Dear Jimi:DSS and The Presidency by Cyprian Nzekwe


dssFurther to the realignment of the duties of the DSS at Aso Rock, I elected to dig deep to ascertain if any extant laws have been broken by the handlers of the President so that we can begin to shout early enough. I read through the metamorphosis of the outfit from 1948 when it was established as “E” Department of the Nigeria Police to its current status as a full fledged security apparatus. I was however surprised that Decree No.16 of 1976 which established the Nigeria Security Organization (NSO) never assigned the organization the task of protecting the Head of State. The website of the DSS ( does not make any claim that Presidential Protection is one of its mandates. The protection of top government functionaries by the DSS/SSS however evolved  significantly from 1999. The implication of this lacuna is that no organization has been specially tasked with the Protection of the President by statute. This leaves the incumbent with the choice of determining which agency should handle such task.

Although the task of VIP protection is usually undertaken by the Secret Service of most nations, the operative in these countries do not wear uniforms and their weapons are concealed. Our dear DSS operatives not only adorn an all-black uniforms, but also have DSS boldly written on the helmets and bullet-proof vests! In addition, their firearms are go glaringly displayed with gusto. This  worrying development was inflicted on the Agency by the immediate past administration.

It is apparent that the DSS has deviated from its real call and modus operandi. This may have deprived  it of PMB’s trust for now. The Agency must realize that its operative function effectively when they are incognito. The naked display of weapons, uniforms and inscriptions must be reviewed.

I have attached a page from the DSS website and photos of DSS operatives. Kindly inform your audience accordingly.



  1. A very big thank you to the writer who took out time for this deep illumination. I believe going forward this is how we should act ie getting facts and figures(as required) before crying wolf. My take though is that it does us well as a nation to assign to whichever arm of our security apparatus the duty of presidential protection.

  2. Uncle JD recent outings are becoming shallow and lack indept analysis. Could it be due to fixing eyes on one man, for whatever reason.
    For example, the pictutes of Oyegun’s meeting with Saraki and Lawan, prior to the resumption of the house, were all over the dailies, during the week. But JD thinks they were not consulted.
    While the ongoing drama in the house is a power struggle within the power blocks, without the interest of the masses, it will be catastrophic, if we lent our voice to a crowd of later days advocates, in rubbishing the much cherish change and confer sainthood on the immediate tragic past. They are ‘children of anger’ that have, since March 28th, determine how and what they will do, in the next four years.

  3. Thanks to mr President for letting d DSS knowns where dey belong and I think this excersice will go round to all our uniform men

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