The Buhari Nigerians don’t know – David-West

david westProfessor Tam David-West served as Min­ister of Petroleum and Energy when the new President-elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd), was the Military Head of State from 1984 to 1985. In this interview with YIN­KA FABOWALE and OLUSEYE OJO in Ibadan, the professor of virology talks extensively on the person of Buhari that millions of Nigerians do not know. Excerpts:

Will it be right to describe Gen Buhari’s win in the just concluded presidential election as a personal victory to you?

It cannot be a personal victory to me; that will be too much. It’s victory to Nigerians, victory to those people in Nigeria, who have over the years have supported this cause. It is not for me. I was only one person telling peo­ple what he is. I have worked with him and I know him. I worked very closely with him.

As an oil minister, I was closer to him than most ministers because we have hotlines; few ministers had hotlines with him. Whenever I talk about Buhari, I am talking about somebody I know. I am not talking about stereotype, am talking about somebody I know first­hand.

He has good qualities. He is a unique man. The for­mer Head of State, Abdulsalami Abubakar, described him as an extraordinary Nigerian.

Why do I love him? First, he is very honest. He is not corrupt at all. He’s disciplined and he’s focused. I worked with Buhari and I worked with Babangida (Gen Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, retd). If you give a 20- page memo to Buhari by 9:00 this morning, by 10 he has finished reading it and he will ask you to come. When you get there, you will see that he has read it and made notes. If you give the same memo to Babangida, he would not read it for one week.

Buhari loves Nigeria, not only because he was a sol­dier and signed his life for Nigeria, I know from all the people around, he’s the only person that I can vouch for. They used to insult me that Jonathan (President Good­luck Jonathan) is Ijaw and I am an Ijaw man too, why am I supporting a Fulani man? I am not going to support you because you are Ijaw, I am going to support you to lead Nigeria and do well for the country

I have written two books on Buhari: one is who really is Gen Buhari and the other one is 16 sins of Buhari, which are qualities of Buhari. In the book, I wrote on the lies they are telling about him. In fact, Femi Adesina (Managing Director of The Sun newspapers) was the master of ceremony when I launched the book at NI­IA(Nigerian Institute of International Affairs) in Lagos.

I have a third book on him, which I have not finished – General Buhari: A Rare Gem. I don’t have Buhari’s phone number. I don’t phone him. Why do I do that? It’s because I don’t want to be tempted to be phoning him to discuss. If I want to talk to Buhari, I know how.

Buhari can turn this country around. I have strong faith in this. If my father is contesting an election against Gen Buhari as president, I will vote for Buhari, not my father. I will tell my father: I know you are a good man. But you have no business with politics. You cannot do it. you are a banker, go and manage money. I cannot vote for you because Buhari will do better than you. Buhari is a fantastic man.

For example, they are talking of economy while the greatest problem in Nigeria is corruption. If you can take care of corruption, everything will fall in place. Gen Buhari refused to devalue the naira in spite of the fact that when he came to power, Nigeria was broke. Shagari (Alhaji Shehu Shagari, former president of Ni­geria), was negotiating for N2billion IMF loan before he was overthrown.

Buhari told me he would not take IMF loan. I asked him why and he said: If you take loan of N2billion now, we will not be able to finish paying it before we leave. So, the debt will be there for our children. He’s as care­ful as that.

You must have read that Buhari cancelled Lagos metro line. It is a lie. I have published the story before. I don’t write anything without a research. I phoned him on it and he said: No, when we came to power on January 1, 1984, Nigeria did not know how much foreign debt they are owing. They don’t know the figure. Shagari did not know.

He said Lagos State came with a project, which would gulp over N100billion or so, guaranteed by the Federal Government. It’s a big loan for the project in those days. He said Federal Government could not guarantee the loan of N100billion when we did not know how much we are owing. So, Lagos State government thought of it, looked at it and jettisoned it by itself. He told me: Look professor, how can I cancel a project that I am not part of? I cannot cancel it.

Buhari cited another example. He said when he was in PTF (Petro­leum Trust Fund), the first N1.2 billion they made was spent on Lagos waterworks. Many people just write, they don’t investigate. This is why I don’t have respect for so many people called intellectuals. When Bu­hari was Head of State, $1.5 was N1:00; today, it is over N190 to $1 dollar. Then, it was N2 to £1; today it is over N240 to £1.

As regards the economy, they are talking that the oil price has fallen. Oil is still being sold for $57 per barrel. When Buhari came to power, oil price was $30 per barrel. During that time too, it went down to about $15. But he managed the economy.

When OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) decided to get the market share, oil price fell to about $15 per barrel, yet we survived. We survived because of good lead­ership and good focus. Now, they are saying the oil price is coming down, what will Buhari do?

I am absolutely certain that Buhari will turn the economy round. Why? It is because some of the blueprints he had to turn the economy round, he had not implemented before he was overthrown. I know that some of the blueprints are still on his table. So, one of the blueprints we used was very ingenious. The London Financial Times of May 1984 said it was extra-ordinary. We made IMF irrelevant. It is very simple. The economy can move.

