SAHARA REPORTERS: Jonathan Should Take National Conference Document With Him When He Leaves Aso Villa, Shehu Sani Says

Senator-Elect Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central, told SaharaTV during an exclusive interview that he believes President Jonathan should take the National Conference recommendations with him when he leaves Aso Villa.

The National Conference, which cost more than 11 billion Naira, was organized by President Jonathan last year to discuss the challenges facing Nigeria and possible solutions to them.

“My personal opinion is when Jonathan leaving the villa he should not forget to take the recommendations of that conference,” Senator-Elect Sani told SaharaTV.

“It should be part of the loads taken to his own vehicle,” he added.

Senator-Elect said that he is not sure how his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), would deal with the National Conference recommendations but that he has been in opposition to it since last year.

On the fiscal conditions of Nigeria he said that the APC-lead government needs to be honest and that, “the truth is that we don’t have as much money as we used to have.”

He argued that the salaries and allowances should be made known to the public, and should be reduced.

“The payments made to legislature must be made public and it is what I intend to do. I intend to make mine [salary] public. This includes the office staff of legislatures,” he told SaharaTV.

Everyone must make financial sacrifices from the President downward. “If they don’t sacrifice their payments and allowances then who will? Patriotism isn’t just for the poor,” according to him.

He added that it was not right that Senators and Parliamentarians are paid 100 million Naira when the price of oil is falling.


  1. It is a fact that people say whatever they like when they on fence, now that righteous man sheu sani has been elected a senator. Nigerians are waiting for him to effect the kind of changes we desire if he can. We want to see sheu sani publicly declare his asset.

  2. This is only common sense, no one in the national conference was elected by the people to represent them. The inexperienced govt of the time selected old times names that were literally dying every other week as the conference was going on mean while the nation had elected representatives that are being paid the highest legislative salaries in the world. I don’t have any other words to explain that scenario than diabolical/plain stupid/disenfranchising all in one. The people elected a govt based on a manifesto, that govt turns around by passes their own national assembly and selects a bunch of old people to plan the future of the country, the very job they the FG was elected to do.Shehu Sani is totally right he should take those documents in his vehicle with him.

  3. It’s like hiring a managing director and immediately he goes outside to hire a management consultant.

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