Police warn S/West churches over Boko Haram •‘Don’t allow phone-charging inside church buildings’….Tribune

Following the discovery of bombs in a building in Lagos State and reports of likely invasion of the South-West region by suspected Boko Haram members, the police have deployed crack teams of policemen to patrol worship centres during and after the Easter service in the region.

Indeed, police commands in all the states in the zone have stepped up surveillance around worship centres while churches and communities have been asked to be vigilant.


Specifically, worshippers were advised not to allow anyone to charge phones or any electronic device in churches during church service.

In Ogun State, a team of heavily armed policemen was sighted at the Christ Anglican Church, Ogere Remo, during the Good Friday service. The officers told the sexton as well as some youths of the church to be on the lookout for strangers who might disguise as worshippers to execute terrorist attacks on their church.

The policemen exchanged phone numbers with the youth and told them to call their hotlines if they suspected any strange occurrence, adding that the current security situation in the country calls for increased vigilance on the part of all.

“In case you see anybody who is not a member of your church, kindly query such person. Also, if anybody says he or she wants to come and charge his or her phone and you know very well that the person is not your member, politely turn the person back. Don’t allow anyone plug any unfamiliar device in your church,” one of the policemen told them.

JD:Hm,we are now in a complete stage of seige if it has come to this.How many security men can effectively go round the places of worship and all public places.The question bogging everyones mind is that does this government have the capacity to contain the situation,in terms of will and capacity?How confident  are the people in the ability for them to do so?At face value it would appear that the situation is going from bad to worse  and that there might be a need to rethink strategy.In doing that, it would be important to address the social factors that led us to this dire situation.The government seems to be in denial in this regard.If it stopped at that it would be pardonable but rather they seem to be fuelling an upscale of the social situation.Things have never been so bad,the economy is virtually grinding to a halt and corruption the hydra headed monster that seeks to destroy us  has been given a boost by this administration.We should heed Wole Soyinka’s warning when he says this country might be heading towards a civil war or insurrection and insist that our government do what is right or else “things might just fall apart”