Ambode revokes land “hurriedly” allocated by Fashola……THE CABLE

ambode pixAkinwunmi Ambode, governor of Lagos state, has revoked the allocation of over 25 plots of land by his predecessor, Babatunde Fashola, in his final days in office.

TheCable understands that the expansive land at Lekki Phase One had been allocated to the Lagos State Water Corporation in 1998 by the then military administrator of the state, Mohamed Marwa, while the certificate of occupancy was signed by Bola Tinubu, former governor of the state, in 2006.

However, Hakeem Muri-Okunola, who was the permanent secretary of the Lagos state ministry of lands under Fashola, had reportedly informed the former governor that the land was “available”.

The land was officially parcelled into 25 plots and shared by Fashola who went on to sign the certificates of occupancy on May 26, three days to his exit in government.

The new allottees were curiously issued the old Cs of O, which had been phased out by Fashola and replaced with electronic certificates.

Most of the plots, it is alleged, were allocated to Fashola’s relatives, aides and associates — including Yewande Animashaun, his cousin who also served as his special adviser on public health, and Wale Ahmed, who served as his commissioner for special duties. A female newscaster with a Lagos-based TV station was one of the beneficiaries, TheCable learnt.

Meanwhile, TheCable understands that Muri-Okunola did not disclose the actual number of available plots to Fashola and was said to have kept several plots for himself, out of which three were allocated to Adeyemi Isiba, then general manager of New Towns Development Authority (NTDA), against government regulation.

Nobody is allowed to buy more than one plot in a government scheme but the three plots were registered in Isiba’s name. He has now been removed as GM of NTDA following a series of findings on the activities of the agency under his watch.

As soon as Ambode assumed office, officials of the water corporation wrote to him to complain that the land belongs to the agency and that the original C of O was still valid as it was not voided by Fashola before the reallocation.

Ambode, TheCable was informed, immediately launched an investigation, only to discover that Muri-Okunola had kept some plots for himself with the hope of getting the new governor to sign off on the Cs of O.

Muri-Okunola was immediately sacked by Ambode, but he was prevailed upon by prominent power brokers in Lagos to redeploy the son of the late Muri Okunola, a former justice reputed for his integrity.

Ambode later decided to redeploy the 42-year-old Muri-Okunola to the ministry of youth as permanent secretary and the ownership of the land has been reverted to water corporation.

Both Muri-Okunola and Isiba did not respond to text messages sent by TheCable on the Lekki land affair.

Fashola has been in the public eye in recent times following revelations that he awarded a N78 million contract to set up a website in his name.

Punch also reported on Monday that Fashola approved N138 million for the sinking of two boreholes at the Lagos House, Ikeja — according to information sourced from the website of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency.


  1. Weld one d Governor u are not washing fashola dirty linen outside but APC as a party. This game of fashola will push out so many atrosity committed by so many people in Lagos. we know d beginning of d fight d end may be worst Ambode small small

  2. All this energy should be used to patch bad roads in Lagos. Fashola first good impression as a governor, and I think it would take more than targeted bad. Publicity to destroy him. If Ambode makes Fashola an underdog, the latter would become more popular for it.

