion).The difference between people like you and many of your age is that most believe that this is the time to sit back and enjoy their wealth,but if nothing positive is done(as you are doing) about governance they may not enjoy these wealth in peace.Yorubas say ‘Agba ki wa l’oja k’ori omo tuntun wo’, JD e pe fun wa.

  31. I’ve be watching & listening to u since d day of Yori & Alero in Channels & back with Yori in TVC. Ur brilliant ways of discussing issue. Nice one Uncle JD

  32. Uncle jimi i really appreciate ur effort to make Nigeria a better place. Pple like me have lose hop on our country before bcos nothin work the old stories buh when i start listenin to ur voice on classic FM i change my perspective and i know when we fight and God will deliver us 4rm them all. We will get there.

  33. You are well endowed for your calling, hence we enjoy your discussions, criticism, and struggle for the emancipation of Nigeria. We are with you in this movement. God help you; God help us; God help Nigeria.

  34. Uncle Jimmy you are spot on Rauf Ladipo the chairman of the football supporters club he has been on that seat since i was a baby and am fully grown man now.

  35. Uncle Jimi Disv, you are one of the very rare treasure of Nigeria. May you grow from strength to strength for the good work you do. I am a die.hard lover of your programs especially the newspaper review. God bless.

  36. It’s 9ce 2 hook up with ur educating blog. Av always been ur regular listener rite from TVC with Yori,it is always been fun,non sentimental,precise and analytical approach of national issues. Sir,u are a special One of dis generation. Pls keep d good work going not minding d money bags of d game. PEACE!!!

  37. Dear Jimi,

    I just enjoyed this morning’s program on my drive to the office and decided to check out your blog. I am a fan but must admit that the information about you on the about me section has too many typo errors. For example repeatedly using small letter I instead of capital letter. As a former assistant editor expectations about your ability to write correct English on your website is very high. Do not forget people around the world have access to this blog and its content must be impeccable. Can you do something about it? Keep up the good work.

    Best regards

  38. I listen to your analysis every morning and your constructive criticism keeps reverberating in my mind for the rest of each day such that I unconsciously try not to be the average Nigerian, thanks for stiring up the consciousness of morality that was ebbing away slowly. Keep upnthe goodwork sir

  39. sir, you are doing a good job, but i hope all the whole thing is not to get attention. mr ruben abati is a good and living example. he attacked obj govt, now he has got attention he was gunning for through his article in guardian nawspaper. if not, God will empower you. have a great day.

  40. I like (and also love) all your analyses, comments and jokes on FPN…. but I disagree with your commendations on Fashola’s so-called ‘good performance’ in Lagos. What we have is a dictator as Lagos governor

  41. Unfortunately I dont listen to FPN on Mondays when Jimi is not on. I have tried but its just not the same, no apologes no hating ejoor. Its not my fault that I want to hear Jimi’s laugh or his gift of the day abeg naija is too hot so I crave it to start my day. Lets call it my coffee fix (hehehehehe in Jimi’s voice) Good job Jimi, excellence is always rewarded and heck you are damn smart!!

  42. Good day uncle Jimi, like Bukola calls you. Am an ardent listener of front page news on claSsic fm as well THE DISCOURSE. I sincerely admire your analysis. Keep it up sir. As an upcoming author I pray and wish to meet with you someday. Welldone sir and may God continue to protect you and your family always. HAPPY SUNDAY!

  43. Good morning Mr. Jimi Disu. I enjoy your Front Page News analysis on classic fm, and want to give you kudos for your good job. The likes of you are not too many in this our great country called Nigeria. I want to assure you that if the leaders and those that found themselves in place of leadership and authority are not listening, God Almighty is listening to your good work.
    I thank you so much for keeping most of us that are listening to your program on radio abreast with the developments in the country and Government’s hidden agenda. Never relent! GOD BLESS U

  44. I love your positive contributions in classic FM Newspper analysis. I love all your programmes. Thank you sir. keep it up cheers

  45. I love your analysis on issues,your analysis are always neutral, straight forward and always on point,more grease to your elbow, YOU THE BEST!.

  46. Sir, i’ve always been glad to listen to you on the radio whenever I get the opportunity.
    And one thing about ur profile just hits it for me, U are clear headed truly.
    Keep up the good work.

  47. JD, God is your strength, keep on doing the good works. Nigerians are solidly behind you. No retreat no surrender till we take Nigeria to her destined shore.

  48. Mr. JD, I really fancy your objective daily news analysis and the Discuss. Of course, yours are not infallible, but in a country such as ours, it gives me great hopes for the sure emergence of a more civil society; an egalitarian enclave; a Nigeria guided by the collective power of her people together with very stellar minds. Please keep it up.

  49. You are one of the few who is bold to say it as it is. however, man has ruled man to its own injury, as evident in today world. God’s Kingdom will solve all dis. Mr Disu,”KUDOS”.

  50. i over gbadun ur analysis uncle jimi.bravo to u sir.it will be a dream to see u live and tap in ur wealth of experience.God Almighty will continue to sustain u

  51. i luv ur analysis on classic fm mon-friday also on satuday on tvc and on sunday on classic fm again also on sunrise daily on channels sometime you are always objective in your analysis bravo mr jimi disu

  52. i love ur analysis on classic fm mon-friday also on saturday on tvc and on sunday on classic fm again also on sunrise daily on channels you are always objective in your analysis bravo mr jimi disu

  53. hi mr jimi disu,am a good listerner of ur program on classic fm nd i think dis discussed should be brought to television for some people to watch it live.thanks may d lord continue to enlarge your coast.

  54. Goodmorning Sir. I thank God Almighty who gave U all that you have as wisdom. He also gave U humility & patient to accomodate us your listeners because we can be something in some cases. I know Nigeria like you in some areas & works of life in Nigeria but they need great personality like you to spur them in their zeal of greater citizenry of this great country Nigeria. May God be your strenght until all good minded Nigerias meeting to lift Nigeria to her great hight. Amen. Thanks

  55. i have been your fan since the very day i first watch and listen to you on tv-continental.please if you get government appointment,don`t be like Reuben Abati ooooooo!

  56. Mr Jimmy,

    i have never failed to listen to you every morning while going to work and i really enjoy your analysis and i must say that you are a very intelligent person.

    This is just off record; i don’t enjoy the morning analysis of the front pages of the national newspapers when you are not around.

    Keep it up.

  57. Mr. Jimi Disu, I always listen to your comments on daily basis, those times you are available, I enjoy the way you tackle national issues, if you become a presidential candidate some day, will vote for your Sir, keep up the good work

  58. I am regular listener to your Front Page News analysis on classic FM. Your comments are always factual and not sentimental. Your criticisms are balanced. You do not get personal. Like Ehiedu of Raypower, who suppose to moderatebut take side with PDP, MAY BE BECAUSE OF HIS NUMEROUS TRIP WITH PDP MINISTERS MADE HIM TO LOSE FOCUS, Nigerians should talk to him let him know what jornalism is all about. When you take on a person or issue or event or decision taken, you give credit where necessary and give knocks where necessary. You do not totally condemn. You also take out time to fun… you make me laugh and happy event in the face of anger.. I have learnt so much from you these past fews months. You have become my mentor too. NJOTEE

  59. Nice career experience, I am an ardent listener to your weekdays analysis on classic fm which is very objective and devoid of sentiments. Keep this up!

  60. kp doin what u doin…a great number of clearheaded and concerned and proud Nigerians with a genuine interest of d country are solidly behind u.

