Yoruba totally ungrateful people —Ahmadu Ali…..THE SUN

“Don’t talk rubbish. You are talking rubbish. That is the stupidity of the press and the self-appointed Yoruba leaders who are failures in their various fields of endeavour. They are just a total failure. How can you say, in an election where one candidate scored 12 million and showed presence in more than 12 states out of 19 and another candidate scored five million and showed presence in only five states, you then give it to the second person? What is democracy about? Is it a game of numbers? All the argument is about 12 two third? What is two third? The man had 12 states and 12 million votes. Awolowo had only five million and only in five states. You want to go and give it to him? Yoruba are another character.”

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JD:Lets see how you all react to this!


  1. I just dey lough for this message about yoruba. I dont blame you about this. I only blame yorubas leaders and others, to bring them selfs so low before mallam. We all know how they have been handling elections in Nigeria. North have been playing dirty games on both elections and census. Yoruba leaders this is the right time to do it right. Dont be slave to Aboki.

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