Truck drivers protest against restriction ….. VANGUARD

•Container drivers protesting against quit-the-road order by the Lagos State government yesterday.

Activities at the Vanguard Media Limited were almost paralysed yesterday as aggrieved container drivers operating around Tin-Can area in Lagos marched to Vanguard office, Apapa carrying leaves and placards calling on Lagos State governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode to review the Section of the Road Traffic Law which restricts trailers and long vehicles from plying the metropolis between the hours of 6:00am and 9:00pm.

Adeibe said the restriction contradicts the constitutional provision of freedom of movement as stated in the nation’s constitution adding that Section 2 of the Lagos Traffic Law  restricts movement of trailers and long vehicles within the metropolis between the stipulated time which he said include petrol tankers and not only trucks carrying containers.

“The Lagos State ban on our movement is not suitable for us; we find it difficult to move at night. We have been doing this work for 24 hours and reducing it to nine hours is not okay with us. We are pleading that Governor Ambode should please have mercy on us so that we can earn our own living.”

“Night work is very risky for us, it is not safe at all. We face series of arm robbery attacks during the day not to talk of night. We carry goods that can be easily looted by robbers”.