One is not being alarmist or a prophet of doom. One is being guided by reason, history and realism. As our country inches towards the Constitutional Handover of baton on May 29 2015, it is very apt to remind ourselves of the desperation of identifiable groups of people who would wish that the watershed date in our political evolution does not take place.

Whether we collectively choose to deceive ourselves and retire to bed and sleep with our two eyes closed, I refuse to share in the euphoric enthusiasm and warn of the possibility of a last minute plot to squash our collective will and expectation.

The group that virtually emptied our national treasury and feared that the coming of Buhari may hand over to them long jail sentences in addition to coughing up their ill gotten wealth would do everything humanly possible to eliminate whatever stood in their way of continued lavish enjoyment and the prison.

There is yet another group which is definite that their stay in office will be over on May 29. This is the group that was notorious for abusing their office. To them nothing short of death should terminate their reckless misuse of office. To this group it is kill or be killed.

The third group is the cabal that dots all our Government Agencies and parastatals. They are sure that search light is being beamed on them and a lot of their skeletons will be brought to public glare. They too are desperate, very desperate and panicky.

There is nothing panic cannot do. And history is replete with assassinations that were purely engineered by panic.

Recently some top vegetable sellers had started crying that their vegetables were not harvested from refuse dump, even when no one had queried the source of their messy vegetables.

Nobody had asked all those who have been beating their chests a few days back that their loyalty was to Nigeria and not to any individual or political party. It is strange that such declarations started pouring in after the unforgettable experiences in Anambra, Ekiti, Osun, Rivers, Imo and Akwa Ibom states!

We can also not hurriedly forget the ugly show of shame perpetrated by Orubebe. Inside sources made it clear to us that Jega was actually planned to be kidnapped and all results collated and were being announced destroyed. The plan was to do to Jega what was done to Nwosu in 1993 and declare the Presidential Elections inconclusive. But God saved Nigeria and the thousands of lives that would have been lost that historic day.

There is no doubt that there are still many more Orubebes lurking round the corner.

It is critical to remind all those who may be planning a dastardly act to perish the thought. Nigeria is the world’s seventh largest country in population. We simply cannot afford a Rwanda or a Somalia! Should Nigeria lapse into any fratricide, there is no country in the world that can accommodate  our refugee problem. This was actually one of the factors that informed the interest and involvement of the European Union, the   US and other world powers in our political evolution. They feared for their massive investments in Nigeria, and the serious refugee epidemic that might flow into their countries if Nigeria went out of step.

It is curious that the handover date is  being shifted to May 28. What on earth could have necessitated altering our Constitution to change the Democracy Day to May 28? What is the hurry to leave government on May 28, a day earlier than the mandatory May 29?

If Jonathan went ahead to handover on May 28, it would mean that Constitutionally Nigeria would be without a President for 24 hours!!!

Whatever the reasons for this unnecessary diversion, Nigerians say an unequivocal NO to shifting the date of the Handover.

We pray that no mad person would emerge to play a Booth on our modern era Abraham Lincoln.

General Muhammadu Aleko Buhari, our President-Elect must be allowed to fulfil God’s mission for Nigeria. General Buhari is on a rescue mission, no one born of woman should derail God’s salvation.


The pen is the tongue of the hand,the silent utterer of words for the eyes…Henry Beecher



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