  61. Dear Jimi Disu, ur resume is superB. U ar an encouragement to me & many. I listen to u always. pls keep it up. U ar blessed.

  62. Mr. Jimi. I am one of those Nigerians who seriously believe nothing true can come from Nigeria news. But listening to your fair analysis on national issues on classic FM every morning from Tuesday through Friday really get me inspired. well done

  63. Hi Jimi, I have been a regular listener of front page news and analysis on classic FM 97.3 for about 9 months.I am particularly impressed with your mind set and unbiased analysis.Please keep up the good work, never knew that your species still existed in Nigeria.Fire on and continue to sensitize the populace.
    I was particularly tripped with today’s episode of the discourse. I hope you will repeat the episode about ten more times, It is high time Nigerians get wise try to be analytical of what they see and hear.
    God bless you sir

  64. Sir, your immense contributions to the development of a contemporary Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized. My day and that of my colleague who drives to office with me every morning is not complete without listening to your FPN analysis on classic FM.

    Your convictions are not only upright but serve as a moral compass to guide this generation and even the next. You will forever remain one man I will cherish through all the ages.

    The struggle continues!!!

  65. Sir, i listen to you often on radio and you always Speak with integrity and honesty and in most cases, speak my mind..hence, my interest in you. for me your one of the very few Nigerian commentators I’ve heard speaking without a hint of tribalism or religious jingoism…The reason i respect you a lot . Nigeria is blessed and i agree with you that it will be great again..please keep on keeping on. this nation needs your kind.thank you!

  66. Big brother Jimi, every morning on my way to work we all (Brother in-law & elder sis.) listen to the Front Page Review on classic FM, its always great to listen to your analysis,may God continue to bless you and all i the struggle to make this country great again. Kind regards!

  67. To say you are doing a great work for humanity and our
    Society is an understatement. You see the truth (about the ills in our society)and say it without fear or favour (damning the consequences). You remind me sooooo much of Dele Giwa, whom I never met but who I admired & idolised from afar. I listen to all your programs & agree (or disagree in some instances) with your views on the subject matter in the privacy of my bedroom. My children often catch me smilling or laughing out aloud at some of your banters with the crew on the 7am Front Page News & they wonder if Mum is not going nuts talking & laughing with herself. You make my DAY every morning and needless to say, my day is not complete whenever I miss TFP. I wish you God speed in all that you do & join millions of voiceless Nigerians to say Well Done Bro. God Bless You. Lara Soneye

  68. My brother, Dr. Rotimi Salu and I enjoy reading postings onyour blog. of course, reading of your background information confirms the stuff of which you are made.
    Wishing greter success in the new year.
    Dr. Ajao Salu

  69. Good job sir. Your 30 mins feature(Front Page Analysis) on Classic 97.3FM Tue- Fri has inspired millions of Nigerians. God bless you and keep you alive. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in advance.

  70. Hi uncle Jimi, I listen to FPN this morning where you said Alhaji Bamanga Tukur is a medical doctor, well, I just read his profile. He was awarded Doctorate Degree of Law (Honoris Causa) by Benue state University. He obtain his Msc from the University of Pittsburg and he is also a Fellow of Nigeria Institute of Transport Technolgy Zaria. He never had any university education.

  71. Unquestionably affecting lives for good every morning. Like every other human being there is always room. for improvement. Please uncle Jimi,be less dismissive of others’ ideas

  72. Uncle jimi disu,i really appreciate your objectivity of judgement on the daily front page news analysis which should be the hallmark of the present day journalism ,however the reverse is the case and am also waiting for your proposed reforms on what i call “jungle journalism” that most media practitioners practise in nigeria now.i kowtow.

  73. Your analysis is like a script acted by immatured gladiators in the political arena called….. the Niger Area…You are always able to predict their acts and also the intentions they have in mind. I am not saying you are a “seer” but you have proven that experience is a pillar that you can always lean on when you are called to handle a tied down Rhinoceros like Niger Area.
    The President has once again displayed acts pointing to impunity and reckless use of Political Power which I am so sure is not a mandate from the people but a mandate obtained through political compromise and debauchery……at best a stolen mandate If the so called elected people are carrying the mandate of the average man on the road, then the open display of anarchy and shamelessness in the retention and honouring of Mediocrity (Oduah gate and the NNPC rots) while merit and sincerity (CBN revelations) is punished only leaves for us paths to ponder….The path of political revolution by voting right and standing for the truth or the path of keeping quiet and waiting for the unjust and incompetent to direct the affairs of a nation so graciously endowed.

  74. Since i listened to you on Classic FM, i never and ever miss such a wonderful expo…Jimi 2x you are just 3 much. I HAIL THEE JIMI 2X

  75. Big up our Dear JD!
    am thank full for your knowledge and also for sharing the depths of your beautiful mind to make Nigeria a better place.God help us.

    (he forgot to add that he also tweets!!)

  76. Sir


    I follow you on Classic FM from Tuesday to Friday every week you are doing a good work keep it up . But i discovered that you are secret supporter of APC because you handily knock had on APC but you always knock had on PDP . please forgive me if i got you wrong but that is the way see it.

    Your fan

    Duru Chidiebere

  77. Mr. Disu, I am an ardent listener of ur daily news analysis and discourse on sunday. I am proud of you because you are a blessing to the generation-55.
    Is it possible you invite me to meeting of May 1 2014 as it is strictly on invitation? Wishing you well.

  78. Uncle JD.I am an ardent listener of your program both on week days and on every sundays at 2pm on the discourse and I pray we have people like you who truly ment well for this country.Today,most of the analyst we have on both radio,TV.and print media are pschophants looking for contracts and appointment. God bless you and your family. JD,where is our money?

  79. Oga Jimmy, with a due respect Sir, I do listen to you on Classic FM almost everyday during wk days. Any time you make analysis on issues @ hands I always consider those words of yours from the spiritual realm and I do understand those intellectual words even though I ve closed to my Silver Jubilee of age I can’t say I’m not mature enough to understand those that critised and those that do not get the analysis right. To a large exstent I give u, aunty Bukola and auncle Sly kudos cos u guys re wonderful and more than enough to I, Temidayo Fagbayi. Thank you and more spiritual and pysical strength in Jesus name.

  80. Evening Mr Jimi.

    Brilliant analysis always.

    However, Sly comes across to me as distracted and distant most times.


  81. Hi Jimi, honestly I must commend you for your opinions on some issues, especially those issues bedeviling our dear country Nigeria. You are so outspoken and direct without minding whose ox is gored. This morning on my way to work I was listening to Front Page Analysis with you and Sly on Classic FM 97.3. Somebody sent in a message saying that you are more of a critic than an analyzer. My take here is that there is no way you will analyze a thing without bringing out the good and bad side of that thing, it’s now left for you to criticize the bad part constructively hoping for a change and commend the good side also hoping for an increase in that area. Maybe the individual wants you to lie about a thing when it is glaring that it is wrong. These are the kind of people killing this nation with their myopic way of reasoning and as such have settled for mediocrity. They are the ones encouraging our leaders in their illicit practices and they in turn see us as fools. Keep up the good work, though we may not agree in some areas of life but that does not deny you the kudos you deserve. I would love to be a part of what you are doing, It’s time the entire citizenry of this great nation arise and face up to these challenges. Thank you sir!

  82. JD, what has become of the anniversary conference which was billed to hold on 1st of may 2014. any new date in the offing? do not be dismayed, keep keeping on.

