1. He is obviously being prayed for going by the gestures of others….so much for so little!

  2. Notice the shoes of our CAN president?? Then the immaculate vertrifyed floor tiles he slept on. Dramaking!!! A regular pete Edochie or is it ramsey Noah.

    • My take is that the pastor is simply lowering himself before his God – the giver of ANOINTING the One whom every one there will return . The way pastor Oritshejafor exhibit his faith should not be likened to any actor whatsoever else one will be contending with God that calls call .
      The press should show restrain and good sense of judgement in the graphics displayed in there media .

      • The God I know of, the creator of Heaven, Earth and all that is and has been, does not care at all if you lie down on a floor, or under a truck or in a gutter.
        If you say he is lowering himself before God, did he tell you he was higher than his God before?
        The God I know of is only interested in matters of the heart, how you conduct yourself and treat your fellow man, and your personal relationship with him…not your personal relationship with the floor. We blacks can over do…Arrant nonsense.

        On a lighter note, when I first looked at the picture I thought they were praying for a dead man to rise. Then I looked carefully and that was Ayo Oritsejafor…then I got serious.

  3. I keep asking myself why people are surprised. This is Nigeria and we are used to drama. Can anybody claim to have witness the rampant of what is going on today in the privatization of religion thirty years ago. Or did christianity just started? It is a mockery of what the society has turned to.It is well said that adversity reminds men of religion. Or will you see this show of shame continuously in the western world?

  4. Prostrating for God is a sign of reverence to Him. That is what the Prophets, judges and kings of old used to do when they or their people had done something terribly bad in the eyes of God. It’s just sad it is made a media show here.

  5. Shameless men of God, their act can best be described as Sacrilegious, deceiving people using the name of God… Well like he said, his Children scattered round the world bought him a private after he initially claimed he didn’t know who bought it for him. I hate this Country already

  6. Uncle Jimi, I am one of those that think that Churches in Nigeria have being compromised(for lack of a better word) but I try very hard not to comment on some of these things especially when the person claims he is directed by the spirit, we/I have no power to know if truly it is the spirit hence my quiet stand, when I have comments is when you come to me and tell me that the spirit told you to tell me, then you would hear me. Please lets leave this and beleive they were moved by the spirit or out of reverence to GOD, to act the way they are acting.

  7. As a christian and a believer what the CAN president did by lying down is to shown total humility to God.what he did is total reverence to God and nobody else. Who ever say what he dId is strange is not a christian not a alone a believer.

  8. Who is fooling who? It is so annoying when you see an act of mediocrity and it is been celebrated. i wonder what he is trying to portray…..Humility?. We then to wonder when the circuit is coming to town? Clowns……….

  9. Actually this is what I said earlier that we don’t have real men of GOD anymore. Elijah, Elisha, Moses, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed,Prophet Joseph Smith and host of others never have time privatising or advertising, because GOD does not show off. Am sorry, this is blasphemy! If really they’re men of GOD; why don’t they go and warn leaders from their evil act they’re doing,money they steal, e.t.c. In fact am ashamed of the world now cause of so called men of GOD.

  10. In as much as some Christian ‘leaders’ have acted in ways demeaning of the what they represent, gestures such as above should not be seen as an act or drama. Really and trully it is in total obeisance for God and should not be misconstrued to mean otherwise. It is just a pity that we have found ourselves in this mess. Mind you, I am talking about the act and not the personality of the CAN president as i have my own reservations. My take.

  11. the pastor obviously benefits from the president problems and predicament and he is also happy to receive rewards from offering prayers to his benefactor which is the president so it will help for him to do his work by offering prayers and laying on the floor to prove his point.

  12. What’s going on? He felt the need to prostrate before God in prayers! Who are we to decide on what is happening in his heart? You think it’s drama? Fine! As far as I am concerned, he is praying.

  13. Hmmmm, I am still wondering about the rationale behind the media/public display of such an act of reverence for God (I presuppose) . My take on this is that the Almighty God who knows the intent of our heart and desires true worshipers. Nothing and absolutely nothing is hidden from Him and He knows those who are His.

  14. I believe in the bible, Christians are advised to go into their inner chamber and pray to God not display as above to show people or deceive people that they respect God by prostrating in view of many people.

    Nigerians can dramatize!

  15. There is even an advert by one of Pastor Oritsejafor s Pastors where the bible verse heralding the coming of the messiah in Isiah was twisted to fit pastor Orits. The advert went on to call him Papa many times….have we forgotten what the Bible instructs about calling anyone except God with the title of Father. we ve been taken for granted for too long…..because the intellect of our generation is too weak!!!

  16. What I truly do not understand is why Mr. Jimi Disu is always over reacting to issues concerning men of God.Such things should not make topics dear Mr. Disu

  17. Jimi, frankly I love your programes on radio both the discourse as well the front page thing you do but I hate when you take on men of God.

