1. On Pastor Omowunmi case: who is going to fight Ƒ҉я̩̥̊ an average Nija, this just too much. I feel Ƒ҉я̩̥̊ †ђξ Pastor and thank God †ђξ man had taken †ђξ bull
    by †ђξ horn and I also thank God Ƒ҉я̩̥̊ your life Ƒ҉я̩̥̊ giving some of †ђξ channel to vent our anger and frustration.

    • Mr Jimi, I have to thank God for your life and for giving you the strength and courage to fight for the masses of this country. I must confess that you always make me glued to radio channel 97.3 Fm daily at7AM from Tuesday to Friday and on Sundays at 2PM on Discourse. Your Analysis on News Paper Review is something I do not like to miss because its delivery is highly professional and without bias.
      I was listening to one of your Daily Reviews when the issue of Pastor Omowunmi’s case with DANA Airline came on and I was so impressed by your comment and response as to getting to know who the Pastor was. Surprisingly, within hours, you were able to link him up and most importantly invited him to your Sunday Discourse for the man to air his views on the untold suffering that he was going through. Kudos to you Mr Jimi Disu for the milk of human kindness in you by providing the mam,the most potent platform(Media) to seek for justice and fair play. May God continue to guide you and bless you abundantly.
      I will appreciate if you can acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

      CAPTAIN(NN) TA OTTUN (rtd)

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