Samsung GALAXY Camera Reborn

• Seamless Connectivity
• Android TM 4.1 Jelly Bean OS 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor
• Stunning Photographic Output
• Going pro has never been this easy or this fun

Product Features

 Seamless Connectivity (3G / 4G & Wi-Fi) – Stay connected everywhere

Leave your laptop at home and save the luggage space. The GALAXY Camera is the only truly connected camera in the world. Straight from the camera, you can connect, upload, share, and even post to your favourite social media. So the next time you’re out vacationing and want to instantly share all your memories with the folks back home, the GALAXY Camera is the only thing that you need.

Auto Upload – Back up your photos in the cloud automatically

GALAXY Camera’s convenient Auto Upload feature automatically saves your precious family photos into the cloud the instant you take them. Tell it where to aim and just take the shot. GALAXY Camera and the cloud will take it from there.

*This feature will be available at a later date.

Share Shot – Shoot and share in real time

Remember all those annoying group photos that take forever because everyone brought their own camera? Well, forget it because now you can share your photos at the same time you shoot them with Share Shot. It lets you share your pictures with up to 5 other Wi-Fi direct devices within range. It works like a charm.


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