  83. You need Loads of energy to do all that you really do… Kudos uncle JD and may God supply more energy and resources than you’ll ever need to live up to the billing… Weldone.

  84. Baba JD u re bomb not d boko haram gas bomb but youth charger plz let’s keep the campaiagn going “where’s our money and bring back our girls both old and new girls.” Baba JD keep it up u energise my mood for the day.TWALE BABA GBU.

  85. Good day Mr. Jimi, I must say that is a great priviledge and opportunity to still have someone like you around. Though your type are still leaving but very few.

    You inspire young people in which I am one of them. May God grant you long life in sound health and strength to carry on the Good work. Eku ise Sir

  86. I gave up a lovely 7am sport programme the 1st time i Listened to ur programme around August last yr, since then,i have been a regular listener with few contributions. I just searched for u on goggle now and I was not surprised when i saw the wealth of experience that u have, ur analysis always make a lot of sense to me. And ur voice is also exiting. God bless u sir.

  87. I stumbled on front page news analysis on Classic FM once, and I couldn’t stop listening to it. I had to forego a sport program on Nigeria Info to hook up to your ever-intelligent analysis. I will appreciate if you can avail yourself Monday-Friday on the show. Thank you.

  88. Jimmy, just to say well done. Though sometimes I disagree with you, your analysis often evoke patriotism. Keep it up sir.

  89. Hi uncle JD. Good to know our dear country still have men of honour like u. Am an adhere listener of FPA. Aside being very objective, u add a spark to d program, more often wen father slaiy is absence. Say me well to Bukkie.

  90. Good day Mr. Disu, u re certainly workin tremendously in building & fighting endlessly to mke d nation a conducive place 4 d posterity,may d lord bless d wrks of ur hands,Amen!

  91. Elder JD, you and crew on FPN make my ride to work very smooth through the week.The issues brought to the front burner and manner of analysis shows our beloved is still blessed with great minds.Keep doing this great someday the country will change for the better…

  92. My ears have never listined to a more consistently objective analist than this gentle man. All Nigeria needs is more of people like you!

    Never mind the critics, Keep it up; we will get there oneday!

  93. A privilege to know you Mr. Disu. Honoured to have you in my house. Hope you visit again. Best is what I wish for you.

  94. Kudos Mr Jim. You’re doing a great job. … I hardly miss your daily analysis on newspaper review on Classic FM daily. It makes my journey to work bearable. Your opinions are almost always on point, and it gladdens my heart to know that we still have some sane people in this country. God bless you sir!

  95. uncle JD, you are the best analyst on radio and you and the sports express crew give me the best 1 hour on radio every day(except mondays) my question is why dont you come on mondays?

  96. Please read how the Vanguard reported on the treat of the NEF to the President but you so miserably misrepresented this morning.

    2015: Afenifere, North fight dirty

    on August 13, 2014 / in Politics 4:26 am / Comments

    The two-month ultimatum from the Northern Elders Forum to President Jonathan to rescue the abducted Chibok girls rekindles fault lines in the Nigerian nation

    By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor
    It was a battle they inherited from their ancestors. The faceoff that emerged yesterday between Afenifere, the Yoruba Socio Cultural group and the Northern Elders Forum, NEF over the feasibility and competence of President Goodluck Jonathan’s reelection was a recall of the mutual suspicion that existed between Nigeria’s first indigenous regional leaders.

    A screengrab taken on May 12, 2014, from a video of Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram obtained by AFP shows girls, wearing the full-length hijab and praying in an undisclosed rural location. Boko Haram released a new video on claiming to show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls, alleging they had converted to Islam and would not be released until all militant prisoners were freed. A total of 276 girls were abducted on April 14 from the northeastern town of Chibok, in Borno state, which has a sizeable Christian community. Some 223 are still missing.
    A screengrab taken on May 12, 2014, from a video of Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram obtained by AFP shows girls, wearing the full-length hijab and praying in an undisclosed rural location. Boko Haram released a new video on claiming to show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls, alleging they had converted to Islam and would not be released until all militant prisoners were freed. A total of 276 girls were abducted on April 14 from the northeastern town of Chibok, in Borno state, which has a sizeable Christian community. Some 223 are still missing.
    While the conflict of the forefathers was essentially centered around regional domination, the conflict that burst yesterday is on the surface focused on the fate of the more than 200 Chibok secondary schools abducted last April.
    At the peak of the distrust between Nigeria’s founding fathers, the late Northern leader, Sir Ahmadu Bello was quoted as saying that his priority in filling job vacancies in the north would be “first a northerner, then an expatriate and then a southerner and that on contract.”

    Bello’s assertion was to be the basis of the chasm and subsequent hostility that shadowed relations between the two sides of the country since independence.
    The hostility which was fueled by the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election Chief Moshood Abiola was only partially soothed by the election of General Olusegun Obasanjo as president in 1999. However, since the Obasanjo phenomenon and the relegation of the north from its position of political dominance, the seeming discomfort of the north in playing second fiddle in the polity has taken a central role in the polity.

    It has been especially so under President Jonathan who has generally been affirmed to be Nigeria’s most “troubled” leader. Jonathan has been troubled by the insurgency fanned by what was once thought to be a mainly Islamic agenda. The Islamic Boko Haram group which started by killing Christians, burning and bombing churches has lately expanded its agenda to killing non conforming Islamic leaders bringing to question the real motif of the group.
    While some allege that it still has an Islamic agenda, the gruesome and unrestrained brutality of the group has given vent to a political agenda.

    So when the NEF last Monday urged President Jonathan to forget re-election if the Chibok girls are not returned, the group whether advertently or inadvertently rekindled the regional distrust that existed between the north and the south.
    In a statement issued by Barrister Solomon Dalung and Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, the group alleged that the ongoing insurgency in the north was aimed at politically and economically weakening the north to allow the easy reelection of President Jonathan.

    “We also reject the notion that multiple internal security challenges such as attacks on villages, ethno-religions conflicts and banditry springing up by the day in many parts of the north are all a coincidence,” the statement said. “Indeed, we are convinced that most of these conflicts are being engineered to weaken the North politically and economically by interests which intend to exploit such weaknesses for electoral benefits.”

    Alleging that the administration was deliberately allowing the crisis to fester, the NEF said:
    “The lack of a strong will at the level of the presidency to fight it, as well as deep-seated corruption and incompetence in governments and in the management of our security challenges has allowed a band of terrorists to take and hold vast parts of our land and populations hostage, while every citizen lives in fear that they will be its next victim.”
    The NEF which has such prominent Jonathan bashers as Dr. Junaid Mohammed, Prof. Ango Abdullahi in its fold and had never hidden its revulsion of a second term for Jonathan or the aspiration of any other southerner, was quick to push forward its most notable agenda, to wit, that Jonathan should not re-contest.

