Boko Haram: Presidency berates Shehu Sani, Ahmed…..The Nation

THE Presidency broke its silence on the withdrawal of two members – activist Shehu Sani and Islamic cleric Datti Ahmed – from the 26-member Presidential Committee on the North’s security. It said the withdrawal of the duo was shameful.

The Special Adviser to the President on Public Communication, Dr Doyin Okupe, who spoke in Lagos, accused Sani and Ahmed of being selfish for engaging in acts unbecoming of patriots.

Okupe spoke even as Presidency said there was no going back on its amnesty plan for Boko Haram.

He said: “I feel that their influence has been reduced. They wanted to do it alone and take personal glory. But with the committee in place now, they decided to pull out.

“Withdrawing from that committee is shameful. If the government invited you, you should feel free and happy to serve.”

It was learnt that the Presidency might adopt an “open” approach by mandating the amnesty committee to “begin dialogue with willing Boko Haram leaders and factions”.

Besides, the Federal Government is banking on prominent Emirs, political leaders and clerics to assist in seeing the amnesty programme through.

The fate of Boko Haram detainees, their wives and children will depend on the recommendation of the amnesty panel.

Sani, who is the President of the Civil Rights Congress (CRC), yesterday declined entreaties from prominent leaders of the North to take another look at his withdrawal from the amnesty panel as he said there is “no change of mind” in his decision. President Goodluck Jonathan had on Wednesday named a 26-man Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North.

A top government source told The Nation: “While the government is leaving a window for those with direct link to Boko Haram leaders to have a rethink, it is going ahead with the amnesty plan.

“The fact is that not all Boko Haram leaders are opposed to dialogue or amnesty. The committee might start its dialogue with some leaders of the sect who have offered to cease fire. There are also some leaders in detention who can offer recipe on the way forward.

“Do not forget that Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, had opened discussion with 11 key commanders of Boko Haram in May last year, including one of the top leaders of the sect, like Sheikh Asheku.

“Although the meeting was at the instance of the governor, others who participated were a representative of the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, the Borno

State Director of State Security Service (SSS), the state’s Commissioner of Police, an intelligence officer from the military along with the state deputy governor, Mustapha Umar Zannah.

“What I am saying is that already there are some platforms in place to open dialogue with Boko Haram by the amnesty committee. The tone of dialogue or amnesty may serve as impetus to the spiritual leader of the sect, Imam Abubakar Shekau and other commanders declared wanted.

“The ultimate discussion and reconciliation with Shekau would serve as the icing on the cake.”

Another source said: “The government is also depending on some Emirs and leaders in the North to facilitate dialogue with the leadership of the sect led by Shekau.

“Some Northern leaders and clerics are begging Shehu Sani and Dr. Datti Ahmed to change their mind to serve on the dialogue committee.

“We are hopeful that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.”

When asked if he has had a rethink, Sani said: “I have no change of mind at all.”

JD:I am surprised that it wasn’t reported that any one at the press conference asked Doyin Okupe a simple question; if the two members who withdrew their membership of the panel were consulted before their names were announced.Not all of us are jobless hustlers who will jump at any government appointment without being consulted.Another reason for us to believe that this government just lacks the intellectual capacity to lead our dear country to salvation

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  1. Thank you Jimi for saying it right out of my mind. I’d rather believe the direct parties involved that Messrs Okupe, Abati, et all.

  2. Even if the question was asked, you can be sure Mr. Okupe would have found a way to answer it with out truly answering it i.e he would have said something that would’ve left everyone in absolute bewilderment.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, we are not going forward in this country. We are steadily going backwards everyday under this government lacking of primitive common sense

  3. JD, u are quite right. It is only d jobless ones dat wl jump into accepting govt appointments given in such a manner. D irony of it all is dat we still going to hv dis dis-jointed and insensitive govt hanging around our necks till 2015. So long, Disu, we are sunk!

  4. Boko Haram to accept amnesty, and he mumbled something about separation of powers. Someone asked him to comment on the British House of Common’s claim that corruption is thriving under Jonathan’s regime and Okupe replied that every Nigerian is corrupt and that even the British House of Commons is corrupt. He said he therefore takes serious exception to people blaming on the Jonathan administration of corruption


  6. Na by force!,these guys said they don’t want to serve on the committee.Mr Okupe should learn to respect other peoples’ wishes.

  7. all these rubbish were d effect of incompetency of d president. I dont think this man is d best d nation can produce. may God guide us right.

  8. one of the biggest undoing of GEJ are the kind of people he has taken as SSAs, Aides, etc. they add more confusion to his govt.
    they fuel this confusion for him the more, can you imagine what Okupe is saying “I feel that their influence has been reduced. They wanted to do it alone and take personal glory. But with the committee in place now, they decided to pull out.

    “Withdrawing from that committee is shameful. If the government invited you, you should feel free and happy to serve.”

    this is arrant rubbish.. very unbecoming of a presidents spokesman. i wonder what this people smoke or drink

  9. What is d brouhaha and sheninigans all about?? You av bin called upon by the President, who represents d pple and u say no to it? There are pple lives at stake here!!stop playing politics here cos When push comes to shove, up in d air this pple will be and leavin us here 2bear d rot!! What Is i wasn’t given a call and all bfore hand mean?yes d mistake has bin made so move on and try and solve this impending problem.. Every1 shld wake up and put it behind our skulls dat we need 2moce forward nt tear at each odas mistakes.

  10. We elected the man as our leader(dumb)GEJ wich aint doin anythg but liar and stay really confused all through!! But boko haram men aint dumb and aint confused in anyway so Pls if both of them are important factor (shehu and AhmEed) to solving dis problem pls they should ignore wateva Okupe and GEJ cos we know dey aint worth it

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