I trust and love Buhari. He said something when he was launching his book in Port Har­court and I am very humbled by it. He said: Ser­vice to our country brought Tam and I together and the ideals we share in common make us friends. He said: Tam is somebody you can trust and that he can go to the forest with him, with­out being afraid.

I like him. Everything I have said about Gen Buhari cannot be controverted. He can change this country round. He loves the common man. In 1984, I took a memo to the council on oil price, but Buhari said even if we increase the oil price by 10 kobo or five kobo, kerosene price must never be increased. Senator Chris Anyan­wu is still alive, she can bear me witness.

What is happening today? They have trillions of naira as kerosene subsidy, which is a lie.

During Buhari’s time, we never imported one litre of petrol; we were even exporting petrol. Why is it so? It’s because you don’t need a mid­dleman. There is no petrol subsidy. Buhari and I had said it independently, even Gani Fawehin­mi. If you are talking about subsidy, why do you need a middleman? The Nigerian middlemen go and import a refined product from abroad. Of course, they inflate the price by giving us all sorts of figures.

The petrol price in Nigeria should not be more than N40 per litre. They were abusing me. I challenged Okonjo Iweala (Minister of Fi­nance and Coordinating Minister of Economy) to a debate, she never came. A professor of pe­troleum of Nigeria in Texas wrote to one of the people and I still have a copy in my house, that petrol price in Nigeria should not be more than about N35 per litre.

Why is it so? It’s because he’s a focused man. He’s not making money from it. Buhari has not got oil bloc. He has no oil contract. As I am talking to you now, it is not because I am righteous, I have never had oil listing contract, oil bloc and shares in oil companies. When oil companies were advertising for shares, which I could buy like any other Nigerian; neither Bu­hari, nor myself bought shares in those compa­nies.

Even, if they gave us 1,000 shares, they gave to us because he was Head of State and I was Minister of Petroleum. He is as careful as that. Buhari served this country well and he can turn it round. I am happy and I thank Almighty God, He has brought him back. What has happened is a great victory for Nigeria and we must give all glory to God.

We saw different images of Gen Bu­hari portrayed by the opposition during the electioneering such as being a dic­tator, religious bigot and ethnic jingoist. But you have always been a defender of his persona. Now, Nigerians have given their verdict on what they think of the opposition campaign. But there are fears that military mentality and tem­perament may come to the fore.

Do you know that Buhari’s executive coun­cil was more democratic than Shagari’s parlia­ment? When he was Military Head of State, he never liked the word president. While Baban­gida preferred Military President, Buhari pre­ferred Head of State. Buhari’s executive coun­cil, which is like the parliament now, was more democratic than Shagari’s government. I have evidence. There is nothing I tell you that I can­not support with paper evidence.

Shagari, when he was president, even com­plained that to get some of his bills passed, he had to pay his party men. I know a lawmaker, who complained to me that before he got to House to vote, they used to meet in a senator’s house in Victoria Island, Lagos, where they used to give them some money before they would go and vote for the party.

If a minister came to present a memo to the council, after the presentation, Buhari would ask every minister to make general comments about what they feel about the memo. Buhari and Tunde Idiagbon, of course, were there; they would not react as ministers. After the general comments, he would say we should vote.

In fact, I wrote an article entitled: Democ­racy in a Military Government. They could not believe it. Even at OPEC meetings, I had to explain to the Europeans that it was a mil­itary but we are running a democratic system. At the policy making level, Buhari would say: Gentlemen, you have finished speaking, how many ministers support the memo. If you are in support raise your hands. He will count it and put it down. How many ministers don’t support the memo? They raised their hands to. He would say: Gentlemen, 10 ministers support the memo, eight ministers did not support the memo. The memo is lost.

If we are operating a democratic system of decision making, it is not new to him now. For instance, I had a memo for some increase in pe­troleum tax, Buhari supported me and Idiagbon supported me. Buhari was so sure that after the memo, we would win. Buhari told the Attorney General that at the end of the memo, this part of NNPC law has to be changed. The Attorney Gen­eral walked up to me in council and said: Honour­able minister, look at this place, is it the place they are going to change after your memo if you win? I said yes. But I was so sure. But when I presented and voted, we lost. Buhari lost, Idiagbon lost and I lost. Buhari just said: Gentlemen, we have lost; take the next memo.

So, his coming now is not new. Democracy is not just about voting. It is a culture. Democracy is what you believe is right to be done. So, democra­cy is not new to Buhari.

There are fears that with the enormous power of the executive president under the presidential system of government, he may abuse his powers and bastardise our democracy like former President Olusegun Obasanjo purportedly did in the removal of Senate President, party leaders, EFCC selective persecution of opponents with impunity and so on. What is your take?

Professor Ben Nwabueze wrote a book after Obasanjo: How Obasanjo Destroyed Democracy in Nigeria. Why didn’t he write when Obasanjo was the president? I have a copy of the book in my house. Professor Nwabueze, a great man, but he published it after Obasanjo had left office.

