All my donations fall within the law- Governor Akpabio……PREMIUM TIMES

The Governor alleged that the attacks on him in the media are politically motivated.
Governor Godswill Akpabio has defended his controversial donations to individuals and organisations, saying that they fall within the ambit of law as captured by the yearly state budget passed by the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.
Mr. Akpabio, who was fielding questions on Friday from the Government House correspondents at Governor’s Lodge, Uyo, condemned what he termed ”bad press” by a section of the media, saying,


“I have noticed a lot of attacks in the media particularly the social media and some of the newspapers have started writing editorials on the Governor of Akwa Ibom and trying to create impression that because he made a donation of a Jeep to one of his daughters- Mrs. Anne Macauley-2face [sic] that got married recently, that means he is a spendthrift. Of course, that kind of allegation is far from the truth.”
He explained, “Anything connected with the Governor’s donation is captured within the law of the State. The budget is the law and there have been provisions that allow for grants for donations and for hospitality as enshrined within the budget. If I make donation out of that subhead, it’s covered within the law. It means, I am acting within the ambit of the law. I have not gone outside the law.”

JD:This explanation has lost me completely and further strengthens my position that His Excellency needs help!He just doesnt get it.PITY!


  1. Mr. Jimi, I watched on channels television saturday morning show with dismay how d commissioner for information in akwa ibom was struggling to defend d action of his principal and I was left with no other choice than to feel sorry for this country called nigeria. What laurel has anny marculay brought to akwa ibom state, is she d only lady to have gotten married frm d state? @ least for 2face he has done d country pround, why did suswan nt present him with jeep? Our leaders are power drunk in d midst of poverty, a governor is giving #1m each for snacks? Pls I’m sorry dis country is heading for doom. Tank u

    • i say once again ,the Governor ,and now his commisioner,need help for never have i heard such infantile reasoning from full groown adults

  2. People without values will defend anything to hang on to the illusion they call power, to the fleeting semblance of wealth that they all eventually spend in foreign hospitals to treat cancer and the like …… we must look ahead to the future and do our possible best to ensure that people like this do not represent us again

    • im glad there was no foot dragging. Akpabio unlkie Ojo acts. I hear he is giving scholarships to all the kids til university. Is this true? AKS is also meant to be putting in place a feeding programme for children in govt schools to reduce trafficking, child labour and some of the things that lead to child abandonment. If this happens or works the govt response is tackling some fundamental issues. If oh! If.

  3. JD I suggest that along the bill being passed for rumour mongering, that they also pass one for “anyhow talk” lol

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