Rumoured pardon for Alams, others sparks outrage….VANGUARD

LAGOS — Outrage, yesterday, greeted the rumoured state pardon granted former Bayelsa State Governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, and former head, Bank of the North, Shettima Bulama, by President Goodluck Jonathan as Nigerians described it as a shame and a set back to the fight against corruption in the country


It is getting quite obvious that the shoeless are gradually becoming more and more clueless.What is even more worrisome is that it appears that this administration will stop at nothing to stay in power come 2015.They will not take prisoners.Nigerians should prepare for a long battle ahead as the casualties in this battle for 2015 might be collosal. Totally bereft of what constitute good governance,it appears there is a move to stay in power at all costs.
alams pardon is one of such moves.there is no need to go into the history of what happened to Alams. He is a self confessed and criminal who looted his state treasury with reckless abandon.But in a sheer twist of fate the man is very popular in the Niger Delta and is going to influence the way both voting and rigging will go in that area. Invairably,he is a good political asset to politicians.He must have named his price,grant me pardon so i can take political office and i will deliver the region.What is curious is what is a the basis of the popularity amongst his people?Is it a lack of understanding that it is their resources that have been compromised or is it brazen intimidation?Or probably both.
It is agrred in saner environments that this pardon is one the President was not supposed to give ,given his claimed cliche that he intends to stamp out corruption.Stamp out indeed.These and many more actions in recent time has shown rather that this goverment is corruption personified
Heaven help us all


  1. nawaooo this country is heading for destruction but God will surely protect the sincere ones.thief naming his price? Wahala dey ooo

  2. nawaooo this country is heading for destruction but God will surely protect the sincere ones. A thief naming his price? Wahala dey ooo

  3. I hope Jimi Disu is watching Okupe’s response to Alams on Channels TV.The guy is really annoying. He has successfully spoilt my day.

  4. this is the hieght of insanity and abuse of power, I was an unrepentant GEJ advocate until this news.Please if this is true then I loose all respect for this gevernment and apologise for ever trying to defend their actions. God forbid!

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