1. Wonderful program uncle Jimi….I usually complain then that 30 minutes is too short for the news review on classic fm; but thank God we now have 2hrs with you on morning digest..

  2. The current senate seems to be poorest so far in the history of Nigerian. The reason is not far fetched. The Senate president came to power through back door. He claimed to be richer than his state. He was alleged to have declare a false asset. The same house is faced with budget padding, fighting and exchange of abusive words, certificate forgery, importation of exotics cars, a senator doing a what app video, rejection of Maju and co. Maybe Ibori, Tompolo, and co should be sent for confirmation. I wonder atimes if their children asked questions at home. Nigerian house has now suddenly turn to house of commotion. Night of a thousand laugh.


  3. Good morning Uncle Jimi. My name is Paul Ndubisi. I’m worried about the state of decay in our environment. I would like to suggest you look at the issue of Local Government critically in your programme as it borders on Area Planning and Development. In the early 70s, I can recall how responsible the Local Governments were then; clean environment and no illegal structures. Today, the Lagos State government is spending somuch demolishing illegal structures. The most recent are the houses that have been built very close along the railway line around the Mushin area of Lagos.

    Sir, I would like to know the statutory responsibility of the Local Government with regards to town planning?

  4. Good Morning, I love your show. It’s first day of listening and I am tripping over it but I dont know the phone number, facebook page or even twitter handle to air or make a comment.

  5. Uncle Jimi, it’s unfortunate that it is a young man that introduced the bill on amnesty for looters. The implication of this is that the future is already compromised because those young folks who are in a more privileged position to ascend to the top levels of governance have no better agenda than the already maligned statesmen that have pulled us into a ditch. If you say the looters should keep 30% of billions they embezzled, what percentage will the poor man, who out of hunger, stole gaari in the market keep. Unfortunately, the poor man is languishing in jail because the person he voted for has stolen all their commonwealth, used it to get into higher office and promulgates laws to let himself off any hook while at the same time promoting obnoxious laws to keep the poor man in perpetual penury. So the poor man must in the first instance refuse his poverty to control his mind and try vote for a person that has some level of empathy with his cause. Let’s wait and see whether the Rep member who introduced the bill will not be returned back to the house. If he is, this implies that all those in his constituencies are of like minds.

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