Reps query CBN, NCS, FIRS about missing N7.9bn……PUNCH


The House of Representatives on Monday uncovered a N7.935bn discrepancy in the remittance of revenue generated by the Nigeria Customs Service to the Federation Account in 2007.

A report of the House Committee on Public Accounts indicated that Customs generated and remitted N233.430bn to the Federation Account during the year, but found out that only N241.366bn was released to the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee for sharing between the three tiers of government…….


Another rat race begins.When all this will end only God knows.As usual government functionaries are exhibiting the arrogance they are traditionally known for.Will the IG decalre these wanted again?Will he claim not to know where they are?will Jonathan have to sack these ones again?There seems to be a drama played out in all this and traditionally at the end of it all it will fade away like a candle in the wind….or so they think