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Anambra State could be said to have figuratively moved to Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, when traditional rulers and presidents generals of town unions from the state converged to discuss with one of their illustrious sons, who wants to vie for governorship.  It was a meeting, where businessman and philanthropist, Dr. Ifeanyi Uba unfolded the plans he has for the state, if elected governor in November.Indeed, the meeting was part of the consultation, which Uba, chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited, has embarked upon, in his quest to become governor of Anambra State. He also used the occasion to show his guests his business empire, in a facility tour of his companies and business offices. This, it was gathered, was to let them know that with such big investment, he’s not going into government to make money for himself but to work for the socio-economic development of Anambra State.

To be sure, the facility tour revealed so much about Uba. It proved beyond any doubt that he was on ground in business. He is a man who knows his onions in his chosen field of business endeavour. It shows his leadership qualities, as, having successfully managed his business he has all it takes to also successfully manage the human and material resources of Anambra.

It should be mentioned here that this is the first time a business mogul from Anambra State, who is interested in the governorship of the state, has conducted his people round his business facilities and investments as well as let them into his activities. With this Uba scored a first.

The f tour of Uba’s facilities has another thing to commend it for. It is a testimony to the businessman’s willingness to sacrifice all he has to liberate Anambra from the shackles of poverty, penury and deprivation.  With such positive expose, the good people of Anambra State would not have any doubt whatsoever that Uba is a fit and proper person to be the governor of their state. Having honoured Uba’s invitation in Lagos, they have made a statement to the effect that they believe in this selfish young man, who has, through his “Kero Direct,” brought kerosene to the doorsteps of rural and poor people, at a subsidise price, among his other philanthropic gestures.

At the meeting, Uba made his case and gave his guest the floor to ask questions. Of course, the people did ask questions and he was meek and humbly in his answers to the questions. And this is the way it should be, for after all, democracy is government of the people by the people for the people. It was a pretty long town hall meeting of sorts, which lasted from 8pm till 7am the following day.  This shows that Uba is a man who listens and likes to receive ideas from the people. This cross-fertilization of ideas is what drives democracy and leads to good governance.

After the interaction, the people were not only impressed but they were also of the firm view that Uba is the man who God has prepared and positioned to save Anambra State from the ruin and maladministration of yesteryears. The good people of Anambra State do not need to search further or any longer, for the Messiah is here. They have found out from the tour that Uba’s investment is huge, massive and outstanding. The facilities included ships, jetties, depots, filling stations, tankers, and a host of others. It became apparent from findings from the tour that. Uba’s Capital Oil & Gas Industries Limited is one of the biggest distributors of petroleum products in Nigeria.

Of great importance is the fact that Capital Oil & Gas has been a major player in the downstream sector even before the subsidy regime. The company has tankers, which supply fuel all over the country. In fact, the activities of the company in the area of supply of petroleum products is one of the reasons fuel is available everywhere today. This is because while other companies hoard fuel in order to make huge profit, Uba’s companies are only interested in making the products available to all and sundry. Profit is not the driving force for the company.

On a personal level, Uba awards scholarships to indigent students. There are students who attend various schools in Nigeria, courtesy of Uba’s sponsorship. He tars roads everywhere. His filling stations supply fuel free of charge to motorcyclists in Nnewi every Monday. He intervenes in all cases where poor people are being discriminated against or marginalised. He donates money throughout the federation in pursuant of worthy causes.

This may be the reason his detractors wanted to rubbish him recently by framing him up. To God be the glory, he was vindicated by the court, the court of public opinions and by the National Assembly. It became apparent that his adversaries in business were afraid of his rising profile and success story and they tried to pull him down by tarnishing his image and painting him in black colours as a man who could not settle his debts.

Anambrarians should search no more for a Messiah. We have one already in Uba. All the good people of Anambra State should now take a decision to crown and elect Uba as the next governor of the state. Uba is a great Igbo man who loves his people and Nigeria alike, with great passion and dedication. His love for the Igbo became even more manifest when he committed a huge sum of money towards giving the deceased Igbo sage and leader, Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, a decent national and befitting burial.

Uba has come to judgment in Anambra. He is the Messiah Anambra needs. As Jesus was proclaimed by the Almighty God as his beloved son in whom he was well pleased, Anambra people say that Uba is their beloved son in whom they are not only pleased but also in whom they repose great hope and confidence to lead them to the land of promise.

Surely, the cap of governorship of Anambra fits Uba. Let him wear it.

We need men little him, who are richer than the government they want to control and who will not misappropriate public funds, but will augment the same with their own money. We need patriots in power. We need statesmen. We need good men.

Uba is his own man and his own candidate. Politicians who are relying on godfathers should be shunned. The era of godfatherism should be over. The godsons have ruined many states and governments. A distinguished personality and wealthy businessman like Uba will not dip his hands into the coffers of government to help himself because he is richer than the government he will control. Uba is not coming to government to make money. He is not seeking political office to acquire wealth or buy private jet, which he already has. Uba is coming to create wealth in Anambra, reinvigorate the economy resuscitate ailing infrastructure, provide employment and give hope to the people.

The leaders in Anambra State have seen it all. They are in a position to assess Uba and his pedigree.

JD:Journalism,Nigerian style!i cant seem to understand whether this is a paid advert or an “exclusive story and analysis”but this was written in the editorial section of the paper:A taste of things to come in 2015!



  1. JD,Nothing Go For Nothing Is The Ideology Of Nigerians And It Runs In Every Facet Of Our Lives,These Are The People That Are Always Quick To Critisize Govt Officials On Graft Related Moves,If They Are Not Paid To Write These What Else Do You Think Will Prompt Them To Write Such A Campaign Song For A Man Recently Acused Of Oil Theft,So Less You Worry Yourself Because There Is A Rueben Abbati In Every Nigerian Jounalists!

  2. Initially, I was wondering what this is all about. But thank goodness I got the answer at the tail end. If whoever that wrote this is a journalist, then he should be ashamed of himself. Is this what the profession is all about? Apparently, brown envelopes has changed hands! God save Nigeria!

  3. Is this the minutes of a meeting or an editorial? I am ashamed of the journalist or editor who penned this editorial. Even if money exchanged hands, the editorial board should have acted cautiously and throw a bit of objectivity into it. Thank God i quit journalism when i did, i have no regret whatsoever. This is a SHAME and a SHAM!

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