Also, Odimegwu-Ojukwu said Obasanjo is a democratically elected president but he has mil­itary instinct; but not Buhari. Democarcy is not something you just jump into, you must believe in it. It must be part of our culture. Democratic ethos is part of Buhari’s life. He demonstrated it when he was Military Head of State that every member must be voted for democratically to the extent that he himself lost a memo when we voted.

In democracy, we have separation of powers – the executive, legislature and judiciary. We also have checks and balances. Buhari, for instance, is somebody that will not say like my friend, Obasanjo did sometime, he cannot cow down the legislature. Buhari will not influence the judicia­ry. In Buhari, Nigeria will have real democracy and separation of powers. The Buhari that I know will never interfere with the National Assembly. I know he will never interfere with the judiciary. It is his culture. So, there is nothing to fear.

To say that Buhari is a religious bigot is abso­lutely rubbish. If you read my book: 16 Sins of Bu­hari, you will discover that he is more religiously accommodating than anybody. People also called him an fundamentalist, sometime some people write without even thinking.

It was also speculated that he would Islamise Nigeria

No President can Islamise Nigeria. No Muslim Head of State can Islamise Nigeria. No Chris­tian Head of State can Christianise Nigeria. The constitution is very clear. Even during military government when constitution was suspended, no Head of State can do that. Do you know when he was Military Head of State, when there was no constitution, he could have done that. But he doesn’t believe in it.

Why do I say that? To change any part of the constitution, you need two-third majority of the states of the federation. To change a letter of the constitution, two-third of the federation must agree and the Houses of Assembly must agree. When he was Military Head of State, he could get that as a military man, he did not even attempt it. How can he attempt it now that it has to go to par­liament? He cannot Islamise Nigeria.

To say that Buhari is a religious fundamentalist is a credit. My family has been Christian for 106 years. I am an Anglican fundamentalist. When you say somebody is a fundamentalist, it means that he believes in his religion. I am a Christian fundamentalist. I believe in the Bible. If you are a Muslim fundamentalist, you believe in Quran. So, what is wrong about that? I don’t go to church on Sunday and go to Babalawo at night.

Three of Buhari’s domestic staff are Christians. His confidential secretary is a Christian, his sec­ond security officer is a Christian, his second head driver is a Christian. They have been with him for years

Apart from being in his government, you have also, over the time, being his close friend; who is the Buhari that Ni­gerians do not know?

Buhari is more detribalised, more religious tolerant than anyone I have met. In 1984, I stopped OPEC meeting from taking place. We met in Geneva on December 22, 1984 for a tow-day meeting. We thought the meeting would finish latest December 24. But the leaders said the matter for discussion would not allow the meeting to end on December 24.

So, they said we should continue on Decem­ber 25, which was Christmas Day. I told them: I am sorry, I cannot stay here as Christian to have OPEC meeting on Christmas Day. I have to go. Over 80 per cent members of OPEC are Muslims. We argued. My friend, Saudi Arabia Oil Minister, Zaki Yamani, had been minister for 24 years. We talked. He said the OPEC has changed. He still insisted that we should have the meeting on December 25.

Yamani said sometime in the 70s, the OPEC meeting in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) went up to December 25, and King Faisal had dinner for both Christian and Muslim ministers. I said that’s very good. If a Christian leaves his home to go to Saudi Arabia for Christian dinner, then something is wrong with him. I said: Gentle­men, I am the leader of the Nigerian delegation, I am pulling out my delegation back to Nigeria tomorrow, December 23 and I pulled out Ni­gerian delegation, there was crisis in OPEC. I told them: Gentlemen, can you people have OPEC meeting on Eid-el-Maulud, date of birth of Prophet Mohammed? I object to it, you can go on.

Do you know some Christians had told Bu­hari to sack me for causing international crisis? I have written a book on this, nobody can chal­lenge me. I don’t say anything without record. When I arrived, I went to Dodan Barracks to re­port to Buhari, he said he saw everything on tele­vision and heard it on radio. Do you know what he did? He never sacked me. He congratulated me on what I did. He said we must respect each other’s religion. That same day, himself and Idi­agbon sent me Christmas presents.

Many of Buhari’s campaign sponsors, including the APC National Leader, Asi­waju Bola Tinubu and Rivers State gov­ernor, Rotimi Amaechi, are perceived to be corrupt. Would their relationship and influence on his government not affect the administration’s credibility?

They used to say, show me your friend and I will tell you what you are. There is nobody that is corrupt that can influence Buhari. He has made it clear that there would be no discrimi­nation in the fight against corruption. If you are corrupt, you cannot work with Buhari. If you are corrupt, shed that corruption before you come because he will disgrace you. His zero-tolerance for corruption is one of his cardinal strengths. He cannot change it.

The 2014 National Conference con­vened by President Goodluck Jonathan came out with over 600 resolutions, most of which are perceived to be against the North. Gen Buhari is from the North and his party, APC did not believe in the conference. Do you think Buhari will implement the resolutions?