    Again Jimi, I expected you to say something reasonable regarding the Asari Dokubo and Kinsley Kuku’s comments. In as much as I condem their comments in totality but its a bit too suprising that all Nigerians are now shouting about such comments. We are all aware that somedody who is supposed to be an elder statesman openly said that if a certain political party did not the 2010 election, that the country would be made ungovernable and true to his words, the country has truly been almost ungovernable since his party did win and the neither the national assembly nor the IG invited him for questioning.

    • I simply asked for an explanation from those who know whats going on here because i dont understand it.i haven’t even reacted .

    • Son did you just say Men Of God ? What does that make the rest of us, People of satan ?

  18. Uncle Jimi 2 times, I don’t see anything bad in what the Pastor did (in that picture). I mean the way he prostrated or lay on the floor just like King David in the Bible. If King David could danced naked to praise the Lord then who are we not to lie or even roll on the floor for Him. To me, it shows how humble you are in God’s presence or how grateful you are for what He has done for you. Although, I’m not talking about his (the pastor) personality but his act in that picture.

  19. Surprised? Not me though. All he and his ilk are looking for are diversification of meal tickets. Ungodly tithe collection may be dwildling moreso with the money guzzling private jet acquisition.

  20. Bros Jimi.
    The picture depicts Pst Oritsejafor’s total submission to the Almighty. I believe we must exercise some restraint in reading uncomplimentary meanings to this. A man is entitled to Freedom of Worship. Anyone who wants to address his God in a manner that suggests equality with his God is free to do so. As for me and my household (and obviously Oritsejafor’s) the “Lizard posture” is most appropriate.

  21. Mr jimi it is simply and totally disgusting, and a show of shame and dramatical pretence, from these money people and their money making organization, just like fela said in one of his song. Nonsense, second base jare.

  22. Like issues concerning sex, whatever religious activity done in private areas should be nobody’s business. Anyway religious worship in their privacy is their own business.
    However, what should be of great concern is the general voting publice who because someone less than capable of handling the highest office in the land goes and kneel down in front of a religious personality. And worse still in view of the multitudes as well as being televised.

  23. Well this is a serious one .. Was it d problems of nigeria that dropped this man of GOD ? .. Well, I pray his prayers falls on GOD’s right hand because 4 now I know GOD is not yet on her CASE ( nigeria ) … Forget all this drama and direct your words to those on TOP .. Well don’t blame him .. I feel the PAIN too .. GREAT nigeria with PEACE and UNITY I PRAY … PLEAD FOR CHANGE

  24. Let us all be careful of what we say because God is the judge of all. I dont think seeing a man of God lying down on the fall should be a subject of discussion. The essence of posting it on the Uncle Jimi’s page is what i dont seem to understand

    • The essence is to be educated about what its all about and we have had various explanations and its left to the individual to decide which one to believe.

  25. I feel a pain in my heart that we are commenting about men of God in such blasphemous way. It is actually painful and disgusting. If a man of God decides to postrate for his God, it is not for us to cast aspersions on him and paint him black. Remember the bible said we should not judge. Let God be the Judge in the matter, SHIKENA.

  26. Once upon a time in Fairyland,a town was about to be attacked by a group of bandits. The town split into two, with one group shouting hallelujah all over the place and the other group stocking up on guns and gunpowder . At the end of the day guess who got rid of the bandits …………
    Point I’m trying to make is that God will work with you to save you and not work for you. He is not your houseboy !!!

  27. Who is not a man of God if i may ask? Expect those that is not listening to his instructions and do not repent from their wrong doing, but if someone think he is doing what God require whereas, he/she knows from his heart that all is doing is acting is not real, let me remember such person that God is not human being who we can decieve. Let leave the judge of the world to statisfied his only name.And it be my pleasure watching this great film tittled (DRAMA OF SHAME episode 1).

  28. I was going to comment but on Sunday went to church. We were asked to come out for special prayers and later asked to submit ourselves to the almighty. There I was lying flat. Imagine someone had taken my picture. Hence I can’t comment

    • Funny, so your own idea of submitting yourself to the almighty is is lying on the floor. It’s a pity that you are a non-starter in spiritual matters, I beg to say. This is a condition brought about by “my pastor says” syndrome. Am afraid you need to do more of personal indepth study of the Bible in order to free yourself from the shackles of spiritual underdevelopment you are presently enmeshed in. To fast-track your developmental process, you may want to start from Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount – Matthew 24.

      By the way, the photographer that took Oritsejafor’s picture should have been instructed or cautioned not to take such photographs to avoid sending wrong signals to the reading public. Thanks.

  29. We aren’t seen nothing yet! The prophesied war of Armageddon will take care of all the false religion of this world masquerading as true religion and leading the whole world astray at the instance of Satan the Devil. The present deceit must continue in various forms to fulfil the “Books”. Jesus warned about these tantrums in his “Sermon On The Mount”.

  30. many are portraying christianity in bad light.he`s act is a complete nonsense,absolute bunkum.

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