    “In the light of our firm conviction that the insurgency and related security challenges pose threats to the 2015 elections and the survival of our nation, we strongly advise President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to bring an end to the insurgency in all its manifestations and produce the Chibok girls before the end of October, 2014. The circumstances under which our fellow citizens in and around Gwoza in Borno State in particular live and die will not be tolerated by any people who have a government and a leader sworn to defend them, and they must be reversed immediately. In the event that President Jonathan fails to do this, Nigerians will be left with the only conclusion that he has forfeited his right to ask for our mandate beyond 2015.”
    Afenifere in a sharp rebuttal was quick to enter the fray yesterday. The group in a statement issued by its spokesman, Mr. Yinka Odumakin said the statement by the NEF was an exposure of the linkage between the Islamic Boko Haram sect and some northern elites.
    “By linking the electoral fortune of President Jonathan in 2015 to “Bring Back Our Girls” latest by October as well as ending Boko Haram at the time, the “elders” have just confirmed the suspicions in the land that the activities of the Islamic Sect Boko Haram is either enjoying the sponsorship of some elites of the North or at the least having their sympathy.”
    Afenifere was quick to spot out what it referred to as the unwillingness of the northern elders to condemn the activities of Boko Haram while focusing on the alleged failures of the president.
    “In all the sound and fury of the Forum, we searched in vain any outright condemnation of Boko Haram. And this has .been the pattern of most reactions from the majority of the elites of the region who always appear politically correct to the insurgents while using their activities to rattle the government. The most audacious of this perfidy is this direct put by the Northern Elders Forum.”
    “A traumatized country that has been held in anxiety over the fate of the abducted girls cannot but challenge these elders at this stage to appeal to their wards in Boko Haram to release the innocent young girls who now appear cannon fodders in the struggle for “we want our power back”.
    “A time has come to let these elites know they can no longer play the ostrich by burying their heads in the sand and think no one sees them because they are seeing no one.”
    “We, however, frown at the disingenuous attempt by unconscionable elites who are now dishing out two months ultimatum to end an insurgency that they prepared the atmosphere for in decades of exploitation and iniquitous dealings with their own people. Can they name one country that has defeated terror in 60 days?”
    “How many rulers have we had in Nigeria since 1960 and how many come from the North? Why did it not occur to any of them that the Almajiris should go to school?” “The country has suffered enough of the errors of these leaders which has now produced terror in the land, they should stopping pouring salt on the injury,” Afenifere said.
    – See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/08/2015-afenifere-north-fight-dirty/#sthash.zz7BAzVV.dpuf

  97. Sir, I love your ideas and approach to national issue, that’s why i will like you to educate me more on this comment about LASU fee. It is rather unfortunate that the new generation do not ask question when certain change occur. for example the reduction of LASU fee by Governor Babatunde Fashola, why was the school fee increase initially, if the motive of increasing the fee is genuine why reducing it again? is it because of next year election or what? why must we be at the mercy of our leader all the time. Governor Fashola is one of the few Nigerian Leader i hold in high esteem and he should not be found on cases like this, let our YES be YES AND NO be NO. It should not be when election is approaching or because PDP has been found as a strong competitor in the west now that they are doing everything to please the people in order win the vote. Leaders are suppose to be servers, if so why should serving your father’s land should be do or die affair if the motive of going there is real. Alliance for Democracy (AD)should have been a party that would liberate Nigerians from this self slavery will found ourselves in this country. Sometime i wonder if Nigerians especially west really sit down and think deeply about the past in this country because no single person should believe or follow PDP as party. The Question i always ask individual i come across is: i) who are the founding member of PDP? ii) what are their profile? iii) what are their roles during Abacha regime.

  98. Good Afternoon Uncle Jimi,

    I just want to draw your attention to the latest development in the Nigerian Immigration Services concerning issuance of Passport.

    I learnt that they have now introduced courier charges.

    But my concern is that even though there is an option of hand pick by the applicant, he or she still have to pay the courier charges of 2,500. And I learnt that this amount is to be paid into different bank account other than the one for the passport.

    I am sending this mail because I believe you can assist Nigerians to authenticate the legality of this separate charges that are being made to pay.


  99. Kudosto you uncle JD for saying what others are scared of saying,
    I must confess, as a regular listener of your programme , I enjoy your analysis of major issues about our country ion fob classic fm,
    FRED from London

  100. Uncle JD
    I had listened to your analysis over time on Classic FM 97.3, and they are driven by sound objectivity, depth of insight, and spiced with some good sense of humor, which is necessary for living. Keep up the good work.

  101. Uncle jimi,good morning.i love you.i dont normally listen to radio but you have made me.you actually make me look serious cos the only thing i used to do on my drive to work is listen to music but that has changed.thanks a bunch.
    could you help with the bode thomas dpos no as you said these morning?
    Thanks,love you much

  102. I must confess dat your analysis on FPA is what I look forward to every morning while driving to my office and i must commend u 4 d great job u a doing but I think if we need to move this nation forward we all have a role to play by ensuring that we as electorate choose the right people at the right time.

  103. Uncle Jimi, its great to hear you every morning as you critically address issues affecting this great nation. God will strengthen you….”those of us that love are more than those that don’t love you”

  104. I am an ardent listener to Newspaper review on Classic FM, I want to use this medium to say that your analysis are always without sentiments. It is my prayer that God would continue to bestore you with more wisdom. You may not know this,you are the instrument that God is using to enlighten me as a person. Please Sir, don’t relent, keep the flag flying.

  105. With myriads of dirty happenings in all spheres of our National Life, one should almost ordinary loose hope in the Concept Nigeria.
    Uncle Jimmy, (by the Virtue of you contribution to National discuss) your likes stands as the symbol of Hope in Our dear Nation.
    ..My single fear is that we pray not to loose you out of the side of the Masses like the likes of Reuben Abati.
    Keep the flag flying…

  106. Thank you very much Sir for your unbiased comments and reportage on issues. You truly inspire hope for a better Nigeria!

  107. One Anecdote.to describe.your disposition towards governance in Nigeria may.be.summarized in.William Shakespeare Julius Caesars.. Not that I loved the government.less, but that I.love.Nigeria.more. You are a rare.gem

  108. I am a regular listener of your Classic FM morning reviews. Interesting and good work. This morning you were bitter with Asari Dokubo while reacting to APC’s complaint of threat to Lai Mohammed, and went further to say that Asari should be reigned on by Clark and others. I read the piece, and I must say, there is nothing wrong with what Asari had said. He said he would adopt a civilized response to Mohammed by first suing the APC spokesperson for his remarks, and warned that should the courts fail to deliver justice, “he will resort to self-help”. So what is wrong with that? Sometime, I have a feeling you are already aligned with the APC group going by your varied comments when it bothers on both parties, that I wouldn’t start recanting… I know how far you went this morning casting aspersions on Asari. It is not fair. Even though I disagree with him in most of his truants. You failed to call Lai Mohammed, who without any evidence continued maligning Asari, that he was a part over the US9.3m arms deal. Even when he denied from Saudi Arabia, Lai continued. Lai’s antecedent in abusing or using toilet languages even at the president of the country at times need to be called to order. If you say someone should rein on Asari, you should also not fail to ask APC to dismiss Lai Mohammed from that post, as I must say he is rather a clog to the party with his utterances. You have a right to belong to a party, but for the good of the program these mornings, please take yourself off the bias that you sometime unknowingly or otherwise portray. Thank you sir.

    • There is nothing wrong in Nnamdi Okoro’s myopic view
      when someone threatens to take the law in his hands.
      Truth must prevail in this country.
      People like Nnamdi who believe & uphold the principle of sacred cows must realize that the sacred cows are in the minority & that the masses cannot be fooled for ever.

  109. Hi Uncle Jimi, I have searched your blog for your architect constructed-bed and have not seen it. Please submit your bed for inspection, lets see it in earnest otherwise we might be forced to auction your bed along-side Ekiti’s government house bed oooooooo

  110. Dear Uncle Jimmy,
    My family (myself and my husband) are always looking forward to listening to the front page newspaper analysis every morning.

    We were both disappointed this morning when you weren’t available for today’s (27/10/14) program. Hope you will be on set tomorrow to do what-you-know-how-to-do-best.

