U.S threatens sanctions against Nigeria over pardon for ex-convict Alamieyeseigha, Bulama….PREMIUM TIMES

The controversial pardon granted some ex-convicts by President Goodluck Jonathan has sparked a diplomatic standoff between Nigeria and the United States, with the Americans threatening to punish Nigeria over Mr. Jonathan’s action.
Nigeria has in turn accused the United States of “meddlesomeness”.
The U.S. had through its official twitter handle @USEmbassyAbuja on Friday condemned Mr. Jonathan’s action, saying, “the #USG (United States Government) is deeply disappointed over the recent pardons of corrupt officials by GON (Government of Nigeria).”



  1. I don’t know why we’re going round in circles about this valueless pardon. It is quite clear that Alams has been assigned a role to play in the planned maega manipulations to take place in the 2015 elections. You should have seen how Rueben Abati shamelessly but ineffectively tried to defend Jonathan’s decision on Channels tv this morning. Is this not the same man who swore fire and brimstone when Babangida increased fuel to was it N11:00 or so back then. When you’re surrounded by villains, this is what happens. 2015 would consume all of them in one piece!

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