US Condemns Presidential Pardon for Alamieyeseigha…..THIS DAY

The United States has expressed disappointment over the state pardon granted former governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State and the former managing director of Bank of the North, Alhaji Shettima Bulama.
Alamieyeseigha was impeached and later convicted for money laundering and other corruption offences in 2007, while Bulama was convicted for defrauding the defunct Bank of the North.

Apparently referring to the pardon granted the two men who were convicted for corruption, the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria in a statement Friday said it was deeply disappointed over the pardon. “We see this as a setback in the fight against corruption,” embassy spokeswoman Deb MacLean said, adding that the U.S has no further immediate comment.

JD:This is an international embarrasment.At a time the whole world is up in arms against corruption we are granting pardon to a man who is wanted in various countires all over the world.This is a country that beleives it deserves a permanent seat on the security council of the United Nations.I remember David Marks comments when he got back from AFCON in South Africa.He said he was worried about the level of animosity against Nigeria at the games.He neednt look too far for an answer.This goverment has finally gotten us an irritable appelation as a country of crooks

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  1. Nigeria suffers these 3 deadly diseases that transcend age,education and religious standing:Greed,sorcery and myopism[GSM].Which way forward?

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