They are talking about National Conference and Petroleum Industry Bill. There are a lot of things that came up at that National Conference that were nonsense. As one of the people that drafted the 1979 Constitution, Wayas and Ona­goruwa, said it is the best constitution. But it is not constitution, it is Nigerians. With the state of Nigerian system, people are lying. But that system was just aided by the military. Murtala Mohammed gave them a blanket cheque. I must correct this image, there are lies against Murtala Mohammed, including some people that drafted the constitution.

Murtala Mohammed, I have the speech inau­gurating 49 of us, gave us free hands to oper­ate. He asked us to suggest anything we like on how to move this nation forward. Why do you choose presidential system? Many Nigerians wrote to us and over 80 per cent of Nigerians wanted presidential system because they are dis­pleased with the parliamentary system.

So, presidential system was chosen by Nige­rians, not by the military, not by 49 of us. The memos we received from Nigerian public, with­in and outside the country preferred presidential system. So, we chose presidential system be­cause of them, not because somebody told us to choose presidential system.

That we are not operating presidential sys­tem well is because Nigerians are corrupt. Why should a Nigerian senator earn more than the United States President, Barack Obama? The Americans have operated presidential system for over 200 years and they are still operating. America is one of the strongest economies in the world.

In Nigeria, we are wealthy, but we have a very poor economy. So, why should a senator in Ni­geria earn more than Obama? In fact, somebody once wrote that a senator in Nigeria can employ four Obamas. So, don’t blame the constitution. It is us.

On the allegation that he is from the North and he will not implement the National Conference resolutions, if I as an Ijaw man is the president and they bring the report of the conference be­fore me, I will sit on it. I know the drama they did there. A lot of things there are very divisive.

In fact, one of them said his tribe had 90 per cent of what they wanted as a people. Did you go there to work for Nigeria or your tribe? There were a lot of things at that National Conference that did not go through at all. If Jonathan imple­ments the resolutions, it is a disservice to Nige­ria. I will urge him never to implement them. There must be a plebiscite. A lot of things that were said there were not in the interest of Nige­ria. Many people went to fight for their ethnic groups.

So, that confab document should not be tak­en hook, line, and sinker. We must look at it very closely as Nigerians. Jonathan should not implement it because he is PDP. No. If Buhari doesn’t implement it, it is not because he is from the North. If they say most of the things they are saying there are against the North, is that how to pull Nigeria together? Did they go there to do one for the North and one for the South? We went there to discuss something that will unite Nigeria and move together as a people.

The confab document, as it is, should not be implemented because it is not in the interest of Nigeria. They must have another group to look at it and whatever comes out of that group must be sent to Nigerians for plebiscite.

The same thing happened to the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), don’t implement it. I am happy he has not implemented it. I have written 40 pages of comments on the PIB, which I will publish later. The PIB, which everybody was clamouring for, if he implements it the way it is, the petroleum industry will die.

There are a lot of things that will make foreign investors to run away from this county. Without the foreign investors, Nigeria cannot manage the oil industry alone. Shell, for instance, produces 50 per cent of our oil. Shell operates here and all over the world. If Shell closes its operation in Nigeria, Shell will not suffer, it is Nigeria that will suffer. Oil makes over 80 per cent of Nige­rian budget.

Nigerians cannot run the oil company without foreign participation because it is capital inten­sive. They provide the funds and the expertise. If we have well-trained Nigerians, what of the funds?

When Rilwan Lukman was there as the oil minister, what did he do? We have a Petroleum Institute in Effurun in Delta State, which is about to be upgraded to a university. Lukman estab­lished another petroleum institute in Kaduna. When they asked him why, he said it was estab­lished to train middle-class manpower.

So, the PIB is not as good as people think. I will advise Buhari not to implement it. He should set up another body. He should select and delegate 40 of us from different backgrounds, from different parts of the country and believe in Nigeria. Let them look at the document and produce a working document. Even at that, don’t sign it; send it as a plebiscite for Nigerians to vote for.

Given the perceived high level of corruption in the hierarchy of the Nige­rian military, how feasible is the Presi­dent-elect’s promise to bring a swift end to insurgency in the North East?

Buhari has been there before. Buhari stopped Maitatsine insurgency (of 1980). He was then a General Officer Commanding (GOC). Why has Jonathan not been able to do it? There is a bud­get for the military. They voted huge amount of money to buy equipment, it was there; they nev­er did anything. Buhari doesn’t need big project to fight corruption. Immediately Buhari is sworn in, corrupt people will shake. They will correct themselves and run away.

I was listening to the Minister of Works, Mike Onolememen; he said in one road contract alone, he was to find out that it was overestimated by N11billion. He said he was kind enough to can­cel it, and they never complained.

The same thing happened during Buhari’s time. A particular big man in Nigeria, whose name I will not mention, wrote to Buhari that in one contract he had, he was going to remove N10 million. Then, one of the ministers said, af­ter Buhari presented the letter to us, said: This is a very good thing. The government should write to the contractor to congratulate him. I said no.

