FG Should Hire Foreign Economic Experts

NIGERIA is in such a mess economically at the moment, and I feel we need all the help we can get if we are to get out of the situation. There are economic experts who have helped their countries out their economic difficulties in the past, and I think such people can be hired by the Nigerian government to assist the country with ideas.

It is not that there are no economic experts in Nigeria, but we need new ideas to save our economy. However, before some people begin to say I am having colonial mentality, I want to remind Nigerians that the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, is not a British, but a Canadian. It is high time we swallowed our pride and reach out to those who can help us regain our economic vibrancy.

A couple of years ago, Greece was on the brink of total economic collapse, but with the help of the European Union economic team, the country is now stabilising, unlike Zimbabwe, which is still suffering years after its economy began to have problems after the country expelled its White farmers from their lands.

We should also not forget the economic crisis in Spain and Italy. These two countries are now experiencing rapid growth as a result of the assistance they obtained from the EU economic experts.

Although most of the policies that are working for Greece, Spain and Italy are not easy for their citizens, they nevertheless realised that was the only way for their economies to survive the recession.

Today, one can say the economies of these countries have withstood the turbulent period, and in the next couple of years, they will start experiencing exponential economic growth.

Therefore, asking for help is not a shame, but an opportunity to regain lost glory, while repositioning the economy on the path of progress through the advanced ideas of foreign economic experts.

Consequently, it is necessary for the Nigerian government to identify foreign economic experts who will help our economy bounce back from the direction it is currently heading.


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