We Were Voted Into Office To Do The Impossible — APC

The All Progressives Congress on Tuesday said it was given power by Nigerians to do what is ‘impossible”.

The party, however, said it would try its best to bring the ongoing suffering of Nigerians to an end.

“Yes, we are elected to do the impossible; we will do our best. I just want to plead that people should give us more realistic expectations,” The Punch quoted APC national chairman, south, Segun Oni, as saying on Tuesday.

Mr. Oni said the Nigerian economy was already damaged by the PDP before President Buhari was voted into office, adding that the opposition party was fixated with having a perpetual grip on power.

“The economy was traumatised by a government whose only agenda was to win another round (of elections). Therefore, everything that they could put into trying to win a second round, even bastardising the economy, was done and we are all here,” Mr. Oni, a former governor of Ekiti State, said.

Mr. Oni said Nigerians should be thankful that the APC was voted into office and to turn around the dangerous path the country’s economy had descended to under the PDP government, saying it could have been worse.

“The reality on ground is that, if the previous government were (still) in power by now, Nigeria would have virtually packed up, maybe many of us would have become refugees by now.”

Mr. Oni’s comment came few days after his party’s chairman, John Oyegun, sparred with the PDP over the state of the economy.

Mr. Oyegun slammed the PDP for running commentaries about the state of the economy, saying the party had lost its right to criticise the policies of the federal government.

The PDP pushed back against the attacks, saying the APC ruined Africa’s largest economy within 15 months in office.

The PDP also played up figures about the steady growth in GDP figures and other economic indices to explain an upward mobility Nigerians enjoyed in throughout the 16 years it spent in office after taking over from successivd military governments.


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  1. Nigerians voted APC into power to rule but not to do the impossible. Mr. Oni was once a PDP governor in Ekiti State. We would love to mention his performance when he was in power. By saying Nigerians elected APC to do the impossible, he is already looking for excuses for perceived non performance. APC cannot go on blaming past adminstration after more than a year in power. They must wake up.and take responsibility. What we are witnessing in both houses of the National Assembly and some APC States is not exemplary leadership at all.

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