Please Kill Bad Stories About Our Party, PDP Begs Bureau Chiefs…..Sahara Reporters

Worried by its crumbling image, the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has appealed to senior journalists in Abuja to help them kill bad stories that concern the party. This was the mission of a meeting today the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Chief Olisa Metuh, held with Abuja Bureau Chiefs in response to the growing avalanche of bad reports about the PDP.

Sources at the meeting told Saharareporters that Metuh laboured to convince the journalists to discard negative stories being filed by reporters covering the party. He told the senior reporters that the reports are damaging the image of the party, and appealed to them to censor such stories before sending them for publication.
Mr. Metuh reportedly begged for the transfer of some of the reporters he considered to be too critical of the party within the PDP press pool.

The response he got from many of the journalists was however not palatable to him, some of them telling him the unfavourable reports are a direct reflection of the crises in the party and its poor record of governance.

Metuh is reported to be planning to visit the headquarters of each major media house, where he hopes to meet with the editors to plead for their understanding.  It was not clear this afternoon if the party greased the palm of journalists in attendance , an it is the standard practice among political parties and government agencies trying to buy the favor of corrupt media practitioners in the country.

JD:  This is a time wasting exercise on the part of  Mr Metuh.he should tell his bosses to get their act together.he should understand that the days of killing stories are far gone as the social media has taken over information dissemination.the only prescription to good reports is to do good