What I am saying now, I have witness; Pat­rick Koshoni, former Chief of Naval Staff, is still alive. He is a very brilliant and articulate man. Some other ministers too are still alive. Kalu Idika Kalu is still alive. I said don’t con­gratulate him. If he on his own can give us N10 million, there will be other N10 million some­where. He cannot do the contract free. He was afraid that he would be caught. So, on his own, he purged himself of corruption.

Many corrupt people will run away from Nigeria without Buhari catching them. What I know is that the money they have taken from this country, he will bring it back.

On Boko Haram, Buhari is a General of repute and he fought Maitatsine insurgency, which was worse thanBoko Haram. Boko Ha­ram was started by politicians, like Niger Delta militants. They used them and dumped them. Maitatsine riot was not started by politicians. It was an upsurge of either religious or fanaticism. But Buhari was able to stop them.

During Shagari’s administration, Saad invad­ed some parts of Nigeria. Buhari was GOC and he drove them out. Even, when Shagari told him to stop, he said in one interview, that he refused to collect the Commander-in-Chief’s letter until he gave Cameroon breathing nose. He can do it. The military will be stronger and the military likes him because he knows where the shoes pinch.

What is your take on the agitations of the people that Buhari should probe the Jonathan administration and his aides as a result of alleged reports of monu­mental corruption under his administra­tion? But Buhari said he would not go after the past administration? What is your take on this?

Buhari said Jonathan has nothing to fear, yes I agree. But Jonathan has nothing to fear, pro­vided he has acted well. If he has not acted well, he has everything to fear. If there is any dirt in his cupboard, he has everything to fear because Buhari will clean the cupboard.

What do you think Buhari should do about people, who peddled vicious lies and campaign of hate against him, during electioneering, because a lot of people apparently believed them?

Two things; anything that has to do with libel, I will tell him not to forgive but go to court. He has already said he would take Femi Fani-Kayo­de to court. I am one of the witnesses. How can you so support somebody so much that you will be so wicked and so violent? Ayo Fayose (Ekiti State governor) said Buhari would die. But he was one of the first people to congratulate him; that is cheap now. He doesn’t impress me and he doesn’t impress Buhari.

What should he do? People that have been very wicked to him, called him name, take ac­tion against them. But don’t punish anybody because he or she abused you. If somebody says you are corrupt, make him to prove the corrup­tion.



  1. I’m really curious to see what he’ll do about our millionaire NA members, both as to future pay and pensions as well as the past fat “salaries” they’ve taken.

  2. Ever maverick Prof Tam David-West, one of the very few highly respected, upright and cerebral intellectuals in this country, is right on point regarding his evaluations of the person of General Muhammad Buhari.

    Prof. himself is a man of stellar integrity as I reminiscence of him driving himself in his Peugeot 505 GL model car, always in his cream-colour safari suits coming to either type, photocopy or spiral-bind documents and materials in a very modest-looking business centre in Mellanby Hall, University of Ibadan; even after having served as a Minister for Petroleum Resources in the country!

    That was my student days in the University of Ibadan and I regard myself privileged to have passed through the tutelage of this great and upright scholar.

  3. Buhari is the Man we waiting for. Plz carefully select your ministers. Advise Nigerians that better change is everyone responsibility. Change need to start from Home, Church, mosque, and Work places

  4. Prof has said it all. Those who have ears let them hear. Even, if you are blind, but you can hear the sound of noise to differentiate crisis sound from peaceful sound. Even if you are deaf, but you can see to identify nature of happening.

    A word is enough for the wise

    Thanks Prof.

  5. Professor have spoken as someone who was part of a system ran by the person of GMB.Prof’s piece is about deliverables to Nigeria and Nigerians. The truth is always bitter but that is the only thing that can stand the rigours of time. Looting and corruption should not be defended under the creed of region, religion, party affiliation or medieval tribal bigotry. We must practice what we say, an example prof displayed and is still displaying. The ephemeral pursuit of our supposed leaders is tantamount to mental disorder. How do you enjoy your loot and blood money in an impoverished society. You will have to contend with so many challenges which include security. The canker worm in the polity is corruption, tackle it and all things will fall in line. I humbling recommend that looted funds be returned to government coffers, I don’t think this is witch hunting.

  6. First of all, I will say a big congratulations to the General, and to all Nigerians for this well deserved victory. The General must make sure all our military pensioners are paid all the money the past administration is owing immediately. And all those who embezzled public funds pay or go to jail.

