Labour, others warn Jonathan against fuel price hike……PUNCH

Organised labour  and two opposition parties on Wednesday warned President Goodluck Jonathan against another petrol price hike.

They said in their  reactions to Jonathan’s statement on Tuesday that petrol price would go up, that  he (the President)  would be courting  trouble if he did so.

The Federal Government had in January 2012 increased  petrol price from N65 per litre to N141 per litre. But following protests  that greeted the action, the goverment  made a  U-turn by reducing  it to N97 per litre. Petrol, however,  still sells  above N110  per litre in some parts of the country, especially the  South-East.

JD:We might just be in for aother round of “occupation” as this subsidy bogey just wont go away.What has not been settled is if there’s a subsidy at all and if there is,what amount.All these so called palliatives of the government have fallen flat totally and it will be nice to see what “ziggy” is going to be thrown our way this time,and oh,by the way,all the various probes of the subsidy issue have ended up where they originated from.The dustbin!

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