Unecessary Begging!

Senate President David Mark (left) addressing workers of the National Assembly during their protest in Abuja

Pix in The Guardian shows Senate President David Mark addressing workers of the National Assembly who were on a peaceful protest about allowances not being paid. Among these workers are those that work in the accounts department that probably know what some distinguished senators take home both over and under the table.Since we do not know the amount for sure, could one senators’ total emolument be the total sum of allowances of those gathered here.Then we now have a classic case here of “Unnecessary begging!”(apologies Abami)


  1. Shows how sily our leaders have confirmed themselves to be. I dream of a country where her citizens will have the will to drag out inefficient and corrupt leaders.

  2. This is absolutely unnecessary. Nigerians beg for virtually everything even their legal entitlement! Like I keep telling my friends who care to listen, a time shall come in this nation where “beggars” will hold these “selfish givers” to ransome and all they could beg for is there “life”!

  3. First, the Senate President looks so Concern and i wonder if he’d ever been this concerned about anything in Nigeria. {Is it to quickly stop them from exposing something that the world should not know about?}
    Now Second,question: Do this Crowd work at that Big Houses with only TABLES and CHAIRS? Doing WHAT?

  4. Yes it is easy to beg them but who are they begging before they collect their own crazy emoluments? Wat a shame of a country

  5. See those lies FAlL from his mouth … Poverty fire balls in form of his SPEECH .. He is even addressing them on how to manage their poverty … He spits better than that aceint diety ” SANGO ” … Political god .. How do we apeace u ? .. Month end alert in david marks account but 4 those that sent it they don’t get theirs salaries… The question is WHO is the leader and who is meant to get paid first … All their allowances 4 one month can sort 3 months of the workers under them .. NIGERIA WHY ? .. Nigerians who did we OFFEND ? … Answer :- wait for 2015 ” are you ready for the change “

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