Ogungbangbe is Owaloko-elect …. NATION


Kingmakers have elected Prince Akeem Benjamin Ogungbangbe as the Owaloko-elect of Iloko-Ijesha in Oriade Local Government Area, Osun State.

The kingmakers, who were made up of high chiefs, warrant chiefs and other reputable members of the royal class at the weekend, elected Ogungbangbe after two years of Oba Oladele Olashore’s death.

Ogungbangbe, who polled 11 votes out of the 13 votes cast, emerged victorious and was declared winner of the election in line with the traditions of the kingdom.

Confirming the Ogungbangbe’s victory, the Chairman, Iloko Traditional Council and Kingmakers, High Chief Olusola Ogunsanya, said there were 11 regular kingmakers and four warrant chiefs, purposefully appointed by the government to elect a new Owaloko of Iloko-Ijesa.

He explained that of the 15 kingmakers,13 participated and voted for the candidates of their choices.

The other two, he added, “absconded for reasons best known to them”.

He said: “The four ruling houses were duly notified to submit one or two candidates each in accordance with the dictates of Iloko Chieftaincy Declaration. But  eventually, seven candidates were presented and their names were submitted.

“Prince Akeem Benjamin Ogungbangbe of Ajagusi-Ekun Ruling House won the election with 11 votes by defeating other six candidates.”

He adjudged the election process as being peaceful, transparent,

credible, free and fair.

Ogunsanya said the community was only waiting for the final announcement from the state government in consonant with the procedures taken by the kingmakers.

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