    I congratulate and welcome you into the burden of Nigeria. I voted for APC not because of the party but because of one man who stood with incorruptible integrity for more than 30 years, and has a lasting vision that this country can be better no matter the forces confronting us; the number of times you contested revealed this.
    General Buhari, your faith in Nigeria makes me to support you irrespective of many paradigms that set us apart which include religion, ethnicity and your age – your old age. However I want you to take cognisance of few things which can help your government as your take up the mandate:
    1. Don’t spend your precious time on taking revenge; move forward.
    2. Be conscious that not everyone in your party values integrity; be sure of those you will invite into governance.
    3. Don’t rule this nation based on your political party’s advice. Let all Nigerians be carried along.
    4. Don’t waste our resources on unfruitful empowerment programs, give us power (light and fuel) instead. People cannot be empowered without power (Electricity) otherwise the empowerment will become powder.
    4. You are already old, don’t use our money to make avoidable trips, stay at home and fix the nation.
    5. All Nigerians voted you in and so you must treat all regions and religions equally.
    6. Allow democracy, receive criticisms and always come out to deny every statement that is not spoken by you but attributed to you.
    7. Lastly, don’t be religion biased and remember to commend Professor A. Jega with national award for bailing us out of a very critical moment that could have caused a great set back to our democracy.
    Thank you and God bless.
    Wait! Please recall one of my articles where I said you should make political offices’ dividends less attractive so that the pressure from politicians can be greatly reduced.
    Thank you once again.
    AJANI Adegbenro Sunday.

  8. God bless Nigeria. I perceived it, and now it will come to pass. Pls let’s broadcast this Excerpt.

  9. Prof. Tam David West, educated me profoundly on General Buhari. I have believed GMB while watching his campaigns that he would deliver. He passed his message in a few words and he came across as truthful and sincere.
    We have watched Prof go to jail for being true to himself and patriotic to Nigeria. He came out of prison more respected than diminished. Prof is a national hero and General Buhari winning this presidency in his lifetime is his vindication for being steadfast and standing for truth. We can only but emulate him. When the Federal Might threw its searchlight on Prof seeking to find some corruption in him, they found that he drank tea and a souvenir was received on his behalf. How comic it was that he had to be jailed for being innocent. May you live long Professor Tam David West.

  10. The long awaited change has come,i believe.I implore Gen.Buhari to put all the necessary machineries on motion to make nigeria a better country again.The likes of Fani-Kayode & Ayo Fayose should be brought to book for their respective derogatory remarks over Gen.Buhari & also,for their heinous roles in marring the peaceful co-existence of the country.

  11. Dear Prof, glad to know you are still kicking around. I wish there were more people like you around. I remember those days very well. They were 20 months during which I was proud of my nation. I was proud to be a Nigerian. Outside the country, we regained our respect, inside, people worked for their pay and did the right things for the right reasons. At the moment all that has gone out of the window. I hope Buhari turns us back. My worry is that the chain is as strong as its weakest link. He is surrounded mostly by thieves and rogues. The National Assembly will be filled by people who are planning to loot the treasury. They will try to scupper his administration. That is what worries me. I hope I am wrong.

    • Nothing about Nigeria worries me more than the National Assembly which comprises of men and women who care less for the common man but looking for ways to strangulates the country through their demands. I pray that there is something we can do to make NA unattractive by drastically reducing their total monthly package to #300,000. Let Federal govt build a housing complex of 4 bedroom apartment and allocate one each to every member. Furnish each apartment with with 300,000 every 4 years. You will see that only those who love Nigeria will be interested in the NA.

  12. One of the few respectable men in Nigeria. Gifted, brilliant and most importantly,truthful. Only the new generation may marvel at his revelation.We all prayed and God answered, now let us rebuild our nation. Non conformists will be uncomfortable but we will succeed!

  13. Fantastic. Firstly, I congratulate the president-Elect and Nigerians for a victory well deserved. With the Accounts given by prof, Nigeria is now in good hands. Buhari is an impeccable Nigerian who has come to serve and not to be served.
    You have the support of all Nigerians in your striving endeavours. May you be blessed.

  14. congratulations GMB, n to u Prof. thank u for giving us the previllege to know more about our president-elect, may Allah help him in transforming our dear country to a positive nation where there is no different between d rich n d poor, a just egalitarian society, where no one superior to another, opportunity for all, where atleast $1 = N5, where Nigerians abroad rush back home, n a peaceful society, God bless u Prof. God bless GMB, God bless Nigerians n God bless Nigeria.

  15. We here in the north even for those who are in other parties knws much better about who is Buhari, there same chracters of Buhari but not as GMB,cos GMB is man of upright honest, intelligent obove intelligent s too many to mantion, from 2003 to date during campaign and election political aspirants has to mage their postars with GMB picture even opposition parties before they can be manage to win election not only of his popularity alone because of his honesty and dispiline in all angules of leathership,
    God bless you prof for your good revelations about GMB,
    God bless all Nigerian and
    God bless Nigeria

  16. Incomparable, this is surely one of the best leaders Nigeria has ever produced.

  17. The ever brilliant Professor Tom David West. Consistently positive in his view of GMB. There is no way this electoral victory will be viewed outside the shadows of those who stood by him all the way. You stand tall among such individuals, Prof. What an educating account. Thanks Prof.

