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When a contractor’s cheese has been moved, particularly if it’s a large chunk of cheese, expect contractor confusion. A reflection of such confusion: “All I’m saying is that government can merge the community residents and law enforcement agents to police the neighbourhood. But my fear is that, if they are being merged, how are we sure that the law enforcement agents would not compromise members of the community?”

Who was that? Well, the speaker was no other than Gani Adams, a factional chief of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), in a published interview. His company, Donyx Global Concept Nigeria Limited, recently lost a controversial oil pipeline security contract because the Muhammadu Buhari presidency considered it unworthy of renewal.

What Adams meant was that militiamen, euphemistically described as “community residents”,   should be allowed to operate side by side with the official security agents. Adam’s company was one of the militia-related companies that enjoyed multi-billion naira security contracts when Goodluck Jonathan was president. From the beginning, the contracts in question were politically-coloured, which is a way of saying they were corrupted by politics and politicians. “About 4,000 workers were engaged by our companies – New Age Security Company owned by Dr. Fasehun; Galaxy Security Outfit Nigeria Limited owned by General Shoot-at-Sight and Donyx Global Concept Nigeria Limited owned by me.” That was Adams again in another interview.

Apart from the absurdity of the imagined combination of forces, Adams’ expressed “fear” that the regular security personnel may have a corrupting influence on the irregular workers is laughable because it attempts to paint them in unrealistically positive colours.

Adams’ self-promoting thinking: “The contract expired on the 15th of June. Between that 15th of June when we left and now, we have all seen what happened to our oil pipelines, especially in Arepo, in Ogun State. Every activity of these vandals, we tactically blocked during the three months which the contract lasted…But rather than get the support of the people, they were going up and down, calling us all manner of names, using the media to fight us.”

Can anyone make Adams see the nonsense of downgrading the normal security agencies in favour of militiamen?  Can Adams understand the irrationality of the enrichment of militia leaders to the detriment of the empowerment of the country’s security personnel? Listen to him again: “The only way we can reduce pipeline vandalism is through community efforts.” He means through the use of militiamen. He said boastfully: “When we came on board, some of the vandals came to my house, promising me heaven on earth if I cooperate with them. But I walked them out.” Hail Gani, the incorruptible guard!


  1. Senseless talk by gani Adams is not is fault but those dat empowered a nonentity like me him an area boy dat think is mr somebody when he can match d city with the gun and cutlass in d day without been quarry by is so call godfather by now EFCC should have invited him for questioning and d police

  2. When lawlessness and impunity was the order of the day, this man would have made a lot of sense. Today, he sounds like a drunken man… staggering around and proclaiming his sobriety. How dare he! He dares because some people have lost the plot. He dares because some people were just not thinking. May we never walk this path again, Never again!!!

  3. It is only in Nigeria that you give criminals the job of maintaining law and order. Even with the pipeline contract awarded in the Niger Delta were we not still losing 250k barrels of crude per day to some government officials?

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