Alamieyesegha: Goodluck Puts Jonathan On Trial….SONALA OLUMEHNSE(SAHARA REPORTERS)

By the state pardon granted the disgraced former governor Dipreye Alamieyesegha last week, President Goodluck Jonathan confirmed that he does not understand the joke.

One thing is for certain: the joke is on him. Nigeria’s most powerful man, but the joke is on him.

Mr. Jonathan said something of great significance last year. In an interview with TELL Magazine, he said, “When I look at some people that shout ‘Corruption! Corruption!’ I shake my head.”

That was exactly three years after Jonathan took the presidency. The statement suggested that he knew how deeply corruption was ravaging Nigeria. But neither in that statement nor in anything else that he told his interviewers did he appear as if he would ever do anything about it.