SaharaReporters: Funmilayo Tejuoso’s Children Furious At Governor Ambode For Ordering Lock Of Parent’s House

Children of Funmilayo Tejuoso, a member of Lagos State House of Assembly have revealed their displeasure over Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s order to lock their residence while the parent was out of the country. Mrs. Tejuoso was said to be on a legislative assignment sponsored by the Lagos state government while the seal order was given while her husband is currently in the United Kingdom.

Two of Mrs. Tejuoso’s children (Deto, female and Dotun, male) disclosed to SaharaReporters at how surprised they are on the process taken to enforce the sealing of their residence situated at 3A Sasegbon Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. They said the order was baffling as it was done especially when their mother was sent out of the country by the same state government.

Deto Tejuoso revealed she was inside the house when the house was sealed and was not allowed to go outside. Not knowing how soon the house will be open, Deto said she had called necessary people to ensure the house is re-open as soon as it can.

Adedotun Tejuoso, 11, disclosed that he was afraid when he came back from school and was denied entrance into the house. The young boy has been in his school uniform since no movement was allowed in and outside of the house.

“When I came back from school, I saw some policemen standing in front of our house, I asked what happened but they didn’t tell me why the house was locked. I feel extremely angry that I cannot go inside the house. I could not go inside to change my clothes,” Adedotun said.

Adedotun stated that he wants the house to be reopened as soon as possible as his sister is currently confined in the house.

One of the occupants of the house said that if the governor is interested in the property, he should buy it or approach the company that owns the house and not go about it illegally assaulting residents.

When contacted, Mrs. Tejuoso’s lawyer revealed that steps are being taken to ensure the swift opening of the house. He maintained that there is a pending court case before the Federal High Court which negates any action to be taken by the governor but this was blatantly dishonored.

Governor Ambode of Lagos state on Friday, November 3rd sent some Police officers to seal the legislative member’s house. According to an eyewitness, while enforcing the order, the Police personnel were brutal locking some residents inside the house and not allowing anybody to go in to take their personal belongings.

The sealed house is owned by a company but being occupied by Honourable Funmilayo Tejuoso and her family.