Kayode Fayemi: A Governor They All Love To Hate by Chief S B Falegan

I have had cause to read the contrived attacks of a “triumvirate” of the likes of Segun Ayobolu, Segun Adedeji and one Jide Adamolekun that came up in succession in the news media recently, all attacking Dr. Kayode Fayemi in an unkind manner in order to destroy him from being made a Minister under Buhari’s administration. I know it is a conspiracy but pray that one day those behind it will regret their actions.

Gentlemen, why are you, in your concerted and hateful efforts and writings, all coming together at this time to make sure that he plays no role under the Buhari administration? Envy, jealousy, hatred, conspiracy all, wrapped together because of some sponsors? Inordinate ambition and bad blood.

You may or you may, succeed in your determination to destroy Kayode Fayemi. He has already made his mark in the art of governance in Ekiti. He has gone further to create a nitch for himself in conducting the best organized and well conducted APC Congress which saw the emergence of General Buhari that led to the latter being elected as a president of Nigeria thus, leading into a revolutionary change, most unexpected in Nigeria’s political history. It is this hate-fear of him being made a Minister that your collective conspiracy has led to your article of hatred.

You deliberately played down on the rigging machinery of Federal authority which has now rebounded on the perpetrators especially on the outgoing President Jonathan, who if he has conscience should admit guilt of employing falsehood and blackmail to deliberately impose Fayose on us in Ekiti. If you pretend not to know I will expose two instruments of conspiracy which you tried to play down.

How many of you were ready to face the ravaging onslaught of federally sponsored Fayose phantom victory, coming from a ruthless Satan, worshiping in the synagogue of Demons? How many of you will like to be DON QUIXOTE at the WINDMILL, willing to knock your heads against the wall? If the paid writers from Ekiti, why are you so uncharitable to Fayemi? What about social security for the elderly, Job volunteer scheme, rural development and tourist promotion all of which had been cancelled by Fayose?

Until some of us are able to remove the past prejudices against Ado-Ekiti (to which one of the sponsors belong for selfish reasons we can not discern), we should all stop by now at our so called level of education – overgrow and outgrow level of our hatred of Ado-Ekiti. I have often said that the neglect of Ado-Ekiti, the State Capital is neglecting the whole Ekiti and vice versa. I am sure this is why many of these conspirators are critical of Kayode Fayemi. Thank God Kayode has not put them in Isan, his home town. Can your Governor Fayose in his evil design wipe out the memory of good projects of his predecessor? Can you see how he has desecrated the burial ground where late Deputy Governor Mrs. Funmilayo Olayinka was buried and a place meant for heroes of Ekiti?

Kayode Fayemi, you are a man of destiny with the path to the top already paved by God for you, all the challenges along the road not-withstanding. I will not be surprised when it is the turn of Yoruba race, for you to be the President of Nigeria. You, an Ekiti man will be called upon to lead the country. Read Isaiah 60: verse 14 and sing this song:

“Through the night of dark and sorrow.

Onward goes our pilgrims band

Singing songs of expectation

Marching to the promised land.”A note of caution my newly elected President Buhari, with my full heart I say congratulations. If you are able to get my earlier letter to the former President on SURE-P, all oil leases listed in that letter should be reviewed in the interest of the nation. The owners, mostly Northerners are richer than all Northern State governments put together.

As for Generalissimo “Ahmed Tinubu”, beware of the three wired sisters and their prophecies in MACBETH. Resist the temptation to be used by rascals against Kayode Fayemi. We too at our age and at home front in Ekiti feel the pangs of deliberate falsehood, incitement, hatred and undue interference as if there are no elders in Ekiti to cope with the situation. They will soon realize and face the problem when they are confronted with the “Roaring Lion” accompanied by the “Virginian Wolf”.

– Chief Samuel Bandele Falegan