Ambode, Agbaje and all that By Sam Omatseye

Ambode, Agbaje and all that

The Appeal Court ruled in the past week that the PDP had no case against the victory of Akinwunmi Ambode as governor of Lagos. When I heard the news, I asked myself, why did Jimi Agbaje put himself through all these? It is still a question for which I have no answer. He put himself in the centre of an inglorious storm. At one time, he defended Jonathan and came short of calling his rule revolutionary. What does he think now with that regime’s corruption stories unravelling? He also became a militant, mouthing rhetoric, defending the perpetration of turbulence in the Niger Delta should Jonathan lose. It was because of tongues like his that some are praising Jonathan as a hero for conceding what he lost: the people’s choice. He also became a royalist of subversion and anti-royalist in the same breath. A royalist of subversion when he promised to install an Eze Ndigbo as a ploy to divide Lagosians along ethnic lines. He was anti-royalist when called for the punishment of his own king, the Oba of Lagos. He fell into farce when he asked Nigerians to compare who was more handsome between Jonathan and Buhari.

Is this Agbaje going to make a pirouette to the side of truth again? Even though he joined the Southwest rearguard of reaction, the fuddy-duddies who wined and dined with the Otuoke fellow?

It’s obvious to all now that he was no match for the man who beat him. Governance is not about foppish razzmatazz and punctilious lies. Well, the coast is now clear for Governor Ambode to voyage ahead. And President Buhari should also join him in the all-too-important task of taking Lagos to the next level. Ambode, a methodical, no-frills persona, is now poised to make us forget the episode of the turncoat campaigns. The courts have their uses.



  1. This is absolutely rubbish. The same writer, what does he have to say about Fashola revelation? How he spend Lagos money on frivolity.

  2. There is no head or tail in what Sam wrote other than to “Juba” his paymasters…if he was on the other side he would have written why Ambode should have lost…he should keep quiet because he was not there when Jagaban and Jimmy decided to go their separate ways.So he is in no position to judge Jimmy.

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