Dear Jimi: My View By Patrick Okocha

Hello Uncle Jimi, I’m special fan of yours and a “devotee” of newspaper review because, I listen religiously to the program because I followed you right from TVC , (when it used to be you and Yori) to Classic fm.

I however have the following comment I’d like you to look into while making your comments. I like you to calm down when making comments and not be in a hurry to comment on a particular headline, you may even allow your co-presenters to be the first to comment. This is because whenever you use the mannerism “wharever” it shows that you are commenting passionately rather than objectively. Choose your words carefully as you always say.

Secondly, this is a comment I should have made earlier but no thanks to lack of internet access. It is with respect to Rv. Fr. Kukah’s comments concerning probing former President Jonathan. The views these clerics express most times are personal views to which they are also entitled, not withstanding their position and designation. But the way you accost them and their opinions may paint them in a bad image. Except you are saying: “because they are clerics, they should not comment on political/public matter safe religion. Infact I believe you should handle their case with special caution knowing full well that atimes the way a newspaper headline is exclaimed is not how the body story is told. I’m sure some journalist might have written something about you or about someone close to you that will make you say: “isokuso ni awon wonyi n so!

Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

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