Re: The forces against Buhari by Muyiwa Adetiba

buhari in suitLast week’s column, The forcesagainst Buhari, received diverse feedback. I decided to share some of the reactions this week.

Brandon Landry

Excellent article! Bottom line message is clear: Nigerians must seize the destiny of Nigeria from the hands of its oppressive and corrupt ruling elites and install intelligent, competent and patriotic anti-corruption crusaders. India, China, UAE and Qatar used to be Nigeria’s contemporaries. They were at one point worse off than Nigeria. But look at how they have leaped forward today.

They got to where they are today not by looting the billions of dollars of national wealth, but by installing national leaders who deployed their national wealth and resources towards research and development, national planning and myriad far sighted nation building programs. India especially surprised me. About 35 years ago, India was poorer, further backward and less developed than Nigeria.

Today, India builds her own warships, fighter jets, nuclear missiles, commercial automobiles and many other high tech products. India got to where it is today by electing good leaders. It once elected a president who worked in the aerospace industry. No surprise India now builds her own modern fighter jets. India is a nuclear power today because it once elected a technology savvy political leader who marshaled India’s indigenous resources to develop her atomic bomb. Look at China, the economic wonder of today’s world.

China is run by experienced engineers and business savvy technocrats. Not less than 80 per cent of key members of the Chinese ruling party are MBA degree holders. Promotion within China’s ruling party is dependent on actual accomplishments in the professional and public sphere. Not by sycophancy, cronyism, god-fatherism or political gangsters.

The common thread among these nations is that they have either electoral or succession systems that install patriotic, competent and capable leaders. These leaders are not busy bragging about the fleet of limos and private jets in their private collections as they flaunt their ill gotten wealth. They are leaders toiling ceaselessly and planning tirelessly for their nation’s future.

In America, it is all about merit, transparency, competency and most especially….the Rule of Law. America’s system is bitterly allergic to corruption and public impropriety. It is Nigeria’s fault that she is not keeping pace with economic and technological development. Nigerians must elect leaders who will viciously stamp out corruption and enthrone meritocracy, accountability, transparency, professional competency and rule of law.

Etebele Julius

Honestly, I cannot see any sincere clamour for a “change” which APC wants Nigerians to believe; rather I see a high level conspiracy against Jonathan by the victims of Petroleum subsidy withdrawal and oil block license holders, who are acting on rumoured impending revocation of their licenses by Jonathan.

If APC’s angels of “change” are serious and are persons of integrity, why must they field a tyrant like Buhari or is it a “change” to tyranny? It is more so when it was glaring that Buhari’s educational credentials were controversial? If APC constitutes a true vanguard for change why should it accept as members of the change crusade, the PDP rejects, known for corruption?

Ify Onabu

There are indeed many forces against Buhari which this writer forgot to mention. I’d call them the forces of history and experience. History tells me that Buhari was a dictator between December 1983 and May 1985. I lived that experience.

History also tells me that Buhari brutally executed three young men at Bar Beach Lagos under a retroactive legislation. I lived that experience as well. The week those young men were killed, I could not sleep. I felt as if I was the one that killed them. That was how tender my conscience was.

History tells me that under Buhari’s dictatorship, tins of milk and packets of sugar were ‘essential’ items which our people queued up for; and got whipped by soldiers for not obeying the ‘laws of discipline’. I lived that experience as well.

Ismail Oriade

How can a man who appointed 11 Christians as state governors out the 19 states that made up Nigeria when he was a military dictator now Islamize a country when he has to operate under a state law that comprises of two other arms of government (Legislative and Judiciary)? These arms of Government are even more powerful than the position he will be holding if he wins the elections.

Aisha Sani

It won’t be untrue to say that Buhari has a hidden agenda for vying for the presidential seat this year again after saying that 2011 would be his last contest. With the way GMB is going, Nigerians need to be careful or else we will be likened to other Islamic nations like Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and so on who are always at war against themselves and others.

Sani Bature

The idea that Buhari wants to Islamize Nigeria is old news. It worked for Jonathan supporters previously, but now it won’t work. Nigerians are fed up with your Jonathan. Forget this divisiveness; change is fait accompli on 28th of March, 2015.


The writer has done a good job but it is just one side of the coin. About the other side of the coin should read the “Forces against Jonathan”. It is a common fact that APC propaganda machinery imported from USA is very economical with the truth with regard to the state of Nigeria economy. The President and his team have touched every department in Nigeria Plc – Education, Roads, Rail, Health, Power, Freedom of speech, Agriculture, New Initiative on non oil mineral, Foreign Direct Investment and others, the list is inexhaustible.

In reference to the above, General Buhari is no match to President Jonathan, soon Boko Haram saga will end but BuhariCertiGate is yet to be decided in the law court and if the court finds Buhari guilty, he will disqualified.

Joseph Ubiagba

“We must be prepared to hold out if we want to choose our leaders ourselves.” If we heed your advice, Nigerians should be in the street and protest for as long as it takes to force GEJ to resign if he wins. Prepare to be the first in the street, let others follow you.

Onaji Mohamed

GMB has nothing new to offer to this great nation. Since he left power over 30 years ago, he has not engaged in any viable venture or intellectual forum to update himself. He has continued to live off government’s largess and to consistently attend Islamic meetings and seminars. Buhari is a dictator who will never listen to his vice if voted in. A man who has chosen not to attend the council of state meetings since 1999 until two weeks ago sure has a lot of forces working seriously against his selfish ambition.

Osit Brown

The only force that I see against Buhari is the bewilderment of most Nigerians that Buhari has the boldness to come out again, to contest.


Nigerians will be heading to ignominious end if we ignorantly vote in Buhari. I pity these young people who have been blindfolded to believe that there is a positive change associated with this very man.


Why this anti-corruption toga on Buhari? Is it not the same man that is rumoured to have helped the Emir of Gwandu smuggle in 53 suitcases into the country during the time Nigeria was changing her currency? Please give me a break!

Emmanuel Kaldick-Jamabo

Nigeria must go forward with fresh ideas and dedicated leadership anchored on godly principles.

Evangelist Emmanuel

Muyiwa, our problem is not the presidency but we ourselves. The change we need must start from us, not the presidency, because we are worse than the people we condemn.


There is nobody afraid of Buhari’s presidency on account of his anti corruption stance. The N2.8 billion that was unaccounted for when he was Petroleum Minister and his records with Afriprojects during the PTF days make a statement. Look at those who gave him the ticket at the convention in Lagos, where did they get the money used to bribe delegates?


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  1. Allcontributors are on point. I have said it over and over again that GMB has nothing to offer us as a nation. Our only best bet is to support GEJ in all aspect to be able to accomplish is transformational policy as it affect our economy.

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