  18. Prof Tamunoemi Sokari David-West, I must say is a rare personality, like his Boss GMB. I was born in November 1983, meaning I was completely oblivious of the happenings around me as it were around the time they both were @ the helms of affairs. I took interest in the Prof reading articles about him in very old editions of the newswatch, tell and those sorts of magazines we had stacked away in the house. I’m certain he has a frontline role to play in the incoming administration especially as regards making some sense of what has become of our oil industry and especially the NNPC. I pray God gives him strength for the tasks ahead, as I’m without doubt that with the likes of GMB and my beloved Prof talking charge, this country will certainly be a better place for “most” Nigerians, expect for we know who!

  19. I really can’t wait to see this HOPE come to reality.
    And to those dat dont have national identity card
    Its time to get it .Trust me you will be glad you belong to Nigeria!.

  20. A very big thanks to prof David west.We tank God for putting Nigeria back on track and my main concern nw is for the president elect to leave up to his promise because thats wen the youths of dis country we belive the so many good comments attributed to his personality and also disbelieve the so many derogatory and scandalous remarks about his days as military Head of state.His anticipated accomplishment will therefore will be d diciding factor as to what he really is.Nigerians are watching and we wish him well as he pilot d ship of dis nation

  21. A very big thanks to prof David west.We tank God for putting Nigeria back on track and my main concern nw is for the president- Elect to live up to his promise because thats wen the youths of dis country we belive the so many good comments attributed to his personality and also disbelieve the so many derogatory and scandalous remarks about his days as military Head of state.His anticipated accomplishment will therefore be d diciding factor as to what he really is.Nigerians are watching and we wish him well as he pilot d ship of dis nation

  22. Sir, that is the change in Democratically elected leaders we the “common man” have since being hoping for, we pray he select his like as his cabinet not the type paraded by GEJ who eventually cause his downfall, Congratulations United Peoples of Nigeria, God bless you Prof. and God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.

  23. I was too young to know about his rulership. Now is the time to follow up closely.
    When you are in support of someone or something you don’t see the flaws. Perhaps because of the writer love for him he covers some truth.
    Let’s understudy him and at the end of his tenure we can all give our verdicts.

    • Akinola, surely You have little or no knowledge about prof. Tam for You to have insinuated That he could

      l have covered up some négatives of GMB.for your Information This a man of impeccable character That You should believe even more than the most respected géo and emmams in Nigéria.You should rather learn than be a skeptic.

  24. Thank you sir for giving us the opportunity to know our president-elect better.
    I have no doubt about how good his administration will be.
    I remember vividly well the benefits we all enjoyed when he was there as Head of state. It is time for continuation.
    I wish GMB the very best.

  25. I want to first and foremost congratulate the president- elect the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.most especially prof. Tam David West, upon his good luck in having the opportunity to study the life,habits, idea, and ideas,of the people of Nigeria and to have known and to have worked with the president mohammadu Buhari. My mind is a bit at rest now,though Brigadier Idiagbon is no more there will be someone to look up to though he might not be among the cabinet, but at least someone who still have brain or who can link us or anyone thought or idea to the president elect , I want to use this media to tell the president, not to allow any of these suspect to travel out of the country now until they are checked free. and security official should take note and secondly Nigeria Government is not ready take any loan or to to borrow any country in the world offering of any kind and thirdly my president is a brave and brilliant man all those cross over or decamped from other parts as you can call them, not many decamped for a good mood or motives and let me remind you once again that this is not military regime it’s another area you might not have enough experience but don’t worry the Lord is your strength. Let me know on time once you are confused or about to be. Don’t ask whom am I. This note may not get to you or it may managed to.
    God bless you and the good people you’re going to work with. God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria .

  26. Thanks Prof. for clearing this for us. I will be glad if the General Buhari can start with Power# Electricity on day 1 and stop importation of generators temporarily .
    All the vandals must be procecuted and punished if found guilty. Up Nigerian

  27. I really thank God for hearing the cry of Nigerians,let’s still continue to pray for our newly elected president that God in His infinite mearcy will grant him all he needs to pilot d affairs of this great nation.

  28. I tank almighty Allah fr gift life n congratulate GMB fr his victry. Thank you sir for giving us the opportunity to know our president-elect better. may God mak our dreams com tru.

  29. What a dream come true!
    GMB, please be focused.
    In an egg race neither the applause nor accusations matter but a fulfilling accomplishment. Its a new dawn indeed for Nigeria and Nigerians.
    Thanks to Prof for the forerunner’s exposition.
    Sai Baba!

  30. My fears now about Nigeria is that when Buhari acsend the presidency and start to pursue the looters, would there not be cries of witch hunting? Let us all realise that those who have looted our treasuries will not fold their hands or easily return what they carted away. It will take all manners of force and decisiveness to make them pay back. Will the EFCC and the judiciary not compromise? Will justice be served as quickly as possible? Will our people not rise in defence of their kinsmen like in the case of Ibori? Are we all going to support Buhari when he pounces on looters within APC and not tag him as an ungrateful person because they help him with money for campaign? There are so many questions that are begging for answers. Above all, I will advise Buhari to start house cleaning from his constituency which is APC. The fact that Nigerians voted for APC does not mean that we are happy and comfortable with some moneybags within the party. We only need the CHANGE and we have persevered to get it. Now is the time to clean the house and we should leave no stone unturned. God will help Buhari. Let us all continue to pray for him because the HAWKS will not want him to succeed. As we jointly dislodged PDP, let us join hands together to support this new dispensation by burying our tribal sentiments and move Nigeria forward.