    We particularly like it when the truth is shown through the tone of your voice. (we will be like, “Uncle Jimmy don vex, show them, tell them the truth”).

    God bless you and keep you.


  111. Uncle Jimi. I stumbled on your programme, Front Page Paper review on Classic FM. I’m glad I did because since then, I got glued to the programme. I’m proud of you being an Alumnus of University of Lagos too. More Vaseline to your elbows.

  112. Well done uncle Jimi, ‘am a regular listener of ur programme on Classic 97.3 fm (Discourse on sunday &front page paper review) both are educative . on the issues of Chibok Girls & ceasefire ,ur guest analyst, Captain Blade has been vindicated- God bless u & me too.

  113. Dear Mr. Disu,
    My son inadvertently introduced me to your 7am newspaper review on FM classic as he is at first opportunity out in the car to catch up on all you say (he drives me to work you see – that is what Nigeria has turned its graduates into – drivers :(. He hangs on your every comment and word.

    I must confess that most often than not your comments and passion are a reflection of what our society has become, especially for those of us who were born pre independence and grew up post independence, and I must say every time I think of the current situation of our beloved country my heart bleeds for my children as for every other Nigerian youth. More so when I think of the damage and injustice our generation has done and is still doing to these children.

    Anyway, from the intense attention with which my son listens to you and all the praises and admiration I have observed from the above comments mostly from the youth, it is obvious that all the rightly brought up youths, who only hope for their dreams to be realized (mostly from the voiceless populace) will vote you in as president if you decide to contest for that prestigious post.

    It is in the light of this that I decided to reach out to you that in as much as I admire your thoughts, passion, zeal and pain that the country’s present situation has put all of us, I would like that you do be cautious of your comments because sometimes (and you may not realize it), your bias for APC and bias against Christians in more ways than one sometimes come to play in your comments. I say this against the backdrop of your comments when it comes to noise pollution – and I agree with you 100% that Gov Fashola should please wake up and do something about this menace that is reducing the quality of health in the state – however it is both the Muslims and Christians (churches and mosques) who are guilty of this. Of course not forgetting the disc jockeys and ware peddlers.

    Having said thus, I pray you continued strength and God’s wisdom and humility. When I consider that someone this morning remarked “Uncle Jimi, we need you” I do pray that you are not another Reuben Abati as that will really be a huge disappointment and letdown. I am a fan.

    God bless you Sir for giving hope to these children.

  114. Bros Jim u can’t retired when ur listener did not retire u,no body can jail u those dat will be jail will be many,because u tell d whole Nigeria both in and away d truth u gave us good analysis which if we I don’t hear u and ur crew member my cup of tea will not go well I beg d way u talk this morning is as if d elephant wanted to run away for d rat truth will prevail is a matter of time ur good name,ur good job will not turn against u an u will never go to jail or killed in Jesus name (ejo ki sewon).

  115. Good evening JD I want to say that the Front page news and analysis is one programme I dont miss you always give us hope that this Country would be great and I strongly believe that too.God will continue to protect you and your family Eku ise

  116. Starting clockwise,Fr.Sly,bukky n jd.U guys are a bunch.keep it up.my morning to work n school run is incomplete without ur reviews.

  117. Mr jimi i am a regular listener of Ur morning news paper reviwe and i want to say welldone sir May God keep you and give you more strient to do more for our country but i Hope our leaders are listening to you so That they Can Pick one or two things from there. Thank you sir God bless.

  118. An icon, mention, a symbol of patriotism, a factual elder, treasure, hero, intellect and humane in nature. I remain ur fan and will forever be! May God bless you and your possessions. Never worry you shall be part of people that will reap the good fruit of this nation IJN Amen

    • Regular listener. You shocked me today in your analysis. As you have claimed to have wealth of experience there are issues you ought not to be taking personal. For your information I don’t belong to any political party. If somebody say is equal with God or is like Jesus that is own cup of tea. The way I see it is that u are indirectly campaigning for some political party. As a journalist you are not to take side on any matter or issue. The way you see the government is not the way I see it. We Nigerians is easier for us to say this one is bad and the other one is better. You have said what Reuben Abati said suppose not to be said in public where else do u want him to say it. If u are appointed President today you will do the same. U can’t tell me that you are hundred percent running and managing your home perfectly without a mistake somewhere or somehow. This is the time we need to be fervent in our prayers to God not our own ability, wisdom of men and/or intellect. God said He will use the foolish things to confound the wise. We need to pray for our leaders for God to touch them for them to lead, rule in the fear of Almighty God and not to condemn.

  119. Am a regular listener to Front page news and analysis, and I most say you are doing a great job
    I pray God will continue to give you strength and wisdom to carry on.

  120. Dear uncle Jimi

    You make my mornings start well especially from Tuesday to Friday on your news analysis. When you are not on show, I miss your frank comments.

    However, one thing bothers me and that is the fact that you are suppose to be neutral when analysis politics, but in the recent time you have been campaigning for PDP in Lagos. I can see your affection to Jimi Agbaje (to be precise), perhaps you should mellow it down a little bit.

    Let the best candidate wins.

    Thank you sir.

  121. I heard first about you from a colleague of mine and I decided to try your morning show on Classic FM. I have been shocked at the level of bias I hear on the show. It seems to me that you dont even realize it. I was shocked to hear your view on the DSS conference where it was alleged that APC planned to hack INEC. Your response of a person that had his mind made up….you kept repeating ‘it does not add up’ as if all they were saying was completely improbable. I dare to say that you and your co anchors on that show share a common view of these elections for a quite obvious reason. It may be more tolerable if you guys came out to declare your political affiliation to help those of is tuning in to know what to expect.

    PS : tell the lady anchor (cant remember her name) that it is not true that US first family pays for the food they eat at the white house as she declared when criticizing the N517m budget for refreshments (which she failed to clarify was not just for the presidency)..President Obama’s credit card was declined recently. Doesnt that tell you that his accounts are no longer active.

    • Never heard her say that but thanks all the same.As for the DSS story,still doesnt add up,but if you have made any sense out of it,each to his own,and once again thanks for a different perspective,highly appreciated

  122. I started listening to your programme early this year and since the day i started i never missed any. I love the way you analyze the situation of this country. I told my husband to start listening to you because you are the kind of person that calls A SPADE A SPADE. Alot of Nigerians dont like the truth probably because of what they stand to gain, but we thank God for people like you. Keep it up Sir, the Lord will continue to be with you. Regards,


  124. My friend Bolaji Ogunde was the person that introduced me to your program some time last year.Now when i listen to u on sundays my wife says am listening to my father in the Lord.Programs like urs and Kubaji Direct give me knowledge and boldness to agrue.i try to call but technology is not friendly to me.IT IS WELL BUT PLS LEAVE BUKKY ALONE.LONG LIVE KING JIMI

  125. The development of a great Nigeria from a dream to a reality must be a joint effort of us all, not only that of formal structures of government. As a matter of fact, those formal structures of government depend on such initiatives as Mr Disu’s to succeed. Kudos to you. May we all play our part.

  126. I can’t capture this well in English, let me use the local parlance, “Month ma n gbadun man yi gan, men!” Thumbs up, Uncle JD.

  127. I can’t capture this well in English, let me use the local parlance, “Mo ma n gbadun man yi gan, men!” Thumbs up, Uncle JD.

  128. Uncle JD, if I missed an edition of FPN, is there a way I can listen to it again. Yesterday was my birthday and I forgot to listen to the program. Is there a link to listen to it again, please?

