PREMIUM TIMES EDITORIAL: Governor Akpabio Must End Abuse Of Akwa Ibom State Funds

Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state holds the irritating record of being Nigeria’s most openly profligate governor. He is a father christmas — throwing outlandish cash gifts at politicians, activists, musicians, journalists and whoever captures his fancy. He moves around with bales of mint-fresh cash, spending extravagantly and making reckless donations at public events.

Yet the funds he is wasting does not belong to him. They belong to tax payers in Akwa Ibom State who have continued to wallow in poverty, disease and insecurity despite the huge oil revenue the oil-rich state receives every month. Rather than pull majority of his people out of poverty, Mr. Akpabio has become a waste pipe, frittering away the collective wealth of his people while managing to beautify the state capital to create the impression he is developing the state.


JD:This is a well written piece by the Premium Times.There is no doubt that there is an urgent need to put Akpabio in check.In fact I can almost boldly say that there might also be a need to check his psychologicakl state.Rumours have it that he might be affected by his humble backgorund and therefore might be want to vent vengeance on society for having made him suffer whilst he was growing up.His celebration of his 50th birthday almost outdone the grandeur we saw at the recent royal wedding.Question is who can put this man in check?Definitely not the house of assembly that has probably traditonally been pocketed by the governor.the Akwa Ibom people should salvage themselves from this man.They should use all legitimate non violent means to put this man in check,and by the way it would help if they publicly ostracised the likes of Tuface who put their interests aside to benefit from 2 suvs and a delegation to his wedding in Dubai