Soyinka slams Jonathan on Alamieyeseigha’s pardon, says it’s immoral…..PREMIUM TIMES

The Jonathan presidency got a bloody eye Wednesday in Lagos, when Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, characterized the state pardon granted former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, by President Goodluck Jonathan, as both a corrupt act and an example of state impunity
Mr. Soyinka, who made the comments while opening this year’s edition of the Lagos Black Heritage Festival, also slammed comments made by President Jonathan’s spokesman, Reuben Abati, that those criticizing the immorality of the pardon were suffering from “sophisticated ignorance.”
“On the state pardon granted the former governor, I want to join the bandwagon of the ignorant persons. I am happy to be counted among them. For me, this kind of impunity is not unconnected to the controversy which has been surrounding the N4bn allocation being sought by the First Lady Mission. It is part of the same corrupt mentality,” remarked the professor of literature and renowned author.
Mr. Soyinka said it was odd for Jonathan to equate Mr. Alamieyeseigha’s case with those of the other people he granted pardon because, according to him, the cases of other ex-convicts were largely political, being victims of the late Sani Abacha junta who set them up in a phantom coup.
“What is going on right now gives the picture of a government that is floundering and justifying the unjustifiable. It amounts to encouragement of corruption. The United States Government wants the felon. We have a case of an officer of the law – a governor – who went to another country and broke the law of the nation. He jumped bail.
“I believe that such a person does not deserve a state pardon. So, I have joined the league of the ignorant persons condemning the act. I criticise and deplore President Jonathan for granting pardon to the former governor” he said.

JD:Professor Wole Soyinka is right!

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  1. The inclusion of Gen. Diya and others as well as the former M.D of bank of the North, one Bulama in the so-called state pardon given ex- convict, ex-governor Alamesighia is a camoflague to balance the regional equation. He (Mr. President) has thought it unwise to pardon his kinsman and former boss alone, hence the inclusion of others. My question to Mr. President and Nigrs is ‘what moral justification’ will our president have to tell Nigrs that his goverment have 0 tole rance for corruption. Jimi, let’s face it, this is a man who jumped bail in London for money laundering by dressing as a woman with 2 paded foams on his chest, with a headgear (gele) and possibly with a glowing wig and a Paris shading glass to match to hide her facial appearance. I think she will look attractive then for a willing suitor. Why will our rulers /lea ders be making us a lau ghing stock before the world community? Faruk Lawal, Elumelu and Undume all still re main in their seats in both houses with alledged criminal cases against them. This is not done in civilized societies. 2015 will deci de.

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