  129. I am a regular listener of FPN .My days are usually not complete without listening to this programme on Classic F.M.

    Uncle J.D,I commend you greatly for your incisive and unbiased comments and analysis on FPN.Something tells me you will be recognised at the Federal level and may be appointed as a Media Officer by the in-coming Administration of General Muhammadu Buhari. Please when it happens,don’t forget me in your Kingdom.I wouldn’t mind carrying files for you in Abuja ooo.

    Keep up the good work.You are always on point.

  130. whenever I storm across your unique voice on front page Newspaper review and analysis on classic fm I can not but just stop the dial and listen to you .Finally I know your name today and deem fit to check you out on goggle and incidentally came across your blog.My humble advice for you is to keep the good and great work.
    I always appreciate your intelligent contribution,passionate drive in upholding sound integrity and probity which should characterize the life of public office holders.I really appreciate you .

  131. Uncle JD, My week days are not complete without listing to you on front page analysis.
    Lets keep the struggle for a better Nigeria waxing .

  132. I am your regular listener of front news paper review and analysis, I find found it more interesting to follow all days. Jimi pls you started one Job and stop on the way, Nigerian matter is everybody’s concern, Many fathers,Uncles,brothers and sisters are under serious condition in their own country. the dismissed soldiers over Boko Haram is what I am talking about. JIMI I have so many proof on paper that the Army are not saying the truth.

  133. I am a diligent listener to your analysis on front page news, really enlightening, analytical and with a good sense of humor. Thumbs up sir!

  134. An ardent follower of your programs on classic FM (Front Page analysis and the Discourse). Proud to have you as a Role Model, due to your deep sense of critical thinking that is worth Emulating. Though you don’t know me or have have never met you. I am a Safety Professional, an Entrepreneuer, a Professional Photographer.

  135. like your candid opinion on the front page news, but feel sometime you are not been objective on some issue.

  136. Nice work sir. I am always looking forward to listening to you every morning on classic fm. I love your good use of the English language,your bluntness and your jokes.

    Really wish we do have more of your kind among our journalist folks.

  137. Short and precise resume, as an ardent listener of front page news on classic fm and sometimes I listen to the discuss (not deliberate though) but I think your challenge is that you dont allow your interviewers to talk, you put words into their mouth, you ask them questions and you answer it, I think both the discuss and front page news will be more interesting when you allow people to talk and not displaying that you know everything. Even most of the time you override opinions of Bukola and the co-anchor. God bless you sir. Oluwa yio ma so agbara yin di otun loruko Jesu

  138. Feel satisfied every morning listening to your analysis on Classique FM. You’re one of the reasons why I tune in to the station anyway.

  139. The Change Nigerians so craved for is HERE, yet fuel remains SCARCE. Help ask, and quickly too, what the FG Policy on deregulation of the downstream sector is – and clear cut policies in other sectors, Time to ACT is NOW,, Change is not only in mouthing it oooo.

  140. Wondered why I never checked your resume!
    I’m a regular listener on both programs.
    I admire your sense of reasoning.
    Thumbs up
    And always keep the temper down

    • Awesome programme FPN on @ClassicFM. Ever consider once in a while rotating your co-anchors Bukola and Yinka (who replaced our dear Sly- rip)

      Why this suggestion? Because I liked your presentation with Sholz and the other one with Chico particularly.

      Not saying I don’t dig your present crew but having freshness and a different perspective once in a while is good for the mind.

      Thumbs up for your radical and down-to-earth views on national issues.

  141. I am an a regular listener to the FPN every tuesday through friday solely to hear your views on matters affecting the country. Pls why are you always not remitting headlines on Mondays. Its so boring with only Bukola and Yinka sometimes. Great job you do always.

  142. I need notifications am a big fan jimi my name is Ikechukwu I live in Lagos am from IMO state Iam 14years old

  143. I never miss the front page review on 97.3 every morning all because of you sir, I just love you from begin to finish. well done sir, I only pray God strengthens you Amen

  144. Dear Uncle JD,

    listening to you every week day on Classic is now an addiction. My phone with a radio got damaged for 2 weeks and i must confess i felt lost for obvious reason. your analysis and comments about news and happenings especially in our polity is damn so unbiased and you are always on point. please keep up the good work. God will continue to strengthen you.

    in other news can you please hook me up with bukky…i think i am in luv with her….lol

    keep it up sir.

    E e pe fun wa o!

  145. Dear Mr Jimi Disu,

    Sorry to say this! I never knew you were existing until sometime early this year prior to the general elections before it was shifted, while I was tuning my radio stations,I ran into your program on front page news and analysis on classic fm. Since then, I have never missed any edition buh Monday’s edition which I believe you don’t show up. You are a guru when it comes to social commentary. Keep it up, may God Almighty continue to strengthen you in this nation building work that you have engaged yourself with!

  146. dear sir,

    I like your Tuesday to Friday front page paper review. You are doing a good job you are doing. please keep it up

  147. i listen 2 classic FM not just bcoz i want 2 listen, but bcoz of JIMI DISU, May Allah continue 2 reward ur good effort and crown it with success. In sha Allah

  148. Bros JD i dey feel you wella wheneva u dey on-air. Infact u be my man of the year. Pls keep the good work. I will appreciate meeting you in person. God bless you, your family and endeavour and our dear country nigeria.

  149. Yes Sir, you are clear headed.

    I can confidently say anywhere that I get my inspiration from God, Fela and Jimi Disu.

    May your days be long and peaceful.

    Cheers Sir.

  150. Good day Uncle Jimi you are doing a great job keep the good work going you are a light to this generation keep enlighten us sir. Kudos!

  151. Uncle Jimi are indeed true son of Disu I listen to d programme and I know u are d voice of d voiceless may d good God guide and protect u

  152. Hello Mr. Disu.
    Please accept my congratulations on a job being very well done. I am truly impressed with your thought process, eloquence, humour, calmness,knowledge base and most especially your maturity in expressing your views. I have learnt so much just from listening to you.It’s refreshing to see a Nigerian who maintains his humility with the flood of accolades you get.
    My contribution though will be for you to get someone/people who is/are as well rounded as yourself to co-host the programme. Those presently with you are obviously rookies and this makes the analysis quite one sided.
    I believe we are all entitled to our views and, if so expressed, should not be regarded as bias.
    God bless you, your program, station and The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  153. Hello Uncle JD,

    Thanks a lot for your objective analysis on the FPN. I have learnt so much since listening to the programme, especially courtesy of your analysis. My job rarely gives me time to go through the papers daily, but with FPN I am almost certain that I am not missing out on the day’s news even when I don’t read the dailies.

    I always look forward to listening to FPN after the weekend but unfortunately, you’re not there on Mondays.

    May I add that I humbly disagree with someone’s comment above where, presumably Bukola, Sadik and Yinka were referred to as rookies. That is an unfair statement in my opinion as you all make a great team all together. I must confess that any morning without FPN for me is incomplete.

    God bless you and the entire FPN team.

  154. There is one building very close to Dolphin estate in Victoria Island (former federal Secretariat). I think by rehabilitating it, the building can be used for another useful thing rather than wasting billions of naira there. Please I want you to address this issue sir. God will continue to empower you in your effort to rebuild the country

  155. I,uncle Jimi . i am one of regular list inner to your sunday program, kindly send your personal line to me for a personal reason.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  156. Good day Uncle Jimi, I am an ardent listener of the “Front Page News and Analysis” segment, as well as ur Sunday Programme, “the Discuss with Jimi Disu”. Your analysis and criticism to issues on ground is excellent and straight to the point…no sentiments, with a dash of fun and laughter. Do keep up the good work and God bless you. NB: You and my older son share the same birthday date.

