The grand conspiracy against Jonathan By Nwobodo Chidiebere

jonaAccording to Wikipedia, conspiracy refers to a broad range of social alliances, and is most often used with a connotation of secretive and sinister purposes. In a political sense, conspiracy refers to a group of persons united in the goal of usurping or overthrowing an established political power. In Nigeria contest, political conspiracy can be defined as an amalgamation of entrenched parochial interest of a cabal or cartel to keep exploiting the nation at the overall expense of the masses.

The emergence of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as Nigerian President five years ago was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm, some it a  termed breath of Fresh Air. But soon, a group that sees Nigeria as an extension of their private estate, was determined  that they would never be alive and watch this man from creeks govern this country, which could shake so many of them off their privileged positions as political war lords and economic merchants. Prior to 2011 general elections, the conspiracy started gathering momentum when some disgruntled elements from a section of the country began threatening that they would make Nigeria ungovernable if President Jonathan won 2011 election.

The destruction of lives and property by Boko Haram in the North today is as a result of that threat which forms part of well-hatched grand conspiracy to frustrate President Jonathan out of power during 2015 presidential elections.

It is very unfortunate that the international community has bought into this anti-Nigerian plot to get President Jonathan out of power at all, cost not minding the consequences this would portend for the survival of Nigeria and growth of our democracy.

The fact that President Jonathan is a Christian from the oil-rich region of Niger Delta somehow fuels this conspiracy theory that the “wrong” person is occupying the seat of power in Aso Rock. This mindset that President Jonathan was born on the “wrong” side of the country is perhaps the main reason the military is finding it somewhat difficult to defeat the insurgency in the North.

It is no longer news that Boko Haram is a political creation to force President Jonathan out of office by portraying Nigeria as a nation under the leadership of a weak leader who is unable to protect its citizens against the insurgency.

The opposition party  could be part of this conspiracy to use insurgency as a strong campaign instrument to push President Jonathan and the PDP out of government; unfortunately this menace has become an ill wind that is blowing no one any good. It is condemnable the way and manner the APC has been discrediting the Nigerian military in the eyes of the international community as a weak force that could not defeat the insurgents.

These are some of the thought-provoking questions agitating the  anxious minds of patriotic Nigerians whose allegiance is not to any political party, religion, sectional interest but to the Nigerian state. Why is theNorthern Elders  Forum sympathetic to these miscreants? Why would it demoralize the military by attacking its modus operandi whenever the army is recording successes against the insurgents?

Why would America refuse to sell arms and ammunition to Nigeria and still go ahead to block the government from purchasing arms from other countries? Why is United States supplying arms and technical assistance to other countries fighting similar terrorist groups like Islamic State, Taliban and Al-shabab, but decline to help Nigeria to fight Boko Haram? Why are western media like CNN, BBC, The Economist, Washington Post, The New York Times, etc, always coming up with fictitious stories in order to discredit the Nigerian government under President Jonathan?

What offence has President Jonathan committed against the Western powers if not that he refused to surrender Nigeria’s sovereignty to them. Is President Jonathan administration’s closeness to rival world powers like China and Russia, a problem?  Is that why western powers  are against him?

Why will the so-called beacon of democracy in the world be conniving with opposition party, the APC, to support a former dictator, who truncated Nigerian’s democracy in 1983 to emerge as Nigerian President under a democratic setting?

Again, why are the western governments like the USA wishing Nigerians what they could not wish themselves? Why did US government react angrily when elections were postponed in Nigeria, knowing full well that the electoral umpire was not ready? Are they supporting the plan to get President Jonathan out of power against the wishes of Nigerians? Only well-thought-out answers to these burning questions would assuage agitating minds of Nigerians.

The Nigerian media, the fourth estate of realm has bought into this conspiracy to undermine the present administration by under-reporting all its transformational strides that cut across every facet of the economy; while delighting in highlighting all the perceived weaknesses of the government.

One may ask: why  is a section of the media celebrating the   the barbaric actions of Boko Haram and at the same time  hostile to the military through the information they churn out for public consumption?

Each time our military makes a major breakthrough, some of the media houses especially the ones controlled by opposition elements look the other way, but go to town with screaming headlines whenever it is the other way round. These unpatriotic actions portray the media in bad light.

The allegiance of every media organization should be to protect the image and integrity of this country, irrespective of who is in control of the government, not aligning with international media to tarnish the image of our country.



  1. Sir, you forgot to write about the state of the economy and level of corruption in the country under the watch of Mr President. Or are they also part of the grand conspiracy against him.

  2. Its only God that can deliver Nigeria from the stronghold of the west.GEJ is my best option irrespective of whatever anybody might think.

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