US Visa Requirements

Good day Uncle Jimi,

Compliments of the season to you and I trust this mail meets you well.

This mail was necessitated to clarify what your guest on “The Discourse” on Classic 97.3FM yesterday (December 24th, 2017) mentioned. The lady (Amanda, I believe) said a couple of times that to be eligible for the visa waiver aka Dropbox, the applicant’s visa expired not more than 48 months prior to re-issuance. Seeing that she is an authority of the US Government in the country, whatever information she gives should be flawless BUT the information on their website (which she also quoted) is that “the visa expired not more than 12 months prior to re-issuance” (

Could she be brought to the show anytime soon to clarify this seeing that there might be some people would go ahead to pay for the dropbox renewal system only to get rejected and as Amanda put it, “no refund would be done as the monies paid are for processing of the visas”?

Thank you and do have a prosperous New Year in advance Sir,

OKONJI Henry Nnaemeka


  1. I did a drop box this year. It is exactly as Henry said. People should please give Jimi the real information because of the public. Jimi is a figure that we take seriously.

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