  157. In these days when there is need to device means of living everyday as happy as possible, listen to your programme on Sundays provides a one hour of bliss and satisfaction.

  158. Am a followers of ur programm and I like, I commend u to keep it and always sent me every of our programme . Thks


  160. Hello Uncle Jimi, you are doing a nice job both on your blog and Front page Analysis on Classic Fm. I don’t tend to agree with some of your views on issues sometimes

  161. Oga Jimi, one major thing i have taking from you is the ability to recognize mistakes,take responsibility, apologize and move on. thank you.

  162. Mr. Jimi, I am a regular listener of Newspaper headline on Classic fm and i respect ur level of analysis but….u stunned me on ur comment on RCCG Pastor E.A Adeboye on Tuesday edition of d prog. U exhibited a high level of ignorance when u criticized Pst Adeboye for telling RCCG Pastors to do away with beards. Pls sir, av u ever critisized any organisation be it bank or others for maintaining that their workers shld keep it clean? RCCG is not an entertainment industry or showbiz, u shld av organisation value, custom and ethics, and i don’t think it’s right to condemn anyone for dat. You also said Pst. Adeboye told members not to marry from other churches other than RCCG…u shld not blv everything a newspaper write, I was at the conference. U can try and get a copy of d conference. He neva made such statement. Pls get ur facts right before making negative statements abt pple. This is a man that invite Pastors from other churches to minister in RCCG during major event, why will he now speak against them. He only alighted d qualities a man shld look for in a woman and dat is left to whosoever agree wit that. Pls conduct urself in a very respectable and professional manner.

  163. Sir, i am indeed always happy to listen to your newspaper analysis, like I had a thought yesterday while listening to you speak,i wish i could meet with you and be tutored on some specail skills.
    That been said, i am also very pleased with your countenance and reaction on the jejune by our own unadviced president…
    I wonder what becomes of us, as he continues to make us belive in his plan to islamize our Nation.

    I Hope we act when we should and not react when we have failed to act, cos then it will be more catastrophic.

    Hooe to meet u soon.

  164. sir,
    You always remind us of your 9am program but do not know the station to listen in. I have listened to classic fm several times by 9am and conclude that classic fm is not the station.

  165. what i no i just to God to protect you be your comfortal i love ur program on both station ur analylist is ok we need more of you in the media to enlight ur more we the youth infact anyday i miss your program is an incomplete for me

  166. Good morning.

    Pls, is it against media ethics to mention the sister station were your prog holds at 9am? I listen to the 7am one Mon-Fri.

  167. Uncle Jimi, all your programs are favorite on my Radio ! Am a regular listener.As a politician,who believe more in society development than playing politics of hypocrite and sycophancy,i greatly learn and appreciate most of your analysis on Politics,Economy and social circle. I will appreciate your contribution in the area of Lagos Politics to enlighten the people of Lagos in the area of candidates that represent them I.e up coming local government election in Lagos where am already of of the aspirants.

    We need people like you to help us in the area of community and grassroots enlightenment through your programs. It will be greatly appreciated sir.


  168. Hey uncle Jimi, where do u go at 9am? Where is this channel ‘down the corridor’ .Respond asap so I don’t miss out this morning, thank you .

  169. Mr jimi i have been following your analysis on front page news every morning but today your speech was fantastic i totally agree with you on all side every word you said was perfect for me. this country Nigeria is on a time bomb i feel so much pain if though am comfortable with my life but i think every soon crisis will erupt in this nation our patience is killing us in this country, the way the politician are playing the game call politics it will definitely get out of hand and for me i have lost hope in this nation.i love everything said on the front page news today and you are the kind of people we need to stir up the spirit in nigeria. i think its not enough if will only speak on radio but also organize a platform where people will listen everyday to the fact and reality in this nation.
    Mr jimi my uncle has been missing since on sunday nov 13th and up to this moment he has not been found to get police report it an issue for the past three(3) days. this country is not save just from mile2 to cele bus a grown up man of 50 plus has been missing since sunday

  170. sir I’m an adent listener of your programme.pls, sir I want you to set me up with(contact no )the man & lady you interviewed on Lagos talks some weeks ago

  171. sir, i always look forward to your analysis, moreso, because i don’t read the newspapers, i stopped way back in my university days during IBB’S regime,the beginning of the descent into the abyss,sir i think i overheard you mention that you are organizing a kind of forum of people of like minds who will like to contribute positively to the realization of the potentials of this great nations, i am in my late 40’s and i have children who are already asking questions about why things are the way they are,i want them to grow up to be proud of their nation, they also listen to your analysis everyday on their way to school, i believe is time for us to take that first step and stop leaving the initiative to the politicians. sir if their is any forum i will be honored to be part of it. we have more power than we can ever imagine, if only we stop this escapism and free ourselves from the intentional inhumane burden of daily survival they have placed on us, its a grand conspiracy!. hope to hear from you soon sir

  172. Oga Jim good morning sir. Listening to your front page Newspaper is like listening to a Lecturer in a Classroom. You are so wonderful and your analysis is usually stressed without bias. Please keep up with the good work. Have a blessed day.

  173. uncle jimi carry go ‘Iwo ti ba egun ja o ti segun egungun Iwo ti ba Orisa ja o ti di orisa akunle bo eni ti olorun da ko se fi ara we’ from king sunny ade.

  174. Uncle Jimi, Senator Abiodun Olujomo is a senator representing Ekiti Central or so. I am not surprised. Immediately you said you were calling her, i envidaged thos drama because she is a classocal rxample of a pompous person. Shre was the same senator that was called bu her senatorial district on the issue of cars or so and she told them she dors not care about how they ferl.

  175. she allegedly told them she paid her way to becoming a senator and they can go tp blazes. She id very arrogant. She was the deputy to Fayose in his first voming and became the Governor when he was impeached by OBJ. We are being led to the guillotine by tgese insensitive and arrogant people. Dhe is of thethe PDP but Senator Oluremi Tinubuis not any different. Power corrupts a

  176. Uncle JD, I always listen to ur program on classic FM every morning. Sir, dis country is just too corrupt and if I may suggest D solution to make dis country better, we need to flush out all dis politicians with all forces we can think of,no matter how bad it is.. What Jerry rawlings did in Ghana would have been d best option to salvage dis country from all dis ten-finger-politicians..but even the so called military have been compromised.. Revolution is the answer.. But wetin dry worry d boko Haram’s? Make Dem dey go bomb all dis people with all dis dia suicide bombers, na d masses Dem dey bomb. Same goes to all d Niger delta militants.. What a country we live in. God help us all.

  177. Simply put… I absolutely love you and your work. You educate me everyday and your insight is totally refreshing. I never miss FPN, and when you can’t make it for one reason or another I literally get so upset… Lol. I’d love to bump into you someday. Ive got much love for you Uncle Jimi Disu.

  178. Dear uncle Jimi,

    I do follow you on Classic FM from Tuesday to Friday every week you are doing a very good work, keep it up and God bless you sir.
    I also follow your program on talks Lagos talks. Sir my view about the proposed special program on customers experience about banking in Nigeria slated for next week Tuesday is that, the outcome should not only be sent to the banks management alone, but should also be forwarded to the CBN, Government economic management team and any other concerns body that formulate and regulate the banking policies. They all needs to be aware of the injustices and rip off meted on innocent and hard working citizen of this great country of ours, enough is enough. Thank you.

