Developing Unforgettable Voice On Social Media By Agbolade Omowole


Social media is gradually becoming part of lives. Soon, the internet and social media will be something one cannot do without in a day. Today, most millennial have their mobile phones with 6-feet distance from them all through the time they are awake. The dominant activity on the mobile phone is social media oriented activities. If you want to become an authority on social media, here are some simple tips

Give every post a focus:  Talk about one major thing. People have a lot of posts to read on their timeline. If your post does not talk about one thing your readers would be put off.

Be controversial:  Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter of conflicting opinion or point of view. Experts have advised that you write something ‘dangerous’ on social media. Caution stifles you. It totally ruins your voice. Throw some of your caution to the wind, and write something riskier that you normally would.

Write from the first person:    Your friends on Facebook are interested in hearing what you have to say not what Barak Obama is saying. It is therefore important to write from the first person. People don’t want to read what a corporation is saying. They want to read what you are saying. It is also a good idea to write your post the way you talk naturally.

Master the art of storytelling:  The best way to get people glued to your status updates is to tell them a captivating story. Most people like a good story. Paint pictures to make the story real. People find it easy to connect with stories.

  Keep it Short and Simple:  This is referred to as the KISS principle. Use simple words. Even when you are an advanced and sophisticated writer, you still need to learn how to connect with your readers.

Revise:  To err is human, even expert authors make some mistakes in their first draft. Don’t be too much in a hurry to post on your timeline. Experts have warned that the first draft of anything is garbage. You need to articulate your thoughts and write quickly, then edit slowly.

Think about your reader while you write:  If you are writing what feels good, then you are writing for yourself only. Mind you, people don’t really care about you. They only care about reading posts that are interesting or connects to their fantasies.