Teachers Can Make Nigeria Powerful Again, Says Adebule…. THE GUARDIAN

The Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Adebule, says teachers have the capacity to make Nigeria a powerful and well-educated country, in spite of current challenges.Adebule, who is also the Commissioner for Education, made the remark while speaking with newsmen on Wednesday in Lagos in commemoration of World Teachers’ Day.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the United Nations in 1994 proclaimed Oct. 5 as World Teachers’ Day to celebrate the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels.

She said that teachers play vital role in nation building, as they help nurture desirable, useful and purposeful children to take up leadership positions in the country.“The children are the future and the teachers are the ones who are getting them ready for their tasks as leaders of tomorrow with wisdom, exposure and resources.

“I commend all our teachers for their steadfastness, commitment, and dedication towards moulding the future of our children.

“It is by their support that we have been able to grow and develop the education sector of the state. We indeed appreciate your efforts and support to this administration.’’

Adebule urged the teachers to continue to put in their best and recognise that their role in ensuring the future of Nigerian children and the country was secured.




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  1. Honestly i am waiting for the day Nigeria will have a government or at least a state government, that will talk less and do more.Lagos state, since ambode took over, has spent 80% of the time talking and 20% of the time taking action. I give credit to where credit is due but to whom much is given, much is expected.

    The commissioner and deputy governor is right in saying teachers can make Nigeria better. Well they can aide in teaching the next generations to come, a good way of thinking and being responsible, amongst other lessons lacking in these present generations. The question now is, who are the teachers who will do such a thing? Is it the one who isn’t trained or qualified? Or the one who teaches with no passion but just to earn a living? Or the teacher who sleeps in class or has no patience with students? I worked as a teaching assistant in the UK. It was one of the many part time jobs I experienced while there. There is a massive gulf in class between the teachers here and those there. If you ever get to experience how children are taught there, you’d be ashamed of the standards here in Nigeria.

    With this said, I expected the deputy governor and commissioner for education to have announced some programming or initiative to revolutionise teaching and the standard of education in the state. I programming that will be effectively implemented, followed through and monitored by her and others qualified to do so. Please we do not need governance that is done just over the microphone.

    I’m also disappointed that no journalist there called her out on this and suggested something similar. No offence intended but most journalists these days concentrate more on reporting the news that being advocates and critics. I really miss the old generation of journalists during the military era.

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