    Host of heaven has delivered Buhari from the JonaSATAN, now it is the turn of Tinubu to be crucified.
    Tinubu is my Inlaw from Iragbiji, yet he became number 1 citizen in Lagos for 8years.
    Tinubu don’t have a parent, he was not born of any woman, yet Alhaja Mogaji never threw him out into the street.
    He had no primary 6 certificate, yet he went to secondary school.
    He did not go to any secondary school, yet he went to university.
    He did not go to university, his certificate is fake, yet he secured a job with the multi nationals Exxon Mobil and rose to the executive position.
    Tinubu is not a democrat yet he remains the only face of opposition since 1993 during NADECO days till date.
    Tinubu is a liar, he never attended any school, yet he became a senator and 2- time governor of Lagos state.
    He is not a good manager, but it is on record that he received no subventions from the federal govt for 3 good years and no civil servant went on strike, he paid the salary as at when due.
    Tinubu is so corrupt that his middle name is corruption, yet he has been without immunity for 8 year running, and no one has charged him to court.
    Tinubu is a drug addict, yet he has no history like Their parrot from my constituency.
    Tinubu is an impostor, thank God he impost BRF on lagosians who take Lagos to an enviable height and landed safely to give baton to an actulalizer Ambode and he also aided or imposed RAUF on Osun who is now transforming Ipinle Omoluabi.
    His temporary travail na from from top and the shout against him na bcos he was the arrow head of Pdp death! Ojigbijigbi,if pdp had won Osun State!
    Tinubu is a local champion, yet he reclaimed all the states in southwest and still doing exploits throughout Nigeria.
    Left for him,the like of me a mere “onitiata”would not go near Nass.Today,I am the first artist to be so privileged !
    Tinubu is so ugly, yet he marries a sexy slim Senator
    Oluremi Tinubu a model who is a mother because she bores him kids,unlike many of them whose kids resemble pigs!
    Tinubu is a tout unlike a gentleman GEJ yet he marries
    one of the finest, courteous, refined, articulate and
    sensible Senator Oluremi Tinubu unlike someone who
    marries garrulous, uncouth, lousy, senselessly
    senseless, patiently unpatient, in-decorum mama
    peace.Na only u waka come,chai
    Tinubu will soon fade away, yet he remain an household name in Nigeria political palace.Saraki finally apologizes,Hon Lasun will follow suit.What else
    He is not a Yoruba leader, but he literarily installed all the governors in yoruba and by implication, he has his presence in all the states.
    Tinubu sold his party ACN for GEJ in 2011, yet GEJ and his agents, who have been using all kinds of antics have not come out to tell the world how much he collected.
    Tinubu sold out the post of speaker of the house to northerners in 2011,but his party is a minority with 100 members and PDP majority with 250 members, still wondering how he was able to do that because the last time I checked he was not even a member of the house, so he never voted for Tambuwal,
    Tinubu is a sectional leader, yet he has his hold on national party.
    He created so much fear in the their mind that they injected Billiona of Naira into his dormain within the period of rescheduled election.Obas and Ijoye were dancing to the bank especially in my constituency.
    Thanks to my Inlaw from Iragbiji
    Tinubu is nobody, yet he is a nightmare for GEJ and
    I wish they can start the production of my own documentary too,may be it will have part one to three,To includes that I am from Modakeke because I love this people dearly,to have the fact that I married a young undergraduate from Iragbiji exactly 2 years today because I love her like no man business .I guess they would say I was sacked by NNPC after 20 years of meritorious service,What would they not say to any Promising person in life.Aregbesola is an extremist yet he had almost 50 percent of Christian in his cabinet and produced 6 Christians as members of Nass.
    The more Bode George and their agents of doom beat the drum of hatred against the oppositions, propagate their propaganda, formulate their sick theory, the more the informed people like me sit down to use our head, to reason against their unreasonable post,jingles and documentary, and the more they make me hate PDP for dwelling on non-issues, living on lies and propagandas, and the more I become PRO-OPPOSITION.
    Till today,Bode George wife is still anchoring NDLEA under Apc government !
    Like him or hate him, Tinubu has been able to continue what Awolowo laid and above all with a step further to give us a National Party.So much to write about this man who liberated Osun State from the griping hands of the PDP.
    Today,Oyinlola can now dance skelewu with him because he is living to tell many stories unlike those who are gone and those who wish him dead.
    Omo Mogaji o ni ku,Oko Sisi mama ko ni run,Baba Folasade a da gba…
    Ogbeni call him Daddy I call him grandfather because Rauf is my own

  4. Ambode should also let us know what happened to the School of Nursing, the former Eti- Osa Local Govt office on Glover rd etc. Let him probe further so we can know what happened to Lagos resources in the last many years.

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