  31. Thank you Prof Tam David West, a true Nigerian indeed in whom there is guile.
    May God make the President-elect the Nehemaih of our nation to bring forth honour and dignity to our nation and people.
    Let the President-elect beware of the Sanballats and Tobiahs, the enemies of the nation and people. (Nehemaih Chapters 1 – 13).
    The President-elect requires the prayers of all, both young and old so that our expectations of his administration and leadership may be fulfilled. Nigerians, pray for him, that God Almighty may build this nation through him. Pray so that we and our children may enjoy the abundant resources the good Lord has bestowed on our land for us.
    May GMB finish and end well like the Nelson Mandella of South Africa.
    May God be gracious and merciful to build and bless Nigeria and her people for His praise, glory and honour in Jesus mighty name.

  32. I love reading every peace of Prof Tam David West, he has not hide his love for the honesty of general Buhari even when IBB and Abacha were ruling with impunity. So what is saying now is just re-echoing what he has been saying when even the general have no idea that he is coming again to fulfil his dream for this country. General Buhari stood tall among those of us who admire him and because of our love for him God eventually installed after our third consecutive votes. My advise to those who has stolen the country wealth is to start dropping it. If the general did not collect the money in their possesion what will he use to run the programme he earmarked for the people. The is no way he would fight curruption whithout recourse to the past. Any body that purge himself or herself from stolen wealth will be forgiven. Nigeriaaaaaaa, say Buhariiii

  33. Under zero tolerance to curruption there is no way someone who stole money before independent can work freely as a citizen. Therefore all the people that stole money should be ready to purge themslves. We need money to run free education and health.

  34. Thanks Prof. for that great job. it’s a masterpiece. Prof TDW, A man with first hand working relationship with GMB. Your witness is a good witness. Our prayer is that God will keep and shield His servant (GMB) and bring men of like mind to join him in this project of our nation’s rebuilding. And not all these funny decamped and otherwise parties members whose cloak is corruption and foot wear stealing. Corruption will not be celebrated in Nigeria anymore and integrity and uprightness have come to stay in Jesus name. Amen

  35. Prof have gone history lane to tell us , about who the president- elect is and the qualities he possessed as a leader, and I want to believe ,he will lead by example . However ,he need to be careful about Hawks ,in human clothes around him. We ,Nigerians own GMB ,our prayer of intercession ,for him to succeed ,especially to get rid of corrupt practices , why MUST we be importing fuel ,when we have 4 refineries , Electricity has been privatized / commercialized ,yet no light . Three is God oooo

  36. Thanks Prof. TDW. God bless you for the well elucidating, informative, educative and elaborate in-depth information about who actually the man GMB was as you know him, due to your closeness to him when destiny brought both of you together in the service to your Fatherland. I also appreciate you, for giving all the glory to God Almighty for making the emergence of GMB as the President-Elect of Federal Republic of Nigeria possible. Moreover, please do not decline, if and when you are call upon to render services to this great nation and highly endowed country, by GMB. Our prayer is that God gives both of you sound heath, long life, peace, joy and rest of mind, the grace, wisdom, understanding and knowledge to pilot the ship of the nation to the expected envisaged necessary, required glorious harbour and promise land; in the mighty and precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ Amen.

  37. Good Morning my country Nigeria! It is in deed a new dawn. Thanks to the multitudes of the people of Nigeria, who came out under rain and sun to cast their votes for GMB, even without the knowledge gained presently, of who GMB was as a Military Head of State, from a close associate, that worked under him, as a Minister, in his cabinet. Also for the very elaborate and informative information of the erudite re-known Professor of virology, we say thank you sir. God bless.

  38. It’s really gonna be so beautiful and fantastic. “Buhari” People have good thoughts ’bout him. Let’s see if he’s really the man….

  39. Dear Professor Tam David West, thanks a lot for bringing this priceless and highly valuable article to the notice of every Nigerian in particular and the whole of the World populace in general. secondly, I still have to thank you once more for giving us the opportunity to know more about our President. Thirdly, I once again, congratulate our Elected President for his Landslide victory in the last Presidential Election in Nigeria. Fourthly, I also need to congratulate the whole of Nigeria Populace for their prayers been accepted by their Majesty Creator, the Almighty Father. Fivethly, I profoundly congratulate myself and thank the Almighty Father, for giving me the opportunity to witness and enjoy good governance in my life through General Mohammud Buhari. As we all know that everything needs prayer, we must not relent in our andervours to continue to May God continue to be with us/you and every member of your Family. I remain here for the main time while we hope Mohammed Buhari will lead us to the promise land , amen.

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