Social media analysis of presidential election BY ZIKA AJULUCHUKWU


The upcoming presidential election is no doubt the current trending topic in Nigeria today and Impact Social, a company who specialise in analysis of social media and its impact on politics and policy has over a four-day period, employed the use of a social media tool, which tracks every conversation, live. All Twitter, Facebook, blogs, 50 million websites, forums etc can be read by them.

Information is subsequently graded into Positive, Negative and Neutral to estimate the social media electorate’s view on the most mentioned candidates.

Find below the findings of the company’s recent research highlighting
social media’s sentiments on the candidates representing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC),

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan/PDP

Positivity towards Jonathan personally remains a key driver of the PDP campaign
(70 per cent positive/30 per cent negative). There are still some negative issues
weighing down the GEJ camp (Buhari, Chibok, postponement of the election). But again these are “compound” with no single issue driving significant
levels of negativity. There is work to do on some of the key issues
(infrastructure, education) but in this period messaging on the economy has
taken up (6 per cent) of the conversation and is seen as a key GEJ/PDP strength.

There is positive sentiment towards the PDP itself with a consistent
message around support for GEJ. This period might be characterised as one
of good control from the PDP/GEJ camp and shows good potential to keep
pressing home the big issues Nigerians care about. This analysis was
conducted using random, representative samples of over 40,000 tweets,
facebook posts, blogs, forums and news sites in Nigeria, which mention PDP
or GEJ. Our analysis methodology is proven to be at least 95 per cent accurate.

General Muhammed Buhari

The conversation is dominated by a general discussion of politics, which is
neither positive or negative. There are lots of “noisy” side issues being
discussed, but these are not being used as a campaign platform to gain
traction. Indeed, there has been some frustration voiced that APC is not
focusing on important issues. It might be said that the campaign lacks
consistency and content. Interestingly, momentum around endorsement and
vocal support has not carried through despite being prominent on the
campaign trail the week before. If anything, the lack of message penetration
by APC will give

encouragement to the GEJ campaign teams to keep its focus on key drivers
(economy, infrastructure, agriculture and education), as it appears that APC
has little impact on these issues.

This analysis was conducted using
random, representative samples of over 32,000 tweets, facebook posts,
blogs, forums and news sites in Nigeria which mention APC/ Buhari Our
analysis methodology is proved to be at least 95 per cent accurate.



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  1. So funny and clueless I dare say. 18million voters in the North West don’t tweet, they don’t care about it. they just wanna vote. you haven’t noticed the fact that social media comments are based on ethnic bias.. so how does that pan out

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