REVEALED: Obasanjo’s Atrocities …Sahara Reporters

SaharaTV world exclusive interview: Political operatives Prince Segun Seriki & Richard Odusanya reveal the behind the scenes atrocities committed during Obasanjo’s tenure as president from 1999-2007. They spoke about delivering bribes to Bola Ige and Henry Marshall, etc and the subsequent assassinations of these politicians. Richard Odusanya talked about presenting Obasanjo’s car gift to his mistress, Ms. Lamide Adegbenro. They also revealed the role of Otumba Fashawe in the illicit atrocities of the Obasanjo years.


JD:I honestly dont know what to make out of this!Could this be true?Whats the motivation for this?Revenge?i leave this to your judgement and imagination

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