Femi Adegoke

Many people think that this election is all about PDP and APC, or between Buhari and Jonathan. I beg to disagree.

This election, in my view, is between the people and the politicians.
Many have said that there is no difference between the two main parties. They have gone ahead to name personalities who moved from PDP and got positions or tickets on a platter of gold within the twinkle of an eye in APC while some others have moved in the opposite direction based on other calculations. What we are seeing is a realignment of forces among political gladiators.
As things stand, neither of the parties has a monopoly of saints or of election riggers They know themselves and, left to their hitherto undemocratic tendency, they are likely to checkmate one another. Hence we the people have an unprecedented chance to be the decider.
That is one of the reasons why the sitting government should not be allowed under any guise to use the instruments of state like the Army to rig as we were told they did in Ekiti. THE ARMY SHOULD STAY OUT OF THE FRAY AND LET THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE PREVAIL.
We, the electorates, hereby have the unique opportunity of voting and making sure our votes count. An opportunity to free ourselves, to show we are the boss. This should be seized with both hands.

If we vote for PDP, it means we are satisfied with their performances. Likewise, by voting APC we indicate that because we are disgusted with PDP, we give PAC the chance to prove that they are better than, and different from PDP. By extension, we put them on notice that we reserve the right to kick them out in four years if they fall short of our expectations. Imagine how beautiful that would be!
If we fail to seize this chance and by default let PDP get away with all the atrocities they have unleashed, and probably still letting off on the nation (various scandals, massive corruption, undermining of national institutions, insecurity etc.) that chance may never come our way again. We should exercise this right even if it is perceived as making PDP a scapegoat, I think our nation would be well-served..
This is why we need to be fully engaged. We are neither fighting for GMB nor GEJ, indeed we are fighting for our freedom to choose those to lead us.
That, is the main attraction in this election!.