  179. Uncle JD. Good morning. Please i will like to have the audio of Yesterday’s programme on Queen’s COllege as well as the video of the water treatment. Thanks

  180. You are a professional to the core .More power to your elbow. Please ensure you have some guys trained under you to the keep the kite flying.

  181. Good job uncle Jimi. always a regular listener to all your radio program. appreciate the good work you are doing.

  182. Frankly, you are a grounded journalist.I appreciate the way you analyse national issue with little or no bias coupled with high sense of human. In you i see intelligence and high level of professionalism at work. I pray the good Lord to continue giving you the grace of good health to enable you soldier on on this wonderful career. Remain blessed.

  183. Dear Uncle Jimi, I’m a good listener of your shows on classic 97.3 and 91.3 fm and I must say i like what you do. I will like to draw your attention to the Lagos-Badagry Exp way/Light Rail started by the BRF administration. I passed there last Thursday and it looks about 50-60 % complete, but it looks abandoned and has been overgrown with weeds and all sorts. I dont think the present LASG under Ambode is interested in completing that project. He has commisioned new projects in a number of places, but I think priority should be given to this b4 he embarks on the 4th M/Land bridge.
    Kindly do a investigation for us or bring in a top level govt. official who can speak honestly on the issue. Thank you

  184. Hi Jimi Disu,I had been listening to your news analysis over three years now. I believe that if other journalist are like you by speaking the truth, this Nigeria we are in would not be like this. Just keep on doing your good work. thanks.

  185. Uncle J, I love your analysis of the front page news and analysis. I am a loyal listener. I remember once you discussing something about tinted permit. Please I would like to learn more about the guideline on tinted permit, in particular factory tinted cars in Lagos. The information online is filled with contradicting information. People often get harassed for this permit. More often than not people don’t know the guidelines, now we are hearing about biometrics for tint permit. What about the people that have had the permit before biometrics? Is this tiny permit thing some kind of revenue driver for the police. Not sure I really understand the motive and logic behind it.

  186. My dear, Mr. Jimmy. I have for so long been listening to you on classic fm radio station. Sometimes I wonder if you’re from the same world in which those who are rulling us are from! I visited your blog today and I found you but you don’t know what is going through my mind cause if I tell you, you will not believe. I am more than happy to come across you today. With this, seeing your face? most of my ansaities are over uncle J. D. But let me leave it like for now sir. There is this issue I want to bring to your notice, about this Lagos blue BRT. However sir, that will be another time. Because what is going on there, is a very painful thing to think that this scheme is almost first in west africa.

  187. Well done uncle Jimi. I must confess that you i have learnt a lot from your intellectual analysis and unbiased judgement on happenings around the society. Just keep the flag high. The younger ones are watching.

  188. Uncle Jimi, kudos for the job weldone. However I will like you to help investigate some of the request for medical assistance being published in the mass mass media. Of particular interest is is the case of baby oyedotun who has eye cancer published in the punch of September 7 . Are the monies raised used for the right purpose or some individuals some where are just exploiting the poor child. Another thing is, is there any government body Regulating the activities of Ngos and charity organizations to ensure accountability and transparent honesty.

  189. Hello Uncle JD…
    I love your style of delivery….Many thanks for FPN,the discourse and then time @ down the corridor!!!
    God bless you…Second Base Jare..


    As ethnic lords from the North, East, West and South continue in efforts to trigger a second civil war, international military hardware merchants who brainwashed the foreign based agitators to employ an uncompromising attitude are instigating and preparing to sell their arms while we get our parents, wives and children ready to pay the bitter prices.

    The gullible ones believe war is the answer and provoking same by their words and actions each passing day, the unwise ones are so selfish and inconsiderate, refusing to caution their people, thinking that their families or any part of the country will be immune to the consequences of a possible 2017 civil war simply because they didn’t participate in the agitation.

    Perhaps, many do not know that the Civil War didn’t extend beyond Ore to the West and didn’t exceed Benue to the North. At the very end, both gladiators (Gowon & Ojukwu) lived because they never set foot upon the battlefield of the wars they ignited but over three million innocent women, children and elderly died unnecessarily. Meanwhile, all the crooks travelled to safe areas with their families just as would repeat should another civil war breakout. Niger Delta militant generals are all alive but over 60% of their boys are dead, Al Zakzarki is alive but hundreds of his gullible followers are dead.

    As you continue to conjure the next civil war, call for a town hall meeting in your respective communities and prepare the minds of your aged parents for a violent death, counsel your wives and daughters of the emotional trauma that incessant rapes would create because surely over 30% shall be raped in just 6mths of chaos. Also, make plans because most of your children shall become orphans and child soldiers and those who survive shall end up in REFUGEE Camps in Niger, Chad, Benin Republic and Cameroon.

    The last Civil war was ignited on a conference table and was also resolved on a conference table, wouldn’t it be wiser to have avoided the war in between. Like and Share, we must not continue in silence until our loved ones become the collateral damage. PLEASE MR. DISU, read this out on radio so that ndi Igbo will think again.

  191. Good day Uncle Jimi, It was nice listening to your show this morning. I was particularly happy when you introduced the book “This Present Darkness by Stephen Ellis” i have read the book over and over and it is a very interesting book and just like you said, every well meaning Nigeria should read the book.
    It will also interest you that the author of the book “Stephen Ellis” died about 2 or 3 years ago and the Netherland University inaugrated a Chair at the University of Leiden in honor of Stephen Ellis as an acomplished researcher. That chair is presently occupied by a Nigeria. https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/events/2017/04/launch-stephen-ellis-chair-for-finance-and-integrity-in-africa
    “Chibuike Uche” who is also a member of the CBN Monetary Policy Committee.

  192. Good morning sir. My name is James.Please I want to draw your attention to a dire situation taking place in Anambra State.The primary school teachers that retired in 2015 have not been paid their gratuity till date.The governor is aiming for 2nd term but, these men and women have been completely ignored. Please assist coment on this on your shows and blog. May God continue to bless you. Thank you sir.

  193. Good morning sir. Trust you are good this morning. My name is James.Please I want to draw your attention to a dire situation taking place in Anambra State.The primary school teachers that retired in 2015 have not been paid their gratuity till date.The governor is aiming for 2nd term but, these men and women have been completely ignored. Please assist coment on this on your shows and blog. May God continue to bless you. Thank you sir.

  194. Good Morning Uncle Jimi,

    I love your analysis even if i dont agree with few but in all you are the great analyzer..love you.

  195. Uncle Jimi,
    Truly, you are a clear headed and well rounded journalist as claimed.I like your un-usual WAY OF PRESENTATION on radio, your VOICE and above all your analysis which are very deINSIGHTFUL, EDUCATIVE AND ENTERTAINING.

  196. Uncle Jimmy am not surprise Of the commendations that has flooded your blog base on people’s reaction on the way you analyze the front page of news papers every morning, I most confess to you you are one man I will like to meet one on one and take a bow for…. You are never bias in anyway, your contributions and analyses are well-constructed not in favor of or against anyone or group or govt. You’re just too good in what you do Sir or I’ll rather say you embraced your calling with passion and it’s working for you. The Bible said ‘the gift of a man make a way for him’ Prof 18:16. please uncle Jimmy don’t get weary in what you do God will continue to give you strength.. Honestly this nation needs people like you in the helm of affairs. More grace Uncle Jimmy

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