We Need Banks In Adesanya Polytechnic

ONE of the essential needs of undergraduates in higher institutions is the presence of banks within or around the school premises.

This, affords students a means of survival and easy access to money, especially to cater for their pressing needs

In this regard, the absence of banks in Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, has posed a lot of challenges to the students of the institution.

The students of the polytechnic are extremely concerned about the absence of banks in the school.

We understand that the Ogun State government is trying its best to cater for the needs of its citizens, but the number of banks in Ijebu Igbo town is very low.

We students go as far as Ijebu Ode to carry outbanking transactions. This is because there are only twobanks in Ijebu Igbo and most students do not have accounts in them.

So, students go to Ijebu Ode for banking services. In so doing, they spend a lot of more money.

But if there arebanks in the school premises, it would be easier for us tocarry out our transactions and thus spend less money.

It is not only the students that will gain from banks; residents of Ijebu Igbo will, too. We would be glad if the government of Ogun State could look into our request.

Emmanuel Anyanwu



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